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  1. hehe whats she looking at behind there owo
  2. imagine making this many shitpots without contributing to the thread
  3. ya i agree guys. i like playing against the skinnies and i feel like we don't do anywhere near enough w them u dont even play here
  4. lt camacho used all the adhesive for a fucking prog-tech infused coffee maker
  5. i used to have these switch for daytime and for nightime
  6. does a british spell out zed as zeded? zeded as zededed? zedededed? zededededed? zedededededed? zedededededededed?
  7. slow your roll and put a shrimp on the barbie cunt
  8. i have a lot of sex on my big penis and all else i do is play this or work
  9. pac editor was a mistake here's my lock screen:
  10. damn this is the same nigger with the life is strange headhack character are u sure its 'just to piss people off'
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