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    Aaron Holtz: "Dad" Of the MI

    Please can you add Rowena Oswald?
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    Pte. Petya Pushechnikova

    Петя Пушечникова Theme "Бары дерутся -- у холопов чубы трещат..." Basic Information Name: Petya Pushechnikova Gender: Female. Age: 25. Date of Birth: 15th February 2273. Place of Birth: Novo Enso, Krasnayarus, Zibog. Known Languages: Novyy russkiy (Practically the re-establish archaic Russian), English. Hair Colour: Ash Blonde. Eye Colour: Blue. Height: 5'6" Weight: 6st, 2lbs. Build: Ectomorphic. Mental Affiliation: Chaotic Neutral. Physical Affiliation: Mobile Infantry; Rifle company. ---------------------- Occupational Information Job: Mobile Infantry. Role: Rifleman. Position: Private. Previous work: Adult Movie Actress. Advanced Information Physical Description: A slim build female who stands at 5 feet 6 inches with short cut ash blonde hair and large blue eyes which compliments the slim, sharp and minor non-earthly features. Clothing, equipment & weaponry: Petya would be wearing the standard issue Mobile Infantry Personal Clothing System - Combat Uniform but with a camoflauge pattern (DPM 95-W for woodland - MTP for hot regions with suspected green belts). On her feet she would wear a pair of black combat high boots with the DPM or a pair of brown-suade boots with the MTP camo set. The equipment she would carry is a virtus MK11 helmet with camo cover matching the selected uniform (The cover is interchangeable with one side one pattern). The armoured vest she would have on her is made out of a ceramic based mixture and has one pouch for her personal role radio - The cover would be interchangeable like the helmet cover. On her waist, just under the armoured vest there would be a webbing set with various pouches and sheaths for ammo, water bottle, mess kit, I.F.A.K and bayonet. Depending on the operation she would carry a bergen which has extra food, clothing, wash kit and bedding system. The weapons brought with Petya is a Morita rifle and a simple bayonet. Personality: Petya's personality can come off as rather dry but can range to bat shit insane. With the dryness comes archaic jokes, quietness and introvertism - Being rather isolated and hates it much. Sometimes she seems rather shameful and upset, though not much information is out. With the insane she does rather stupid things to help herself get noticed or help her with the job, or even socially - But she is mostly in a 'Victorian' mindset and is rather factual. Voice: To the untrained ear or a non-Slav, she would speak with an Eastern European accent with a high pitched voice. But if one was knowledgeable or a Slav themself, then Petya's accent would be nothing of Earth bringing and even the version of Russian she speaks - Being rather old and archaic. Relations & Opinari (Feel free to ask to be added!)
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    Pte. Petya Pushechnikova

    Oh, you won't get that from me, seeing her personality. The chances of this for her are nil.
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    Pte. Petya Pushechnikova

    No one's done it before, an extreme change from school graduate and menial jobs
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    Pte. Petya Pushechnikova

    Haha, this is my first Russian char!
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    Pte. Nestan-Darejan Pirtskhalaishvili

    ნესტან-დარეჯან ფირცხალაიშვილი Theme Basic Information Name: Nestan-Darejan Pirtskhalaishvili. Place of Birth: Stepantsminda, Georgia, Earth. Date of Birth: 6th February 2277 g. Age: 21. Gender: Female. Height: 5'4". Physical Description: Weight: 9st 7lbs. Hair colour: Black. Eye colour: Dark Brown. Physical Features: Strong Caucasus and Slavic mix features; Tanned skin; Angular jaw; Short cut hair; Slim and small build. Military Information Rank: Private - Pte. Branch: Mobile Infantry; Rifle Company. Role: Section gunner; Light Support Weapon. Date of Enlistment: 25/10/98-g. Years of Service: 0. Service Record: N/A. Training Record: Selection Process - Passed; Phase 1 (Basic) Training - Passed; Phase 2 Training (Trade and Battalion) - Passed. Personal Information Family: -Giorgi Pirtskhalaishvili - Father - Alive. -Malkhazni (Née Murtazalieva) Pirtskhalaishvili - Mother - Dead (as of 6/02/77-g). Characteristics: Calm, old fashioned (Victorian mindset), aloof, loyal, factual and head strong. Strengths: Small frame - Able to fit in smaller places than most people; Non-Stranger to the cold - Can mentally withstand colder temperatures; Trilingual - English, Georgian & Russian; Night owl - Can stay up late and works more efficiently in the late hours. Weaknesses: Pes Planus (flat feet) - insoles are needed and pain in the feet can be caused; Chronic sinustis - Enlarged sinuses, blocked nose for hours and days at a time, can cause headaches and pain in nose cavities; Awful in the heat - Cannot withstand the heat and tends to be nippy when overheated. Other Information: N/A. Personal Relationships Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated Sebastian Bently - "An officer who is quite laid back and is seeming eagre to gain the knowledge of the people who he is commanding; He reminds me of a British officer, laid back, soft voice but the difference is he doesn't seem to be toffy nosed but that attribute may be hidden - I don't know. But overall, he's alright and I like him."
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    Adding your Character to the Wiki

    Ah, thanks my good man!
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    Sebastian Bently - Alcoholic Anonymous

    Please can you add Nestan-Darejan Pirtskhalaishvili?
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    Pte. Nestan-Darejan Pirtskhalaishvili

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    Adding your Character to the Wiki

    For some reason the images are enlarged and mess up the templates when I done them.