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    Basic Information Name: Ethan Isaac Smith Place of Birth: Paraxis Date of Birth: April 20, 2273 Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 5ft 11in Physical Description: Weight: 200lbs Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Brown Military Information: Rank: Lance Corporal Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: December, 10, 2297 Years of Service: 0.95 Service Record: Field Promoted to Lance Corporal Personal Information: Family: Mother: Living; Father: Deceased; Little Sister; Living Backstory: He has a barely average intelligence sense his father was home schooling him before he was pulled out of retirement to join the front. He barely skirted through the academy, and his home world ,Paraxis, was invaded by brain bugs, mid transit to the Grant. He always holds onto his fathers cross. Luckily both his Mother and Little Sister make it out on one of the last evac shuttles. Characteristics: 25 Years Old|5"11'|Short Brown Hair|Brown Eyes|Light Beard and connected Mustache with sideburns|A bit more toned but still not Peak fitness|A cross Around His Neck|A Strong Voice (Like not deep but not Light eather)| Strengths & Weaknesses: Weaknesses: Is always sarcastic and hates when people make fun of him, He has a careless atitude. Strengths: He is loyal and caring. Other Information: He is a goof ass Personal Relationships Crushing over| Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked| Hated 3Spc. Patrick Stevenson Amanda Whitfield Pvt. Deblousky 3Spc. Crews
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Hello I just got WIFI but Im LCPL. Ethan Smith Also My wifi password keeps getting changed by my Guardian so I have no idea how long it will be between times