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    SST Quotes Thread

    Kill it with fire.
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    Fleet Training -- TAC

    -- FLEET ANNOUNCEMENT -- Training Sept 2 2298 1400cst TAC Personnel: There will be a training for all TAC Fighter Pilots on the above date. Be prepared to learn fighting tactics, the limitations of your craft, and weight distribution techniques. Loadouts will be talked about as well, and when it would be appropriate to use them. TAC personnel are highly encouraged to attend and if you cannot do so please notify your chain of command ASAP. - Lieutenant Commander Frank O'Connor
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    Fleet Training -- TAC

    Date updated. I was very tired last night. Thanks to those who pointed it out.
  4. The Govenor of Tango Urilla Johnathan Grachlin spoke to the masses today on a few important topics concerning the populace of the Colony, and its current economic state. The Camera focuses on a man in his fourties with salt and pepper hair with a close cropped beard. He wears a dark suit and speak with a clean and concise tone. "We have finally come out of the darkness of the Federations broom closet. Our work as a people, and as Federation Citizens is finally being acknowledged as an important role within our Civilization. The Federation has asked of us to up our enlistment of Citizens into the Mobile Infantry and we.. as Prideful members of the Federation will stand up to the call. I urge Citizens of age to enlist in the Mobile Infantry and help our colony establish for itself a prize role within our Federation! Fight with us to retake our planets and bring back the prosperity our people has lathered ourselves in for so long!" "I know what you are asking now.. Why? Why should we do this when we have been ignored, and shunned for so long? Because my friends we will not forget the people that allowed us to live our own lives. The Federation has bequeathed to the colony a large sum of money to help us raise our own Militia so that we may better defend ourselves against the Arachnid threat that is a constant problem for our growth and expansion. I hereby open the 9th Tango Urillian Militia under the Federation Guidelines which will grow to encompass three thousand of our own Citizens, and fighting age men and women! I urge you my fellow Tango Urillian's to join up in our own defense so that we may expand ourselves and become greater than we are!" Applause is heard throughout the area as Citizen's cheer the Governor. "On a more cheerful note I also have submitted plans to build the first shopping mall in our Colony. The "Hero's Shopping Center" will be dedicated to all the men and woman of our fighting Infantry, and Fleet personnel who currently serve, or have served to date! Expect completion of this wonderful amenity soon!" Out right cheering is heard as the Governor clasps his hands together and shakes them at the people with a wide smile. The Camera switches back to the Federal flag. This marks Tango Urilla's first major change since the first operation on the surface by the Roughnecks so many years ago. This is a turning point for the desert planet that could very well turn it into a prosperous colony free of the Arachnids. Would you like to know more?
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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Approved, Speak to LtCdr. Frank O'Connor for induction. Your rank is Officer Cadet until you pass OCS.
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    Lyndsey Carter, PK Appeal.

    as the admin that PKd you I will post here. I was doing several scouts around the outlying ridge line and was called out many times. However at one point I walked down the hill and then all the way around the M.I. who did not shoot me nor call me out. I did not sprint, I walked slowly. I made it into the triage and evented a screeching sound as I walked in. It was st this point I had you all roll. The one with the least roll was attacked. Which was Carter who rolled a 2. i grabbed her in the talons and with two events I gave the chance for someone to shoot me. Someone reached for a sidearm but no one else made any move to do anything. The squads who rushed in were time scaled since they showed up st the first event of me walking into triage. no one tried to stop me or even tried to save you after two events. I am not required to tell anyone that they have a chance it’s up to the player to make IC decisions. That’s the point of RP. Since no one tried to stop me I snipped Carter in half and was then killed by the squads. opportunity was presented, rolls were made, decisions done. I did not target you it was luck of the roll.
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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Approved, Speak with LtCdr O'Connor for induction though you should probably put a name for your character in the IC area of the app..
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    Zis is an interezting theory ja? Ve will have to perform more tests in ze future.
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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Approved, Your character will start as an Officer Cadet (OCdt.) Report to LtCdr. Frank O'Connor
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    SST Quotes Thread

    You right
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    Training Log: August 2298

    Name and Rank: Master Sergeant Young Time and Date of Training: 2298/08/12 2000cst Goal of the Training: Platoon wide training in the field. Trade Craft, Leadership, Defense of a position, and denial of assets.
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    Sebastian Bently

    Oop date Young
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    Jamie Stewart

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    Engineering loses an autist.

    Roger that.
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

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    TACs and Tanks.

    We appreciate the enthusiasm. Stay tuned for an official post after testing has been completed. TAC side anyway.
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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Approved - your character starts at the rank of Petty Officer. Speak with me in TS for induction.
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    Are these brain bugs or god bugs? Sorry I'm new.

    Kill it with fire
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    Canadian LOA

    /me gets out his Baton. “Sup my man, welcome to Canada eh!”
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    "Why do you wear sunglasses on the ship?"

    Last post on the 26th. So sorry for your loss.
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    What in the actual fuck?
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    "Why do you wear sunglasses on the ship?"

    I wear sunglasses because my future is so bright.
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    My PK appeal

    Sounds like Gods will to me.
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    Travis Young

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    Ji Park

    Might as well add Doss