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    O7 to all the fun times
  2. Guess I should dust this mess off, maybe make it look nice
  3. Dan


    Yep......couple months of boot camp, and a couple more at AIT before I was allowed my computer and I had the will to relapse my addiction. So....yeah......here I am. I'll see anyone who I still recognize around here and there, mainly in the evenings. You know my ovr dramatic ass needs some fanfare so enjoy the gifs
  4. Dan


    To those of you who are not already aware, this last last week or so will be my last on the server. I enlisted in the Army a few weeks ago. I ship out on February 5th and begin BCT on the 12th followed by my AIT school. I'd like to say it's been nothing but fun here, but we all know my personality. To which I have this to say. I said my pieces, did me, and what I felt was best, regardless of your objections. Those of you that I RP'd with alot, or that liked me in TS, it's been fun, had some laughs, keep doing you, all the best. Those of you who didn't like me, well why are you even reading this then. I'll be on a few times before I ship out, maybe I'll be able to drop by here and then after basic. For now though, this is my goodbye.
  5. Dan

    Antz the new SST?

    Why don’t we just influence their political process with campaign contributions
  6. OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: Agent Maryland STEAM ID: SERVER TIME: (ESTIMATE) Way too much ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Several years now, maybe 3-4 MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Multiple CLS classes on previous servers, and some Medic RP on a clone wars server AVAILABILITY: (ESTIMATE) Daily for the most part, i'm always a steam message or forum message away as well when needed IC SECTION NAME: (LAST, FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL) Sims, Carter L AGE: 22 RACE: Caucasian SEX: M HEIGHT: 5'10 WEIGHT: 155 lbs. BLOOD TYPE: B- LEVEL OF EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in Medical Sciences, EMT certification CRIMINAL RECORD: N/A MEDICAL RECORD: See pre-enlistment physical DATE OF ENLISTMENT: 05/17/2297
  7. What i've always said is make the Medical training more streamlined. Take Engineers for instance. Both myself and Medic are WELL aware that the SOP and training for Engineers is not entirely accurate, but the general idea and concepts are there. We've continued this and I like to think that Engineers have maintained themselves partly due to a streamlined training. I'd say do the same with Medical. The hard reality is that we have alot of teenagers and early adults that form the bulk of this community. If they wanted to exact real world engineer, medic, pilot, etc RP, they would go out and do it in the real world. People are on here to have fun, so drowning them with TOO MUCH detail quickly bores them. Now what does that mean? I don't know about anyone else, but the med RP i've seen on events is almost devastatingly boring and drawn out. I've seen the whole platoon, and occasionally events get held up cause a medic has to do a complete breakdown of 10 /mes of clamping an artery or something with forceps, quik-clot, celox, bandages, benadine, iodine, etc. etc. etc. etc. The point i'm making is that the precedent of having to do EVERYTHING, EXACTLY how the real world does really kills the overall RP vibe. Another thing we try to instill in engineers is balancing QUALITY and SPEED. Meaning don't hold everything up so you can do super ultra elitist paragraph /me's. This falls into the whole streamline idea. Am I saying slack off? No of course not. From what I understand, entry level medics are pretty much just bandaid whores. At least that's what i've gathered off conversations. And any chance of promotion only comes at spending hours on hours reading technical documents about trauma medics in the real world. I frankly find it very archaic that almost 300 years in the future, we have medics still doing hand held stitching, or something of that sort. Whatever happened to sticking people into autodocs, or bio tanks. It's shown in the movie to be done for a Private (Rico), so everyone would have access to so. I understand that it's done to give RP and drag away from essentially "Oh, I respawned, I'm magically healed now", but most players already do that as it is. That being said, any competent RPer should be able to make some halfway decent RP from maintaining and monitoring the autodocs, or checking on patients in bio tanks. Medics need to take some creative liberty while on events and either figure out some scifi type combat trauma materials to quickly at least delay casualties. Overall what im saying is a more drug out version of what Jester just said. The training and RPing within the faction needs to be more streamlined, balancing quality with speed, and making ADVANCED, or more TECHNICAL training optional, which is rewarded with promotions, which can also be handled out with enough tenure.
  8. added New log, and medical record
  9. Added and started logs
  10. Add your tech sergeant, and Caine
  11. Gonzo and Caine are long overdue an update Oh and congratulations, 100th post!
  12. Added Its not like we every do/did a medal ceremony on the server anyway IRK
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