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    Going to miss you bud. Keep me on steam cause I might come see you.
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    Samuel Harrington

    Travis Young Jake Forzen
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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Applications closed.
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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Approved, Speak to LtCdr. Frank O'Connor for induction.
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    Travis Young
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    Patrick Stevenson

    Travis Young
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    Troy Hughes

    Travis Young
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    Iris 'Blanket' Blanka

    Travis Young
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    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    Travis Young
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    SST Quotes Thread

    Kill it with fire.
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    Fleet Training -- TAC

    -- FLEET ANNOUNCEMENT -- Training Sept 2 2298 1400cst TAC Personnel: There will be a training for all TAC Fighter Pilots on the above date. Be prepared to learn fighting tactics, the limitations of your craft, and weight distribution techniques. Loadouts will be talked about as well, and when it would be appropriate to use them. TAC personnel are highly encouraged to attend and if you cannot do so please notify your chain of command ASAP. - Lieutenant Commander Frank O'Connor
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    Fleet Training -- TAC

    Date updated. I was very tired last night. Thanks to those who pointed it out.
  13. The Govenor of Tango Urilla Johnathan Grachlin spoke to the masses today on a few important topics concerning the populace of the Colony, and its current economic state. The Camera focuses on a man in his fourties with salt and pepper hair with a close cropped beard. He wears a dark suit and speak with a clean and concise tone. "We have finally come out of the darkness of the Federations broom closet. Our work as a people, and as Federation Citizens is finally being acknowledged as an important role within our Civilization. The Federation has asked of us to up our enlistment of Citizens into the Mobile Infantry and we.. as Prideful members of the Federation will stand up to the call. I urge Citizens of age to enlist in the Mobile Infantry and help our colony establish for itself a prize role within our Federation! Fight with us to retake our planets and bring back the prosperity our people has lathered ourselves in for so long!" "I know what you are asking now.. Why? Why should we do this when we have been ignored, and shunned for so long? Because my friends we will not forget the people that allowed us to live our own lives. The Federation has bequeathed to the colony a large sum of money to help us raise our own Militia so that we may better defend ourselves against the Arachnid threat that is a constant problem for our growth and expansion. I hereby open the 9th Tango Urillian Militia under the Federation Guidelines which will grow to encompass three thousand of our own Citizens, and fighting age men and women! I urge you my fellow Tango Urillian's to join up in our own defense so that we may expand ourselves and become greater than we are!" Applause is heard throughout the area as Citizen's cheer the Governor. "On a more cheerful note I also have submitted plans to build the first shopping mall in our Colony. The "Hero's Shopping Center" will be dedicated to all the men and woman of our fighting Infantry, and Fleet personnel who currently serve, or have served to date! Expect completion of this wonderful amenity soon!" Out right cheering is heard as the Governor clasps his hands together and shakes them at the people with a wide smile. The Camera switches back to the Federal flag. This marks Tango Urilla's first major change since the first operation on the surface by the Roughnecks so many years ago. This is a turning point for the desert planet that could very well turn it into a prosperous colony free of the Arachnids. Would you like to know more?
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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Approved, Speak to LtCdr. Frank O'Connor for induction. Your rank is Officer Cadet until you pass OCS.
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    Travis Young

    Face Claim Body Claim Voice Claim Basic Information: Name: Travis Young Age: 30 D.O.B: May 9th Gender: Male / Attack Helicopter Maritial Status: Married Role(s): Mobile Infantry / Engineering Homeworld: Terra Alignment: Neutral Chaotic Hair color: Dirty Blonde Eye color: Ice Blue Build: Well Built Muscular Rank: Lieutenant Family: Darius Young - Father [DEAD - Hung as Traitor] Anastasia Young - Mother [Alive] Magnolia ‘Luna’ March-Young - Wife [Alive] Backstory: Combat Rating: 9/10 Wealth: Wealthy Other Information: Was assigned to the Office of Special Warfare for a time Was the Lieutenant of Engineering Character Description: Characteristics: Analytical, Determined, Prepared, Egotistical, Reserved Achievements: Sapper Badge, Munitions Badge, Systems Badge, Mech Badge, OSW Badge Regrets: Letting Daisy Bailey die Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Hates|Fears|DEAD Aphelia Dominica - You're a strange one I will admit. I have served with you a few times in drops but I still do not really know you. We seem like opposites you and I; Hana Weaver - What a terrible way to go, Rest now your watch is over. Daisy Bailey - I guess it was not meant to be. I don't know why but I guess it was just how things happen. I doubt you will ever talk to me the same again. One of the only Officers I enjoy speaking to. I miss her a lot; Sometimes all I wish I could do was curl up on a couch with her and forget it all. I will settle for a drink. We have been talking more and more lately. I guess she just misses talking to her friend; She comes down to the bar to hang with me a lot more lately and it makes everything feel more normal. I miss you like the flower misses the sun and I wish I was able to save you that day. Your death, and that of General Martin will always be my greatest failure as a Trooper. I will never be able to get over the fact that you died on a mission I was leading.. I miss you so much it hurts but no one will see my pain again. Nathaniel Josephine - A good man in his own way. The only Sergeant I can actually speak to without wanting to vomit. He actually wants to teach you instead of berate you like the others do. And he is a good student too. I guess he died? Or he left? I dunno, but I will miss him all the same. Sigrun - We fight like true Vikings when we spar. No quarter, and till the end. I usually don't spar but for some reason when you ask I cannot say no to you. I doubt I could say no if you asked anything really. Don't walk away from me; I care and I want to help. We don't really talk that much anymore. Franco Sorrentino - He has his finger on the pulse of his company, and has the astute ability to keep tabs on just about everybody. The fact he noticed me was intriguing. I appreciate the opportunity of being an NCO, and Squad lead and I will do my best. I guess he is a friend, or maybe not. I don't know what to think around him. He is a Lieutenant now or again leading the Platoon. I don't see him around much since he was promoted but I guess that's par of the course for anyone who becomes an Officer in the Mobile Infantry. Julia Smith - One of my fellow Engineer's. She works closely with me from time to time in the field, and has an incomparable attitude and confidence. She loves to joke around but knows when to be serious. I haven't seen you in a long ass time. Alfred Smith - Marine. I do not have any hate, or affinity for the Marines. I know they have a job to do and they seem to do it well. I have no reason to be upset with them since I try to keep my nose clean. He's a bit strange, but at least he can take a joke. De'Cazza - I don't know you well, but you seem to have a good work ethic. Lets try not to lift anything heavy on our own any more yea? Winters - One of the only people on the ship that I truly respect, and feel comfortable around. A Solid Trooper who has a wide background of experience. Our friendship is based on the solid foundation of Insults, and Field Comradery. I trust him with my life. I am saddened to hear about his death; he was literally my best and only friend left on the ship. I can remember the times we spend standing on the top tier level of the stairwell in the Murphy, or talking shit in the Engineering bay. I literally have no more friends left to lose. Rest well Trey.. have a sammie waiting for me in heaven. Taco - The current Technical Sergeant of Medical. He is a damn good Medic who has treated my wounds on more occasions than I can count. He does not talk much, and times that we have it was usually about something I had done wrong; However its never more than a few words. He has told me I have done well on occasion, but I feel that he's just filling the silence. Perhaps I should get to know him better. Sorry to see you go. Erae Bellic - I would be lying if I said she was not attractive, those blue eyes of hers seem to see right through me. She is my friend and I am glad she is here. I will learn from her what I can. I gave her a glass flower, a pendant, and a key chain for her rifle. I hope she likes it. We don't seem to talk much any more. RIP. Valerie Faust - I guess we understand each other a little better. I think she is quite gorgeous and it's almost painful to look at her because of it. We danced in the medbay and had a small moment which I would do anything to recreate. I hope my German gets better because I enjoy our conversations. She seems like my staunchest supporter, and I wonder what keeps her on my side? Gonzalez - a Senior Specialist in the Engineers. He seems switched on, and has knowledge of his profession, but like many Engineers I am invisible to them all. I guess he is one of my more Senior Engineers now that the Leadership change has happened. I will have to rely on him more to help me shape the Engineers into a formidable Division again. Good luck in school. Cazernovia - She is a very good looking MIPOD applicant and ex Engineer. I was upset to learn of her death, and was completely surprised to find her during a mission I cannot talk about. She tried to comfort me once which was nice but I think she did it as an experiment rather than because she cared. Katie Heartfilia - Well, here we are. What more can be said? She keep me on the straight and narrow and I thank her for it. Sorry to see you go, be well. Tuuli - She is a brass balled trooper through and through, and I would be happy to follow her into the depths of Klendathu any day. She is like an older sister to me; she takes care of me, and I in turn will do the same for her. She molded me into the Trooper I am today and I owe her everything. Tuuli, I miss you everyday. You were one of my closest friends and I did care. You taught me everything; and then some. I hope you finally get that rest you wanted. Ryan Cooper - I knew you from my past experiences as a Trooper. We fought together in some distant battlefields but we never really got to know each other. RIP. Michelle Cooper - She is gorgeous, but she is not my type. At least she does not use her looks for evil. She is an adequate leader who may need more work; perhaps she should ask for some help. I guess she is back on the ship though we haven't spoken. We were never that close before hand so I can't say we are missing out on anything. Mikayla Kowalski - She seems like a good upstanding individual. As an Engineer she is unparalleled and has a lot of experience in Engineering. I have only been under her command twice so I can't say I know her that well. Perhaps we will interact more. Is the M.I Lieutenant now that Tuuli is gone. Not sure for better or worse yet. She transferred out. Redbrick - I don't know why I decided to play games with her by pretending she keeps grabbing my ass. Probably because she is new on board and I wanted her to feel at home. It was a joke meant to get her to feel like she was part of the team. She seems alright, and I hope she continues her climb up the ladder. Another gorgeous girl falls.. Sorry that I couldn't stop it, and that what I had to say had no weight. Knoxx - she is a newer Trooper who joined us and she seems to fight well. On more than one occasion I called upon her to do things and she worked quickly. She would be a perfect Trooper if it weren't for her mouth. I can understand you are angry but if I catch you mouthing off to my NCOs or me again.. there will be no place you can hide. Joined the Engineers and seems to have rid herself of that terrible attitude that nearly made me space her. I hope she continues to be a good Troopers. Also, Hot. Clarke - I like her because she has a good attitude and tries not to get in trouble. I make fun of her a little because of her chest ordnance being really large and she seems to laugh along. She is a good Trooper in the field too I have no complaints. I haven't seen her around lately, that's too bad. She was a good friend. Swift - I like him, but I hated him as my Senior Engineer. He was fun to be around and still is fun to be around but I could never squeeze any training out of him and I can say it was largely his fault that I left Engineers. He won't change regardless of my absence in fact I doubt he even cares. RIP Macdonnel - By far one of my favorite NCO's. Intelligent, good attitude, willing to make decisions, and eager to assist his Seniors. He is quick on the ball, and I enjoy having him as my second. I don't talk to him much outside of Drops but maybe that's for the best he won't take on any of my dumb qualities that way. He came back as a Medic, and he seems a little more quirky than I remember. But we all have those moments I suppose. Johnathon Price - He is one of the newer Engineers before my time as a Tech Sergeant. He seems like a good Trooper, and he listens well; I guess I just need him to be more assertive, and use his initiative more often. Its good he has stepped up to start Training other Engineers because we need smart Troopers. He will go far if he continues up this path. This is what happens when you do stupid shit. I told you what would happen. Dutch Bower - I have not had much opportunity to be around Bower. I can remember a few times he was under my command, and fought beside me. I can't seem to find anything outstanding about him but thats probably just because I have not been looking. I should watch him more in the future. Sentoniel - Another newer Trooper. It seems they keep filing in after the older ones die. He got Corporal while I lay on an Operating table.. He must be good or he would not be one. I know Tuuli well enough to catch shit like that. Lets see what he can do. Guess you left. Sherman - He's a good Engineer, and I have not seen him in a long time. Where'd he go? Saint-Clare - One of my Engineers. A new Corporal who seems to be in the up and coming leadership team. I am beginning to feel old now. I don't know him well and I for the most part try to stay away from my Troopers lest I begin to like them. Keep playing stupid games, win stupid prizes. Smarten up. Yael Avraham - probably the only friend I have on the ship. I find her attractive, and a pleasure to talk to. I should keep my distance though.. I have a bad habit of hurting people I get too close to. Vicktoriya Natraski - Seems like a good woman who is looking for someone to take care of her. It can't be me. Keep it up, you are doing fine. Maggie “Luna” March-Young - My wife and best friend. She knows all my secrets and all my moods. It goes without saying I would die for her. My only possession that I hold to with all my strength. She is mine. Elrad Davidson - Its tough for me to explain my feelings towards Davidson. He is our Commanding Officer, and has been since before I left for OSW. I always had this feeling that I needed to protect him even before the Mutiny. He has my loyalty strictly because he cares for the people under him even if he shows it in strange ways. He takes care of me and makes sure I have what I need to be an effective Trooper. He still treats me like an Officer which I really like; It makes me feel like nothing has changed even when so much truly has. When the time comes I will be the one to take the bullet for him. Aoife Hvituelen - A Marauder who is dating my Technical Sergeant. I have had only a few conversations with here and she seems really nice. I mess with her a little bit because it makes York get uncomfortable. I guess that's me pushing people away again. Sebastian Bently - I liked to think he was a friend but I can't get close. Everyone I have ever loved has ended up on that damn Memorial wall and every time they etch out a piece of that memorial to add the name it takes a bit of me with it. I want so badly to have friends but I won't survive the loss of another Trey Winters. John York - He is a friend, and I cannot allow him to remain my friend. He will be on that wall like everyone else if I let him be my friend. I have been purposely sabotaging my relationship with him to get him to hate me. I don't know if it works its seems he finds my attempted sabotage endearing. I might seem like a strong man, but I am a glass doll waiting to break. Sabine Bilodeau - A Fleet Lieutenant. To be honest she is incredibly gorgeous and just as smart. Her secrets sometimes threaten to overwhelm her but the same can be said with just about everyone. I like her and I enjoy talking to her; Though I promised I would make no more friends after Winters died.. here I am making a friend with Sabine. Elizabeth Graham - Another good looking woman. She is a deadly weapons specialist with an eye for the kill. Sniper. I helped her get her hands on her powerful anti-infantry rifle and at one point I may have been interested in her. Time changes everything and it seems like we barely talk. Anni Jarvinen - She was a strange woman who did even stranger things. I do not know what happened to her; is she still alive? James Chevosky - I did not know him all that well, and maybe interacted with him a handful of times. His death; and all the people that were affected by it is the reason I try not to make any more friends. Its too hard to watch them die and have their names inscribed on the memorial wall. Troy Hughes - He was one of the longest serving Engineers in the detachment. Has been around since probably the Dinosaurs roamed space. Recently he saved everyone by going into the reactor and starting it up. Radiation sickness overwhelmed him but yet he lived. Good on you. Kyril - I don't really know this guy. Amukama - He's a strange Trooper that reminds me a little of Matene. Devin Saiphan - I know that some of the Colonies don't speak Federation Standard as their primary language, but this one hurts. His English is passable, but sometimes I wonder what he is actually saying to me. He is a good Trooper so far and I have no complaints. Ji Park - I think I have seen this person walking around the ship but we have never exchanged words. Archer Lux - The new Lieutenant of the Marauders. She is replacing Daisy after she passed away. She is good looking and seems smart. Johnathan Skye - He is a good Marauder and I am glad he is on our team. Deadly, proficient, smart, and loyal to a fault. Good kid, I hope he survives our fight with the Progenitors and lives a long life. Annie Brewer - A Doctor in Medical and the previous Lieutenant. She was a nice girl, and I liked spending time with her. We swam in a pool together, pulled wounded Troopers out of cars together.. Good times. I was going to ask her out one day but I was too chicken.
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    Lyndsey Carter, PK Appeal.

    as the admin that PKd you I will post here. I was doing several scouts around the outlying ridge line and was called out many times. However at one point I walked down the hill and then all the way around the M.I. who did not shoot me nor call me out. I did not sprint, I walked slowly. I made it into the triage and evented a screeching sound as I walked in. It was st this point I had you all roll. The one with the least roll was attacked. Which was Carter who rolled a 2. i grabbed her in the talons and with two events I gave the chance for someone to shoot me. Someone reached for a sidearm but no one else made any move to do anything. The squads who rushed in were time scaled since they showed up st the first event of me walking into triage. no one tried to stop me or even tried to save you after two events. I am not required to tell anyone that they have a chance it’s up to the player to make IC decisions. That’s the point of RP. Since no one tried to stop me I snipped Carter in half and was then killed by the squads. opportunity was presented, rolls were made, decisions done. I did not target you it was luck of the roll.
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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Approved, Speak with LtCdr O'Connor for induction though you should probably put a name for your character in the IC area of the app..
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    Fleet Roster

    Bridge Crew Roster Captain: - Executive Officer: - Weapons: Ens. Alysia Harper - Mannulus - EST - - Engineering: - - - Communications: - - - Helm: Fleet Lieutenant FLt. Sabine Bilodeau - Jun +1 GMT - - TAC Roster Commander: LtCdr. Frank O'Connor - Medic Pilots: Lt. Melanie Mcfarlane - Hicks OCdt. Noah Harald - Malutikulo - GMT+3 OCdt. Argus Parrow - The Harmacist OCdt. Lilly Lucia - Jun OCdt. Wilson Barnet - Pilotfish OCdt. Amanda Fox - Wolfy
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    Zis is an interezting theory ja? Ve will have to perform more tests in ze future.
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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Approved, Your character will start as an Officer Cadet (OCdt.) Report to LtCdr. Frank O'Connor
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    SST Quotes Thread

    You right
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    Training Log: August 2298

    Name and Rank: Master Sergeant Young Time and Date of Training: 2298/08/12 2000cst Goal of the Training: Platoon wide training in the field. Trade Craft, Leadership, Defense of a position, and denial of assets.
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    Sebastian Bently

    Oop date Young
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    Jamie Stewart

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    Engineering loses an autist.

    Roger that.