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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

  2. Medic

    TACs and Tanks.

    We appreciate the enthusiasm. Stay tuned for an official post after testing has been completed. TAC side anyway.
  3. Medic

    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Approved - your character starts at the rank of Petty Officer. Speak with me in TS for induction.
  4. Medic

    Are these brain bugs or god bugs? Sorry I'm new.

    Kill it with fire
  5. Medic

    Canadian LOA

    /me gets out his Baton. “Sup my man, welcome to Canada eh!”
  6. Medic

    "Why do you wear sunglasses on the ship?"

    Last post on the 26th. So sorry for your loss.
  7. Medic


    What in the actual fuck?
  8. Medic

    "Why do you wear sunglasses on the ship?"

    I wear sunglasses because my future is so bright.
  9. Medic

    My PK appeal

    Sounds like Gods will to me.
  10. Medic

    Travis Young

  11. Medic

    Ji Park

    Might as well add Doss
  12. As the title states there will be a meeting with the M.I leadership required attendance: Marauder Leads Lieutenant Master Sergeant Staff Sergeants optional all other Ncos Marauders The meeting will be held at 1900 cst on Thursday July 26th 2018 to talk about how the Marauders affect the M.I, fix underlying issues, and move on. This is not a shit slinging session and if you come into this meeting looking to talk trash you will be removed. if you give your opinion and we say yes or no, that’s the end of it. There will be no more confusion when this is done.
  13. Medic

    The challenge facing the Marauders

    There will be a M.I leadership meeting that I will be hosting. Watch for the post in the M.I forums. It seems time time now that you are all adressed and we hash this out as a team. If you are a Marauder and wish to attend I highly recommend you do.
  14. Medic

    Zealious Edwards

    Travis Young
  15. Medic

    Liliana Verbeck

    Travis Young the joke Staff Sergeant
  16. Medic

    Forum Debut

    Good then I still have time to send the assassins.
  17. Medic

    Forum Debut

    You better not be a family lawyer or we will have problems
  18. Medic

    Annie Brewer

    Travis Young
  19. Medic

    NCOs are enlisted soldiers

    Yes, everyone is enlisted Soldiers. However the classification between them is different. Enlisted are anyone below the rank of Corporal Non Commissioned Officers Corporal to Sergeant Major Officers are special snowflakes.
  20. Vertigo can die in a hole painfully
  21. Medic

    Training Log

    Name: Alice Vickers Rank: LCpl. Date(GMT/EST): 2298-07-15 Training Premise: BTC
  22. Medic

    Memorial Book for Gen Martin & Cpt Bailey

    Daisy - Iwill forever miss your smile, and your friendship. I will never forget what we had, and I hope that you find the peace you have been looking for. Martin - you were a stoic Trooper and you will always be respected and remembred for your actions. -Travis Young.
  23. Medic

    Grasping the reins once more!

    My Dad is finally home from his cigarette run.
  24. Didn’t you ask for that pk? And Xalphox did it for you?
  25. Medic

    Reuben Amukama

    Haha it’s true