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    Yep......couple months of boot camp, and a couple more at AIT before I was allowed my computer and I had the will to relapse my addiction. So....yeah......here I am. I'll see anyone who I still recognize around here and there, mainly in the evenings. You know my ovr dramatic ass needs some fanfare so enjoy the gifs
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    To those of you who are not already aware, this last last week or so will be my last on the server. I enlisted in the Army a few weeks ago. I ship out on February 5th and begin BCT on the 12th followed by my AIT school. I'd like to say it's been nothing but fun here, but we all know my personality. To which I have this to say. I said my pieces, did me, and what I felt was best, regardless of your objections. Those of you that I RP'd with alot, or that liked me in TS, it's been fun, had some laughs, keep doing you, all the best. Those of you who didn't like me, well why are you even reading this then. I'll be on a few times before I ship out, maybe I'll be able to drop by here and then after basic. For now though, this is my goodbye.
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    Antz the new SST?

    Why don’t we just influence their political process with campaign contributions
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    OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: Agent Maryland STEAM ID: SERVER TIME: (ESTIMATE) Way too much ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Several years now, maybe 3-4 MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Multiple CLS classes on previous servers, and some Medic RP on a clone wars server AVAILABILITY: (ESTIMATE) Daily for the most part, i'm always a steam message or forum message away as well when needed IC SECTION NAME: (LAST, FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL) Sims, Carter L AGE: 22 RACE: Caucasian SEX: M HEIGHT: 5'10 WEIGHT: 155 lbs. BLOOD TYPE: B- LEVEL OF EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in Medical Sciences, EMT certification CRIMINAL RECORD: N/A MEDICAL RECORD: See pre-enlistment physical DATE OF ENLISTMENT: 05/17/2297
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    The Direction of Medical

    What i've always said is make the Medical training more streamlined. Take Engineers for instance. Both myself and Medic are WELL aware that the SOP and training for Engineers is not entirely accurate, but the general idea and concepts are there. We've continued this and I like to think that Engineers have maintained themselves partly due to a streamlined training. I'd say do the same with Medical. The hard reality is that we have alot of teenagers and early adults that form the bulk of this community. If they wanted to exact real world engineer, medic, pilot, etc RP, they would go out and do it in the real world. People are on here to have fun, so drowning them with TOO MUCH detail quickly bores them. Now what does that mean? I don't know about anyone else, but the med RP i've seen on events is almost devastatingly boring and drawn out. I've seen the whole platoon, and occasionally events get held up cause a medic has to do a complete breakdown of 10 /mes of clamping an artery or something with forceps, quik-clot, celox, bandages, benadine, iodine, etc. etc. etc. etc. The point i'm making is that the precedent of having to do EVERYTHING, EXACTLY how the real world does really kills the overall RP vibe. Another thing we try to instill in engineers is balancing QUALITY and SPEED. Meaning don't hold everything up so you can do super ultra elitist paragraph /me's. This falls into the whole streamline idea. Am I saying slack off? No of course not. From what I understand, entry level medics are pretty much just bandaid whores. At least that's what i've gathered off conversations. And any chance of promotion only comes at spending hours on hours reading technical documents about trauma medics in the real world. I frankly find it very archaic that almost 300 years in the future, we have medics still doing hand held stitching, or something of that sort. Whatever happened to sticking people into autodocs, or bio tanks. It's shown in the movie to be done for a Private (Rico), so everyone would have access to so. I understand that it's done to give RP and drag away from essentially "Oh, I respawned, I'm magically healed now", but most players already do that as it is. That being said, any competent RPer should be able to make some halfway decent RP from maintaining and monitoring the autodocs, or checking on patients in bio tanks. Medics need to take some creative liberty while on events and either figure out some scifi type combat trauma materials to quickly at least delay casualties. Overall what im saying is a more drug out version of what Jester just said. The training and RPing within the faction needs to be more streamlined, balancing quality with speed, and making ADVANCED, or more TECHNICAL training optional, which is rewarded with promotions, which can also be handled out with enough tenure.
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    Joshua A. Caine

    added New log, and medical record
  7. Overview Name: Joshua Andrew Caine Sex: Male DOB: March 25 Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts Age: 26 Height: 6'1 Weight: 185 lbs. Eye color: Green Hair color: Brown Build: Mesomorphic Sexuality: Heterosexual Martial status: Single *wink* Political Veiws: Independent Religion: Angostic Summary of Home life: - In and out of Foster system since Infancy - Removal from multiple foster homes after citing domestic abuse and unsafe conditions for children - Hospitalized multiple times with bruised, fractured, and occasionally broken bones. Reasons for which were labeled as being jumped by gang affiliates. Suspected Domestic abuse. - Records cease after age of 18, removed from foster system permanently. Educational Information High School: South Boston High Extracurricular: Wrestling High School GPA: 1.5 SAT: 1452 College: N/A Degree: N/A College GPA: N/A Preferred learning Method: Visual Academic Interests: History, Science, Literature, Astrophysics, String Theory, Lynguistics Artistic Interests: Piano IQ: 151 Summary of Academic Life: - Multiple detentions for school fighting, classroom disruption, and attitude with instructors. - Multiple suspensions for school fighting, two cases where students were hospitalized. - Genius level IQ results in student finding most academics mundane at best if not completely annoying. - Regarded as a very talented student by most instructors, but no desire to apply themselves. Only completed bare minimum to stay academically fit to compete in Wrestling. - Two time state Wrestling Champion, Senior year going undefeated, previous infractions both academically and socially prevented any Scholarships being offered. - Attempts by instructors to help with his home life resulted in defensive and borderline hostile reactions. Medical Record In order from oldest to most recent Pre-Enlistment: - Treated for multiple burns - Healed , Minor Scarring - Treated for multiple bruised and fractured bones - Healed - Treated for broken radius - Healed -Treated for three broken ribs - Healed -Treated for dislocated shoulder - Healed -Treated for broken eye socket - Healed -Treated for broken wrist - Healed -Treated for minor concussion - Healed - Treated for stab wound to abdomen - Healed, minor scarring Post Enlistment: - Gunshot wound to abdomen from insurgent sniper - Healed, minor scarring - Shrapnel to left thigh and calf from enemy fragmentation grenade -Healed, minor scarring - Arachnid talon to left side - Healed, major scar -Separatist IED resulting in lacerated and broken collar bone - Healed, major scar -Arachnid talon lacerating right thigh - Healed, minor scarring -Shrapnel embedded in back from Plasma barrage - Healed, minor scarring Federation Service Record Service Tenure: 6 Years Active Duty Current Status: Active Pre-Enlistment analysis: \\: FEDERATION ASVAB ANALYSIS :// Word association: 93 Vocabulary: 96 Mathematics: 90 Reading: 99 Writing: 96 Sciences: 92 History and Moral Philosophy: 94 Mechanical Knowledge: 90 Extraterrestrial Studies: 92 Cognition: 97 Adaptation: 93 Memory: 94 Psychic Disposition: 21 \\: OVERALL ANALYSIS :// Recommendation: GnT Chosen Branch: Mobile Infantry Previous Units: 101st Morita Rifle Battalion "Edward's Eagles" / Bravo Company / 2nd Platoon / Sgt Company CO: Lt. Dwayne Edwards Company XO: MSgt. Micheal Korlo Distinctions: -Mobile Infantry Silver Star -Bronze Star -Purple Heart x2 -Citizenship Ribbon -Good Conduct Ribbon -Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon Additional Notes: -Credited with saving the lives of 11 fellow Infantrymen -Marked as Ideal Canidate for Marauder program -Applied for and accepted for Marauder program 91st Morita Rifle Battalion "Rose's Reapers" / Charlie Company / 1st Marauders / Spc. Company CO: Lt. Allison Rosemary Company XO: MSgt. Thomas Hale Marauder CO: Lt. Romeo Krone Marauder XO: TSgt. Ragnar Halvrdsyn Distinctions: -Medal of Valor -Bronze Star x2 -Prisoner of War ribbon -Purple Heart x3 -Charolette Campaign Medal -Hespherus Defense Campaign Medal -Marauder Ribbon -Joint Service Ribbon x2 Additional Notes: After Action Report - August 17 2293 - WIP 93rd Morita Rifle Battalion "Hale's Heroes" / Delta Company / 3rd Marauders / SSpc. Company CO: Lt. Thomas Hale Company XO: MSgt. Mason O'Brien Engineering CO: Lt. Ragnar Halvrdsyn Engineering XO: TSgt. Jakob Hewitz Distinctions: -Mobile Infantry Silver Star -Operation Rolling Chariot Medal -Purple heart -Bronze Star -Good Conduct Ribbon -Joint Service Ribbon Additional Notes: Current Station: AFC-BC 117 Audie Murphy / 112th Morita Rifle Battalion "Davidson's Deathmakers"/ Alpha Company/ 13th Marauders/ MSpc. Company CO: Cpt. Elrad Davidson Company XO: Lt. Elanor Tuuli Marauder CO: Lt. Daisy Bailey Marauder XO: TSgt. Kristina Sigrun Distinctions: -Operation Promise Keeper Ribbon -Operation Restoring Hope Ribbon -Operation Omega Ribbon Additional Distinctions: -Communication Ribbon-General Specialization Ribbon x2 (Grenadier, Nuke launcher) -Federal Defense Medal -Reserve Ribbon Additional notes: PERSONAL LOGS: December 30th, 2297 January 2nd, 2298 Relationships Respected / Loved / Uh.... / Blood Brothers / Friends / Warming up / Neutral / Disliked / Hated / Feared Zella Dijkstra - She's.....She's something. I....Er...........Uh......Shit I don't have the words for her right now. Sarah Rebrick - I feel for her, really I do. I'm not a holy man, but something tells me the cosmos did her CM to put her back in check. Alison Walcroft - Decent enough woman, an intellectual, that's a fucking first. I'm gonna find a literary quote that'll stump here. Troy Hughes - The kid's alright, naive, but he can do his job. Just needs a confidence boost. Kudos for him for manning up. Rain Traynor - She was alright, Won't lie and say I don't miss her. Wherever she is with Freeson, hope they're doing alright. +Jericho K'Ortan - Didn't know him all too well, but the grumpy bastard is resting easy now Miren Baines - Was rough around the edges. Soon as he learns to stop getting injured, he'll be some use, or maybe i'll see him again. Berthilda Hunter - She left, don't blame her. Shit ain't the same. Kinda liked her too. Seeing a pattern here. +Ryan Reis - God damn fucking shame. I barely knew her. Daisy Bailey - She's mostly just an old brooding hag now a days. Kristina Sigrun - I remember when you weren't an edgy twat. Jackie Knoxx - They must be doing her beatings wrong, I should rectify that. You all know the drill
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    Joshua A. Caine

    Added and started logs
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    Troy Hughes

    Add your tech sergeant, and Caine
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    Daisy 'Hel' Bailey

    Gonzo and Caine are long overdue an update Oh and congratulations, 100th post!
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    Daniel J. Gonzalez

    Added Its not like we every do/did a medal ceremony on the server anyway IRK
  12. Overview Name: Daniel Joseph Gonzalez Sex: Male DOB: April 2 Place of Birth: Tucson Arizona Age: 25 Height: 6'1 Weight: 175 lbs. Eye color: Hazel Hair color: Brown Build: Mesomorphic Sexuality: Heterosexual Martial status: Single *wink* Political Veiws: Independent Religion: Catholic Educational Information High School: Sahuaro High School, Tucson Arizona Extracurricular: Wrestling, Violin High School GPA: 2.5 SAT: 1362 College: STANFORD UNIVERSITY Degree: -Bachelor's of History and Moral Philosophy -Master's of Mechanical Engineering College GPA: 3.5 Preferred learning Method: Visual Academic Interests: History, Science, Literature, Astrophysics, Mechanical Engineering Artistic Interests: Violinist IQ: 132 Summary of Academic Life: Medical Record In order from oldest to most recent -Gunshot wound to left Collar bone from Separatist marksmen - Healed, minor scarring -Cliffmite spike to chest from Arachnid Cliffmite - Healed -Laceration to right thigh from Arachnid warrior - Healed, minor scarring -Gunshot wound through right calf - Healed -Stress fractures in both Tibia from Marauder training - Healed -Laceration to left Humerus from Arachnid warrior - Healed, minor scarring -Gunshot wound to left Scapula from insurgent - Healed, minor scarring Federation Service Record Service Tenure: 5 Years Active Duty Current Status: Active Pre-Enlistment analysis: \\: FEDERATION ASVAB ANALYSIS :// Word association: 83 Vocabulary: 94 Mathematics: 77 Reading: 97 Writing: 95 Sciences: 91 History and Moral Philosophy: 94 Mechanical Knowledge: 87 Extraterrestrial Studies: 90 Cognition: 97 Adaptation: 82 Memory: 85 Psychic Disposition: 12 \\: OVERALL ANALYSIS :// Recommendation: Federation Fleet Chosen Branch: Mobile Infantry Previous Units: 91st Morita Rifle Battalion "Rose's Reapers" / Charlie Company / 3rd Engineering / Spc. Company CO: Lt. Allison Rosemary Company XO: MSgt. Thomas Hale Engineering CO: Lt. Olaf Dalgraad Engineering XO: TSgt. Steffan Hartman Distinctions: -Mobile Infantry Distinguished Service Medal -Mobile Infantry Silver Star -Bronze Star -Prisoner of War ribbon -Purple Heart x3 -Engineering Excellence Ribbon x2 -Charolette Campaign Medal -Hespherus Defense Campaign Medal -Citizenship Ribbon -Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon -Good Conduct Ribbon -Joint Service Ribbon x2 Additional Notes: After Action Report - March 23, 2293 93rd Morita Rifle Battalion "Hale's Heroes" / Delta Company / 7th Engineering / SSpc. Company CO: Lt. Thomas Hale Company XO: MSgt. Mason O'Brien Engineering CO: Lt. Steffan Hartman Engineering XO: TSgt. Lindsey Carson Distinctions: -Mobile Infantry Silver Star -Operation Rolling Chariot Medal -Bronze Star -Purple Heart -Engineering Excellence Ribbon -Good Conduct Ribbon -Joint Service Ribbon Additional Notes: Applied for Marauder Selection and Training Current Station: AFC-BC Ulysses S. Grant / 112th Morita Rifle Battalion "Davidson's Deathmakers"/ Alpha Company/ 2nd Engineering / TSgt. Company CO: Cpt. Logan Garrett Company XO: Lt. Eleanor Tuuli Engineering CO: Lt. Travis Young Engineering XO: TSgt. Daniel Gonzalez Distinctions: - Purple Heart x2 -Operation Promise Keeper Ribbon -Operation Restoring Hope Ribbon -Operation Omega Ribbon Additional Distinctions: -Engineering Ribbon -Federal Defense Medal -Reserve Ribbon Additional notes:- Marked as potential and applied for Marauder candidate - Washed out after training injury -Excels in Electronic Warfare -EOD qualified -EVA Qualified PERSONAL LOGS: May 13th - Homecoming May 27th - Back at it June 1st - Something more, robust July 9th - PRIVATE Relationships Respected / Loved / Uh.... / Blood Brothers / Friends / Warming up / Neutral / Disliked / Hated / Feared Past Relationships Current Relationships +Aster Carey - Never again........never again.... Hannah Callister - She's a nice girl, genuine, never see her around anymore. She's good "Company". Franco Sorrentino - Guy's a Pathfinder now. Cool. +James Lerwick - Had me convinced the guy would survive anything. He was a good man. Garret Swift - He was alright, new how to give a guy a break. Naturally became Tech sergeant after Lerwick, now he's gone. I'd say he's earned it. Starr Axby - Nice enough girl, spends all her time in the morgue. She's got hair like a lion's mane. Nice enough, i'll leave it at that. +Cody Howard - Shame, decent enough kid. Travis Young - He's my CO, probably one of the most respected guys here. I like him. Sarah Redbrick - She's alright, still needs work learning her rank, but needs to also not forget she's an Engineer. Jaune Meridian - He's a medic with Survivor's guilt. What more is there to say. +Abigail Vitsion - She's gone, dead, dunno how. Fucking shame. Last of the old teachers when I got back I guess. Ezarath Cazernovia -Dunno, gone Meegwyn Diaz - Dissappeared to wherever. Daisy Bailey - Always getting into a Mom/Dad fight with Young, they both just need to bang and get it out their systems. Still wouldn't fuck with her Annabelle Thacker - Fuck up's finally gone. Ask to be added
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    Joshua A. Caine

    Finally added, and did some updates
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    John York

    Yo, your Tech Sergeant doesn’t get a cool looking anime drawing?
  15. Based off your character theme, I hope they start twerking on the ship
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    Well this might hinder things

    Sounds like a failing hard drive, which if that’s the case, then you need a new computer.
  17. I guess you can add Caine
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    Mission Map List

    There’s a semi accurate list in the admin forums, would probably help to make it public. To my knowledge though its missing multiple maps.
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    PFO anyone?

    Hell I’d be interested in doing a pfo
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    Katie Heartfilia

    There's a lack of a tortilla which I find distrubing
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    ✝ Sarah Redbrick ✝

    Where the fuck is your Tech Sergeant?
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    ur guy Franco Sorrentino

    Caine and Gonzalez mang
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    SST Quotes Thread

    Part 1 of the Epic Rap Battles MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine: Yo I heard some sick bars were being dropped, who's about to get popped by Caine, the bug's bane! 3Spc. Rory MacDonnan: Jus' stop, mate. 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: LOOK AS HE STANDS THERE SO DUMB BRUH WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO GIVE ME SOME GUM? 3Spc. Rory MacDonnan: Yer ruinin' it. Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Oh lord do we have someone to step to Odgen? Pvt. Kimberleigh Joonen: Harsh. LCpl. William St. Claire: I am meerily going to let this happen. 3Spc. Rory MacDonnan: Figh' back ya fuckin' poof! Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Claire, get out from back here, Caine get in. LCpl. William St. Claire: No no. LCpl. William St. Claire: This is the only recognition he'll ever get. Pvt. Kimberleigh Joonen: Turning the other cheek. A bold strategy. LCpl. William St. Claire: Go head Caine. **MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine cracks his knuckles. 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Aye bitches 3Spc. Rory MacDonnan: He's a feckin' redneck, how did'ya nae even pick tha'one up? Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Oh boy. Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Caine, new boy gets first go,. 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Alright. 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Lets see wht you got? MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine: Nah, let 'im go first. Junior enlisted first. Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Sounds good. LCpl. William St. Claire: Pff. 3Spc. Rory MacDonnan: Yer rank won't be savin' ye, Caine. 3Spc. Rory MacDonnan: Ogden's straigh' give no a fuck. 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Ok mr. Marauder Let me start with the basics. A Maraduer? How did you get that job? by fucking your own father? 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: You cant even step to me. Im a wicked engineer. Dissecting the Steel and making this shit easy. All you can do is bend with no Dignity 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: You got this suit but you cant even repair it. Need my ass to step in and fuck I aint even rated MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine[LOOC]: OH SHIT THIS SHIT IS FIRE Cpl. Sebastian Bently[LOOC]: OOF 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Killing bugs thats something any shit bird can do 3Spc. Rory MacDonnan[LOOC]: can i get a ''sstrp quotes thread'' please 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Seps, A.i . Marauder my nigga its in your head **MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine eye's widen and smirk in excitment. Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Oof. 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: But first let me put you in bed. tuck you in and turn out the lights cause what you say against me wont even get me fright. 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Im cooler Im from texas son. Shout out to my Boys in the 7-11 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Alright Caine what the fuck do you think you think you can do. Lets hear it MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine: Aight aight aight, I like it, dis boi got some spunk here I like it. Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Let's go old school for the old man. 3Spc. Rory MacDonnan: Old? 3Spc. Rory MacDonnan: Pffft. 3Spc. Rory MacDonnan: Aye, cause mid'twenties is feckin' 'old'. Cpl. Sebastian Bently: This kid gets it. MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine: So you said I needed to bone get here, that's ok get this boi a beer. He gone need it after these Rhymes, cause i'll rob of all his sick rap dimes. **3Spc. Patrick Ogden bobs his head listening to caine MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine: The only bone need I needed, was your sister's when I graduated numba one! **3Spc. Patrick Ogden Cups his hand to ear **3Spc. Patrick Ogden still bobbing MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine: Gave it to her real good, just like we did back in Boston's hood. And leme tell ya man, It's more food then you can digest. MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine: Who the hell is 7-11? I can see why you rep it, you never close your mouth. It's like you're begging to just get mugged then, that's ok I'll hop in my suit and get you butt plugged! Cpl. Sebastian Bently: God damn. 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Bro First off I dont have a sister. But bring your mother around so i can fist her. You took to long my dude your done. Cause at the end of the day Im still Number 1. MAster Specialist yea this fool is special. 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Butt plugged? Your in a suit. But need a minigun cause you cant even shoot **Cpl. Sebastian Bently was practically wheezing. MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine: What is it you got? some bombs and a hot torch? Get off my PORCH! I weight two tons of pure destruction. Yah know why you guys repair our suits? Cause we gotta give you something to do while we're in the shit, THE TRUE COMBAT BOOTS. Cpl. Sebastian Bently: God fucking damn. 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Porch Torch? Where did you get these rhymes? Little Black sheep or Little Bo Peep? Your shit is lame and my shit is endless 3Spc. Patrick Ogden: Please Drop this beat so i can fucking end this Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Last line, Caine, go out with a bang, lad. MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine: I'll leave it with this man, You parade around in your yellow jackets, buzzing like bees. Bzzz Bzzz, ZZZ, ow I just shocked myself. Meanwhile I parade through trees wit hthat minigun yeah. It sprays so much cause we got the master sprees of death. But hey man, it was a good fight, I liked it, you killed it mang, I hope no one knocks out your light. 3Spc. Rory MacDonnan: A'm tempted ta'vote fer Caine outta pity. MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine: Nah mang, he beat me. Straight up. Pfc. Clifford B. 'T-Bone' Carmichael: Man, that last bit was -rough-. MSpc. Joshua 'Ares' Caine: Fucking MC over here man. Patrick Ogden's name was changed from Patrick Ogden to Patrick 'EmmCee' Ogden.