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  1. Gate was a great show. I should read the Manga
  2. Take some time man. See you if you come back!
  3. The Federal News logo is seen on your screen before it kicks over to an anchor man in a grey suit. "Tango Urilla, a back water Planet with a serious attitude! The Arachnid attitude. Federal announcers have indicated that the 6th Fleet will be deployed to the Altair System in order to combat the threat. Governor Johnathan Grachlin had this to say." The Camera pans to a man with salt and pepper hair and a black suit with a red tie. "Today marks a momentus occasion! The Federation will work with the 3rd Tango Urillian Militia to route out and destroy the Arachnid presence on our planet. Even as we speak mobilization has begun and ships are being readied for the operation being dubbed "Operation Lost Colony" The Camera pans back to the Anchor "We have confirmed reports of ship mobilization from Terra. Units such as the 34th Terran Rifles, the 3rd Tango Urillian Militia, and the 112th Morita Rifles are just a small number of units being deployed to the planet. The Federation goes to war against its known enemy, now is the time! Will you do your part and help to protect humanity? See your local recruiters today and become part of something bigger! WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
  4. OPERATION LOST COLONY -- Tango Urilla, Altair System -- 1400 CST Friday/Sat/Sun Pushed back due to Admins being away on a personal trip.
  5. Red brick will never be in young’s harem.
  6.  The Screen shows the Federal Flag and plays the FEDNET Jingle The Federal Announcer begins to speak "Tango Urilla -- A Desert fringe planet in the Altair System. Sixty years ago it was the site of an Arachnid ambush on Mobile Infantry forces. Today its a thriving Colony of One Hundred Fifteen Thousand Citizens and Civilians. Though Tango Urilla is so far out from our Home system it has strived to become a strong Federation Colony. Recently having given fourty thousand of its Citizens in recent efforts to help Hesperus retake its land from the Progenitor menace. Tango Urilla still struggles against an Arachnid presence, and has finally had its plea heard by the Federal Council." The Camera switches to the Council Chambers where a man with salt and pepper hair Govenor Johnathan Grachlin speaks to the Council. "Fellow Federation representatives, Today I come to you with a plea.. One of long term strife, and determined survival. We have struggled for six decades to combat the Arachnid Menace that plagues our planet. We now wish to push past this meaningless conflict, and ask the Federal Council to supply us with the means to free ourselves from this oppression. Lend us the Military Resources we need to cleanse ourselves of the Bugs, and build something that can better benefit the Federation." The Camera pans across the faces of thousands of Council Members who deliberate between themselves. Grachlin sits down and another man stands up at the head table of the Council. The Skymarshal who sits next to him is in attendance. "To the Federal Council member from Tango Urilla, Altair System. We appreciate your contribution to the Federation, and we wish to impart upon you our condol--" The Speaker is interrupted by Skymarshal Cortez whom stands up, and the man sits down. "To the honorable representative of Tango Urilla in the Altair System. I again thank you for coming here and speaking to us about you plea. In these times of strife we need to work together to become a stronger Federation and to rebuild what was destroyed during the Progenitor attacks, and the subsequent Civil War. To do this I recommend that a Federal Fleet be sent to Tango Urilla to combat the Arachnids threat. However I believe that we cannot give something for nothing; I would like to add that if we send this fleet to Tango Urilla that they would be willing to construct a Shipyard to help rebuild our fleet." Much of the room applauds the popular Skymarshal and after it ends Govenor Johnathan Grachlin stands. "To the Skymarshal Tango Urilla of the Altair system sends this reply. If the vote to send the Fleet is in favor Tango Urilla will build a Federation Shipyard and work to rebuild a new Federal Fleet." The Room again erupts into racous applaus. The Camera rolls back to the Federal Flag for a time before returning to the Council Chambers. Govenor Johnathan Grachlin and Skymarshal Cortez shake hands as applaus echoes through the room. The Federation announcer speaks. "Here at the Federal Council the elected members have voted in favor to send a fleet to assist Tango Urilla. The vote came to a 78% in favor, and 22% against. This is the first step to creating a stronger Federation." WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
  7. Topic locked. Though typically the actions performed are mostly memes there are people who generally want to rp. Do not run people over with vehicles and ruin rp because you think it’s fun. As for you Bohannon be more cautious when you open your mouth to reply to people. Especially when you are angry; if you want to be the bigger man then act like it. If in in the future you have a complaint you should name someone to be corrected instead of insulting admins in a public complaint forum whom had nothing to do with your misfortune. Pilotfish, since you apologized I will forgo any punishment. Be sure you don’t repeat it.
  8. Going to miss you bud. Keep me on steam cause I might come see you.
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