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    Grasping the reins once more!

    My Dad is finally home from his cigarette run.
  2. Didn’t you ask for that pk? And Xalphox did it for you?
  3. Medic

    Reuben Amukama

    Haha it’s true
  4. Medic

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    I am always here though sometimes I do play other games because I am a PERSON.
  5. Approved, Speak with a Senior specialist or above for induction. Lieutenant Bradley Zero.
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    Johnathan Skye

    Travis Young
  7. Medic

    Travis Young

  8. Medic

    Liliana Verbeck

    Travis Young
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    Alicia 'Snow' White

    Travis Young Jake Forzen
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    Miranda Walters

    Travis Young is ex OSW is an Engineer now.
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    Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter

    Travis Young
  12. Approved, Please speak to a Senior Specialist or above for Induction. - Lieutenant Bradley Zero
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    dad had a chicken

    What ever happened to Ole Mcdonald?
  14. Denied, Not having a name is a serious thing. Also memes from movies will not be tolerated
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    Reuben Amukama

    Travis Young
  16. Medic

    Miranda Walters

    Travis Young
  17. Medic

    Sabine Bilodeau

    Add Travis Young. We’ve chatted a few times
  18. Medic

    John Cone

    Is this the same cone Young threw at her?
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    I made a thing.

    Is this what you should look like with the headache? Or how it feels?
  20. Medic

    Cierra O'Casey

    Travis Young
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    Young - Medic - BASE + 20

    Mann Ekinn encircles Young, opening and closing her simulated hands. **Sgt. Travis Young follows around circling with the Sim fighter waiting for an opening. His hands up in front of him, and his feet spread for balance. hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'attempts to swoop in and kick Young's thick legs out from underneath him with a swift maneuvering of her simulated legs.' **Sgt. Travis Young has his feet sweeped out from under him and he falls backwards from the attack landing on his back. "Oof!" He looks up at his opponent before putting his hands to either side of his head, and kicking his feet up. He flips up onto his feet again regaining his posture. He steps forwards and attempts to round house kick the Sim enemy in the head with his right leg. hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'gets smacked upside the head by Young's leg. The simulated woman staggers to the left, leaving herself open for another attack.' Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'charges forwards seeing the opening, and lowers himself into a sliding crouch to grab at her right leg. If successful, he would turn himself, and take the Sim enemy down to the floor.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'attempts to hastily counter as Young goes in- trying to slam her fist into his face.' Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'recoils backwards from the blow his hands moving to his nose which is now broken, and bleeding freely. "Mmmmf!" He lower his hands and circles his attacker again with raises hands. He steps into the attacker, and attempts to juke the Sim enemy with a right before switching it up to a left hook to the jaw.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'gets faked out, and finds Young's robotic fist colliding with her simulated jaw.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'attempts to even the scales, and drive her right fist into the bottom of Young's jaw.' Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'Young takes the upper cut directly to the bottom of the Jaw he falls back a few steps looking up at the ceiling for a moment before looking back down at the sim enemy. Blood drips from his chin as he looks for his chance. He steps back up into striking distance with the sim enemy, and attempts a one - two attack, and then a right round house.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'manages to block the feeble man's blows. She flashes her simulated dental plan, and tries to send a kick directly into Young's center of mass.' Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'is kicked directly center mass knocking the wind from him, and making him step backwards with his hands on his chest leaving him open.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'moves closer to Young. She attempts to spin on her heels, sticking out her arm. In one swift movement, she tries to slam the back of her fist into Young's face.' Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'reaches out with his left arm and grips the Sim enemies wrist, and his right comes up to grip her inner elbow. He turns his body so his back is to her chest, and attempts to lean forwards pulling her directly over his back to slam her bodily into the floor in front of him.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'struggles, sending her elbow into Young's back as he tries to pull her over his back.' Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'is struck in the back by the Elbow. "Gah!" He reaches over his shoulder and attempts to bring his elbow back into her nose.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'gets a good taste of Young's clothed wenis as his elbow collides into the space between her mouth and her nose. She staggers backwards, almost falling over. She coughs, and spits up simulated pixels.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'seems to be made more angry by this, than anything. She fucking jumps up in the air and spins, trying to bring her simulated foot down onto the side of Young's head, trying not to his arms.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'does not let up on the sergeant in over his head. She follows up with a quick one-two, trying to put the man on his back.' Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'is struck twice again some where, and he falls on his back. He looks up with a bloodied face at the Sim enemy, and raises his legs up in a defense. He attempts to kick the sim enemy directly in the face.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'smirks, bringing her shins up to block the man's kicks. "You whelp."' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'kicks her leg up in the air, and tries to bring it down on Young's pelvis.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were ''s hubris would be her downfall. She's caught off guard, and placed in a hefty lock.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'struggles, attempting to break free from the man's grip- but Young's got her good this time.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'is not like your other simulated girls. She shouts, and attempts to strike out with her fist towards Young's nether-regions, trying to see if she can free herself before it's too late.' Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'bat away her fist with one of his, and again places more pressure on the knee trying to bust her knee.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'proves to be a real bitch, and refuses to tap out. She once again tries to swipe at Young's face, but the angle proves it to be quite difficult.' Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'is struck in the face again making him turns his head with the attack some of the blood from his chin, and face splattering the floor beside them. He does not release her leg, but he attempts instead to slam hit boot into her face.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were ''s simulated face is bashed in with Young's boot. She recoils as much as she can in his grip, clutching her bleeding face. "Fffff---"' Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'rolls to his right and closes his left eye as the blood starts to stream over it. He attempts to put her into a more stable lock, and attempts to tap her again.' hellblade foreskin used /me. Arguments were 'grimaces. She slaps the ground with her simulted hand, "Fuck it, whatever!"'
  22. Medic

    Young - Medic - BASE + 20

    Logs for April 17th 2018 Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'The Soldier, and Young both square off and circle each other looking for any openings that might show. Youngs eyes scan the Sim Trooper looking for possible areas he can attack effectively while eying the knife the Simtrooper carries in his left hand.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'The Simtrooper takes the first move and attempts a round house kick at Young who ducks under the leg, and spins to face the SimTrooper. The SimTrooper regains his stance as well and faces Young with some what of the same stance. The SimTrooper attacks young with the knife shuffling forwards and attempting a slash at Youngs throat.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'Young steps into the attack bringing his left arm up to block the wrist, and grip it with his metallic fingers. He then reaches out to grab the elbow with his right, turns so his back was to the SimTrooper, and hauls the poor soldier over his back and slamming him into the floor in front of him. Young holds the wrist with the knife still, and with his right hand bladed moves the palm of his hand under the hilt, and then quickly pulls upwards sending the sim knife flying from the SimTroopers hand. It clatters on the floor behind him.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'The SimTrooper pulls his arm down hard making Young lean forwards, and then reaches up with his feet wrapping them around Youngs neck. He then pulls down with the ankles locked, and Young is forced to roll forwards and out of the attack. They turn to each other again crouched ready to strike.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'They both spring forwards and attack each other with closes fists attempting low, and high strikes first towards the brachial plexis origin, or the solar plexis. Each defends themselves carefully blocking, or swatting away attacks. Young attempts a high strike to the side of the SimTroopers neck whom blocks it easily. Young uses the momentum of the block and spins on his heel dropping low to sweep the legs of the SimTrooper out.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'The Simtrooper falls to the side as his his legs are sweeped with an audible cry of surprise. He looks up and spots his knife; and drags himself over to grab it. He turns to Young and slowly moves to a crouch position eyeing the former OSW with an analytical gaze.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'Young positions himself far enough away that the SimTrooper would have to move into him and waits for the attack. The SimTrooper stands and without hesitation attacks Young with low, and high strikes attempting slashing, and jabbing attacks near his neck, and shoulders. Youngs hands move just as quickly halting the movements, and pushing the weapon away from him making the SimTrooper attack from a different angle. The thuds, and slaps of hand on hand can easily be heard from close by as the two fighters continue their game of chess.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'The SimTrooper seems to have been programmed to be much more skillful than that of the regular sim; He attacks young with a wide slash towards his face, and Young easily counters bringing his left hand up and catching the wrist again. However hte SimTrooper lets the knife go, and catches it between them with his right hand attempting another low slash at Youngs abdomen. Youngs free hand comes down to slam into the wrist of the SimTroopers hand, and he pushes it up, and over both of their shoulders. The SimTrooper now begins a titanic struggle with the ex OSW over the knife. The knife shakes between them as they struggle for purchase.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'The SimTrooper pushes the knife closer to Youngs face with every moment while Young attempts with all his might to keep the knife from stabbing him in the eye. Young slams his left fist into the solar plexis' of the SimTrooper making him recoil back with the blow, and quickly brings both hands up to the knife. He grips the wrist, turns his body, and again bodily tosses the SimTrooper over his shoulder slamming him to the floor.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'Young ignores the quip from Sigrun, and continues to struggle with the SimTrooper for the knife this time however Young has the upper hand as the SimTrooper has a poor grip, and angle. The knife shakes vigorously between the two of them but makes slow progress towards the SimTroopers juggular. Both men grunt, and cuss as the knife finally begins to enter the juggular of the SimTrooper. Blood begins to pour from the wound as Young pushes the hilt home with a powerful yell. When the SimTrooper goes limp in his arms Young isses a powerful kick to the SimTroopers chest knocking him to the floor. The fight has ended.' **Sgt. Travis Young leans forwards panting hard, sweat pouring down his face. Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'types on the PDA gain this time upping the difficulty, and adding an enemy. "I am alright; Just trying to keep my OSW skills up or I will lose them."' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'Both of the SimTroopers quickly move to either side of Young who waits for the inevitable attack. The left strike first with a high attack using a stunstick as weapon; Young brings his left arm up blocking at the wrist, and repelling the attack. The right SimTrooper attempts to side kick Young's right leg out, but Young simple raises the leg letting the SimTroopers shin collide with his shin repelling the attack. Young turns and slams his right fist into the left SimTrooper making it retreat backwards with the force of the blow.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'The Right SimTrooper charges forwards and grapples with Young grabbing him by the armor with both hands. Young turns to face the SimTrooper who starts to push Young Backwards to trip him over. Young puts his left leg behind him stopping the push, and then raises his hands up and under the SimTroopers hands. He brings his hands into, and then upwards slamming the top of his wrists against the Troopers fists making him release the armor. Young reaches out to grab the SimTroopers armor, and then issues two brutal knee strikes to the SimTroopers center. The connect with loud thuds; Young releases the SimTrooper whom falls backwards clutching his stomach for air.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'The left SimTrooper charges at Young slamming his shoulder into his middle making Young call out with an "Ooof!" Young is quickly slammed onto his back his arms moving up over his head. "Uugh!" he calls out at the surprise attack. The SimTrooper takes a full guard over Young and starts to rain down fists towardfs his face. Young is forced to bring his arms down to defend his face taking blow to the forearms, and to the face when he cannot stop them.' Young keeps his left metallic arm in front of him letting it take the blows from the strikes and uses his right arm to deliver a few blows to the SimTroopers side. Young watches as the SimTrooper continues to rain punches down on him, and when he gets the chance he pulls the SimTroopers right arm down over his right shoulder, and quickly wraps his arms around the SimTroopers neck. He squeezes applying pressure to the Bracial Plexis Origin. The SimTrooper starts to panic trying to pull the Ex OSW off of him but only manages to move them across the floor. Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'The Second SimTrooper regains his air, and steps towards the two as they struggle on the floor. The Second Trooper attempts to kick at Young face but Young uses his feet to turn them so the first Troopers back is infront of him. The Second Trooper is unable to attack him when he does this. Young continues to squeeze the first Troopers neck and turns them efficiently keeping his eyes on the second Trooper. After a few moments the first trooper loses consciousness. Young waits for the other Trooper to attack him with his feet again, and reaches out to catch the foot and pull the second Trooper down to his level.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'Young flips the unconscious Trooper off him, and then rolls over to get on top of the second Trooper. He takes the full Guard, and reverses the situation. He starts attacking dowards with closes fists at the Trooper who expertly blocks with his arms. Young knows he will try the same move so he simply leans back a little allowing the Trooper to attempt an upwards punch at his face. Young reaches out to grab the wrist, and then shifts his position spinning overtop of the man, and putting his legs over the Troopers chest. He then pulls the arm straight at the wrist with both hands putting him into an armbar.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'The Sim Trooper cries out in pain as Young applies more, and more pressure to the elbow. The SimTrooper attacks with his other arm at Youngs middle slamming his fist into his Ribs. Young calls out in pain at the strikes and releases the arm rolling away from the SimTrooper.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'Both men stand quickly and collide with large bodies making a loud thud noise, both attempting to get purchase over the other. Young attacks low with the Trooper attacks high both landing blows to each others body and face. The fight becomes brutal as Young lips slips, and bleeds down his chin. The SimTrooper attack with his right hand towards Young face and he blocks it with his right hand, then wraps his arm around the SimTroopers arm, and pushes upwards locking the elbow.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'Young rears his head back, and then slams the top of his forehead into the bridge of the Troopers nose busting easily. The SimTrooper grunts with the blow, and his head moves backwards with the attack. Young turns, and tosses the Trooper over his shoulder a third time using his arm as leverage. He then wraps his arms around the SimTroopers throat, and begins to apply pressure with a sleeper hold.' Larouche used /it. Arguments were 'The SimTrooper frantically claws at Youngs arms trying to get his arms out from around his throat. He even tries elbowing Young in the sides making him grunt with the attacks. Young keeps his arms tight applying as much pressure as he can to the corroded artery. After several moments the movements of the Trooper starts to slow, and his attacks are half asses mostly powered by adrenaline, and fear. Then he finally goes limp in his arms, and with a quick motion Young snaps his neck. He puts his right hand on the side of the Troopers head, and violently throws him sideways to the floor.' Larouche used /me. Arguments were 'leans forwards putting his hands to his knees and pants hard trying to catch his breath. His blood drips from his chin to the floor of the sim room. "Jesus.. I am getting old.."'