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  1. @Ymot Tommy Wort I have no issues with you or any outstanding grudges. You have never been on my bad side, and I have never had to deal with you as an Administrator. Also, don't mind SW's shit post here, he's mad about something else. If you stay or not is your choice but I can say that I honestly have heard nothing bad about you from anyone.
  2. Return Receipt - Read - Major Travis Young
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    Moving Onward, for better or worse.

    Good luck man. Maybe you will find it again and come see one day soon.
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    Young you cunt
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    Medics DNA

    Get out your pillow cases boys it’s time for a lynching!
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    Jee-un Choi - The Traitor

    Travis Young
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    Attention Starship Trooper Gamers

    Please save me!
  11. In order to keep these characters some what relevant without having them jump onto the ship to do anything we will be holding trainings every 15th, and 30th of each month. 28th of February not withstanding. If you miss more than two trainings your character will be designated unfit for missing them and may not be able to continue serving in the OSW. PFO's will be created by Administrators, and myself to keep things fresh and moving forwards with them. Only a small amount of OSW will be selected for any missions as most slots must be filled with MI. If you have ideas for a PFO please let me know and we can get it started. OSW do not go on missions unless its part of a story line for the event admin. Even then no more than two, and your risk for PK will be much higher than MI.
  12. OFFICE OF SPECIAL WARFARE -OSW ROSTER- Classified Top Secret 15th Special Operations Platoon Commanding Officer Major Travis Young Executive Officer Chief Warrant Officer Jake Forzen Operators SSgt. SSgt. Sgt. Zealious Edwards Sgt. Sgt. Sgt. Sgt. Sgt.
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    OFFICE OF SPECIAL WARFARE -OSW Selection- Classified TOP SECRET Troopers who volunteer or have been selected for the Office of Special Warfare (OSW) Platoon are the most highly trained Troopers in the entire Federation. They under go specialized training in all forms of combat, and all fields. Infantry tactics, hand to hand, medical, vehicles, aircraft and space borne craft to name a few. When selected you will be sent off to a remote location at [REDACTED] for your specialized training. You will be gone from your unit for 6 weeks during which time you will under go the harshest cold weather, warm weather, high impact training that has ever existed. Mountainous regions will be your training grounds and cold nights will be your lover. Secrecy will be your top priority in all things you do, and to fail at this task would be immediate deservicement, or even harsher punishments. Selection is hell, and only 30% of candidates survive the training, many of those 30% also quit from not being able to cut it. Even after selection they are sent on the most deadly missions to complete near impossible tasks on a regular basis. Mortality rates for the OSW are high, and expectations are even higher. If you truly think you have what it takes then by all means find a way to get selected for training. There are no applications, no volunteer stations. Quite simply you will be approached by someone of authority and offered the chance to attempt selection. Should you survive, and be the toughest among your class mates then you will be patched and ready for combat operations. Good luck Trooper. (OOC) If your character is offered the chance to go through selection they will leave ship for a minimum of two weeks. One roll will be made to see if your character passed training at a 50/50 chance. If your character rolls lower than 20 your character is killed in selection and will be added to the memorial wall.