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  1. radical roach

    FFRL Starter Park

    ffrl: turn google searches into rp
  2. radical roach

    Wallpapers and the like

    imagine making this many shitpots without contributing to the thread
  3. radical roach

    New Questline?

    ya i agree guys. i like playing against the skinnies and i feel like we don't do anywhere near enough w them u dont even play here
  4. radical roach

    FFRL Starter Park

    lt camacho used all the adhesive for a fucking prog-tech infused coffee maker
  5. radical roach

    Wallpapers and the like

    i used to have these switch for daytime and for nightime
  6. radical roach

    Xalphoxian Shower Thoughts

    does a british spell out zed as zeded? zeded as zededed? zedededed? zededededed? zedededededed? zedededededededed?
  7. radical roach

    Xalphoxian Shower Thoughts

    slow your roll and put a shrimp on the barbie cunt
  8. radical roach

    Other activities

    i have a lot of sex on my big penis and all else i do is play this or work
  9. radical roach

    Wallpapers and the like

  10. radical roach

    Wallpapers and the like

    pac editor was a mistake here's my lock screen:
  11. radical roach

    Viktoriya Natraski

    lol cody still plays?
  12. radical roach

    The cute goes in here.

  13. radical roach

    Wallpapers and the like

    damn this is the same nigger with the life is strange headhack character are u sure its 'just to piss people off'
  14. radical roach

    The cute goes in here.

    kawaii ~
  15. radical roach

    IRL Tattoos (Cause why the fuck not?)

    the Jewish Illuminati mafia families that control the whole entertainment industry wanted to inspire the people of planet zombie that tattoos are the coolest things around and through the pop gods and movie gods they slowly promoted the idea and now it’s become an unstoppable epidemic worldwide. Tattoos were mainly seen in prisons around the world although this made the prisoner when released stand out to authorities in the outside world, inside prison this was a sign of strength. Now everyone out of prison is walking around with tattoos. The illuminati elite are laughing their heads off. The illuminati used to tattoo their mind control victims with tattoos like butterflies and various identification tattoos depending on what sort of slave they were.. “Get it”. Now the Government can have a readymade data base on what distinctive markings you have. This also puts you in a category of undesirables. Let’s get back to vibrations and frequencies. When you tattoo your body and inject that ink under your skin you cause your delicate frequencies in your body hologram to vibrate out of sync and disrupt the senses. This is why you never see the royal families get tattoos or high class elite get tattoos. This form of madness is now extending to even the younger monks in Thailand. Tattoos look hideous they make a person look like a walking cartoon character, they write their names and slogans. When you stand next to them you will feel an uncomfortable vibration and so will they at your awakened state… It’s all in the frequencies. Piercing, silicon boob jobs, plastic surgeries all do the same thing.. Once again the elite and royal family never do this look at them. They understand, not just about the vibrations but the sickness of elitism…