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    Johnathan Skye

    Travis Young
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    Travis Young

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    James Chevosky

    Travis Young
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    Liliana Verbeck

    Travis Young
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    Alicia White

    Travis Young Jake Forzen
  6. Sgt. Jake Forzen
  7. As a the title suggests we will be having a meeting on the date. Also a Mandatory training will be conducted-- Please be present.
  8. Medic

    Miranda Walters

    Travis Young is ex OSW is an Engineer now.
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    Lyndsey Carter

    Travis Young
  10. Approved, Please speak to a Senior Specialist or above for Induction. - Lieutenant Bradley Zero
  11. Medic

    dad had a chicken

    What ever happened to Ole Mcdonald?
  12. Denied, Not having a name is a serious thing. Also memes from movies will not be tolerated
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    Reuben Amukama

    Travis Young
  14. Medic

    Miranda Walters

    Travis Young
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    Sabine Bilodeau

    Add Travis Young. We’ve chatted a few times