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  1. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Rct. Mathias McDonavan Physical Age: 25 Race: White Gender: Male Eye Color: Hazel Blue Hair Color: Brown Height: 5' 10" Weight: 205 lbs. Employment & Background Current Rank: Rct Educational History: Degree in Electronical and Mechanical Engineering. Criminal Record: None Employment History: Nothing before Enlistment. Service Record: N/A OOC: Character's College Explanation: University of North Carolina Wilmington. Server Time: 1 day Roleplay History: I ran multiple Engineering Corps in star wars, Halo, Mrp and Im also lead for the EOD/Engineering branch for a milsim. Im also attending college for Engineering and completeing some Undergraduate classes for Engineering School. I love the Roleplay aspect that comes to Engineering and Mechanics in RP's. Its a subject that has a lot of conversations about.
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