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  1. Medic

    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Approved, Your character will start as an Officer Cadet (OCdt.) Report to LtCdr. Frank O'Connor
  2. Medic

    SST Quotes Thread

    You right
  3. Medic

    Training Log: August 2298

    Name and Rank: Master Sergeant Young Time and Date of Training: 2298/08/12 2000cst Goal of the Training: Platoon wide training in the field. Trade Craft, Leadership, Defense of a position, and denial of assets.
  4. Medic

    Sebastian Bently

    Oop date Young
  5. Medic

    Jamie Stewart

  6. Medic

    Engineering loses an autist.

    Roger that.
  7. Medic

    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

  8. Medic

    TACs and Tanks.

    We appreciate the enthusiasm. Stay tuned for an official post after testing has been completed. TAC side anyway.
  9. Medic

    TAC - Applications [Open]

    Approved - your character starts at the rank of Petty Officer. Speak with me in TS for induction.
  10. Medic

    Are these brain bugs or god bugs? Sorry I'm new.

    Kill it with fire
  11. Medic

    Canadian LOA

    /me gets out his Baton. “Sup my man, welcome to Canada eh!”
  12. Medic

    "Why do you wear sunglasses on the ship?"

    Last post on the 26th. So sorry for your loss.
  13. Medic


    What in the actual fuck?
  14. Medic

    "Why do you wear sunglasses on the ship?"

    I wear sunglasses because my future is so bright.
  15. Medic

    My PK appeal

    Sounds like Gods will to me.