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  1. //: Drop Lead: SGT. Oakwood //: Second In Command: SPC. Saint-Claire //: Squad Leaders: LCPL. Layland, LCPL. Wilson Blue Team: LCPL. Layland Orange Team: LCPL. Wilson //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): LCPL. Wilson, SGT. Knoxx //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): PFC. Vang, PFC. Lewis //: Notable Acts: Lance Corporals. Layland, Wilson and Specialist. Saint-Claire performed admirablly in getting the troopers back to the Upham safely. //: Mission Summary: Head down to New Vertainia, infiltrate a hospital and extract the blue prints to a bio-weapon as well as any data we could find. The mission itself went smoothly, we managed to sneak past patrols and civilians undetected, navigating through the city and reaching the hospital, most of the troops deployed there shortly moved towards the north in a hurry, which gave us an opening to head towards our objective and extract everything. A short while later, all hell broke lose, Mobile Infantry showed up, the Upham-- As you know, was attacked and we were forced to kill any Mobile Infantry soldier in self deffence. Private First Class. Vang had been shot in the cheek during a small but furious skirmish outside of the hospital, he was still alive and the medics patched him up quickly and we moved him.. The situation kept getting worse, Sergeant Knoxx had been shot but it was nothing major so we could move her, Vang on the other hand? I had to A6 him and leave the body behind, otherwise we wouldn't have made it. It was short after that that we got a call from COMMAND telling us that the situation was bad, our EVAC had been shot down -- Or so we thought at the time, and we were forced to flee from the city and into the forest. We took some time to rest inside some tunnles, the Mobile Infantry and the Vertainia troopers were busy dealing with eachother anyways, but we moved shortly after. We moved towards a radio tower in hopes we could contact the Upham.. Although we then learned that we had been left behind for a while while also being made aware that the Mobile Infantry deployed on the planet were hunting for us. Specialist. Saint-Claire spotted a hidden bunker not far from our position and Lance Corporal. Layland took us there, where we ended up resting for a while while both, Saint-Claire and Layland volunteered to scout ahead. All hell broke lose once more after Saint-Claire found, shot and killed a hostile sniper, so we fleed towards some castle ruins close to our position, fighting against the Mobile Infantry, both ground forces, mechanized forces and air forces, Lance Corporal. Wilson had been shot on the shoulder on our way to the castle, it was nothing major and I stabilized her. Once we reached the castle, we set up deffences and held our ground as much as we could -- Our last stand -- We managed to fend them off for a while but soon after they rained mortars on us, Private First Class. Lewis was hit by one of the mortars.. He was still alive since Private. Kent tried to keep him alive through CPR. To our surprise, Ferret showed up in a battered dropship, our EVAC had survived and managed to find us, we all managed to EVAC under heavy mortar fire and made it back to the Upham. Private First Class. Lewis died in the medical bay soon after we arrived.
  2. //: Drop Lead: SGT. Oakwood //: Second In Command: SPC. Saint-Claire //: Squad Leaders: LCPL. Hayden, LCPL. Wilson Blue Team: LCPL. Hayden / PFC. Murphy Orange Team: LCPL. Wilson //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): PVT. Kent, LCPL. Hayden, PFC. Murphy //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Locate and assassinate Sergeant Bennison of the 145th as well as extracting all possible data from the base. We hit the 145th hard today, not soon after we landed, our Long Range Radio was jammed due to a jammer in one of their outposts to our north, we encountered some hostiles and quickly dispatched them and proceeded to shut the jammer off before proceeding towards the base. Once we had arrived, we were greeted by some resistance and a tank, which we quickly dispatched and proceeded to invade the base, taking out every hostile inside inclouding our target, Sergeant Bennison. Once the Sergeant had been killed, Specialist. Saint-Claire proceeded to extract all information from terminals as well as bringing some physical documents that were in the office. Due to a storm, however, our Long Range Radio couldn't reach COMMAND, and soon after the 145th poured in on us hard, injuring a few of us, most of blue to be exact, but we held off as long as we could before COMMAND was available again. Specialist Saint-Claire planted a DOTON in the heart of the base and we EVACed before detonating it.. Lance Corporal. Hayden was critically injured during the time we couldn't get in contact with COMMAND.
  3. //: Drop Lead: SGT. Oakwood //: Second In Command: SPC. Saint-Claire //: Squad Leaders: None Blue Team: ----- Orange Team: ---- //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): PVT. Kent //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): LCPL. Vert //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Follow a tagged arachnid into the heart of the hive and mark it for an Orbital Strike while avoiding contact with the arachnids and detection from the locals. Our operation was to follow a marked bug into the heart of its hive and mark it for an OB, wasn't exactly sure how well the operation would go at first but no one seemed really nervous about it either, so we carried on after landing. Not soon after we landed, I instructed my men on the radio to stay out of sight from the Arachnids aswell as not firing uppon them -- To which, was to no vail, as Specialist Ito shot and killed a lone warrior moments after spotting it, which at first didn't seem like a big deal as we hid from the rest of its friends and weren't detected, but the operation was doomed to fail from the start, like the bugs had rigged the odds. in any case, we continued to follow the tagged bug, still pretty much clueless of what was to come. We kept going deeper into the woods, Lawson had been attacked and a Royal appeared, they didn't see us at first and COMMAND had gone silent for a while, communications were cut off or so Specialist Saint-Claire told me -- Never the less, once communications with COMMAND were somehow restaured, we were warrned that a large consentration of the hive was coming our way, they knew we were there from the start, so I made the call to pull back, no use staying there anymore -- The mission was a complete failure, the hive came after us, Private Kent was injured by the Royal but nothing serious. The dropship came down moments before we were about to meet our demise, we managed to escape but not everyone made it -- Lance Corporal Vert was surrounded and killed by the hive, the body couldn't be recovered and we had to leave him behind. Later in debrief it was made aware to us that the mission was doomed to fail ever since Ito shot and killed that lone Warrior since the tracker on the other arachnid nearby was made aware to them and they were planning on setting an ambush to kill us.
  4. //: Drop Lead: SGT. Oakwood //: Second In Command: LCPL. Tankijin //: Squad Leaders: None Blue Team: ------ Orange Team: ----- //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): 3SPC. Lobov, MSPC. Donovan, PVT. Nu, 3SPC. Fayzulin, PFC. Netanyahu, 3SPC. Range, SGT. Oakwood //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): PFC. Stanley //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Locate and deffend a nuclear silo from Arachnid forces while a third party disassembles the warhead. We were greeted by the Arachnids not soon after we had left the dropship, holes everywhere, though we quickly dispatched them and kept moving towards our goal, soon after having the silo in view, more holes opened and the arachnids came at us with force, stronger than ever. The team sustained a few wounded, inclouding myself, but nothing major. Third Specialist Lobov had both his legs broken and was MEDEVACed - In the meantime, Private First Class. Stanley was surrounded by warriors, which impaled him on the chest, I was forced to A6 him and his remains were put in the MEDEVAC with Lobov before it dusted off to the Upham. Shortly after arriving at the objective, the engineers were quick to fortify the outside with pre-fabrications and we deffended the place while Doctor Kemp disassembled the warhead - Once again, the arachnids came at full force, we sustained a few more injured, inclouding myself, this time I also had to be MEDEVACed and Lance Corporal Tankijin took over. In the end, the warhead was disassembled and we sustained no more casualties other than Stanley. Rodrick Oakwood
  5. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: John Kelly Physical Age: 24 Race: Cocasian Gender: Male Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brown Height: 5'7 feet / 1'70m Weight: 160 ibs / 73kg Employment & Background Current Rank: Recruit Educational History: Highschool diploma Criminal Record: None Employment History: Bar tender, shop clerk. Service Record: None OOC: Character's College Explanation: None Server Time: Two months Roleplay History: 10 years of roleplay experience in other games, Nebulous WW3RP, BCN WW3RP on gmod.
  6. //: Drop Lead: SGT. Oakwood //: Second In Command: CPL. Duncan //: Squad Leaders: None Blue Team: None Orange Team: None //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): CPL. Duncan, SSPC. Harris, LCPL. Vert, PVT. Shimizu //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Locate and extract Doctor Kemp. "We lannded on top of what seemed to be an unfinished building, right below some corn fields, to which we navigated through, found some contacts and eliminated them before heading down into the subway, also encountering some contacts. Later on we came out inside a city where a battle was happening, which soon ended until we came accross more contacts, this time in much larger number and better equiped.. All hell broke lose in the city ruins, most of our soldiers were wounded, some critically but we managed to locate the facility where the codes were in. Although we didn't find the codes, we did find Doctor Kemp and successfuly extracted her but not before Lance Corporal Layland planted a DOTON inside the compound to which was detonated after our departure."
  7. //: Drop Lead: SGT. Oakwood //: Second In Command: LCPL. Vert //: Squad Leaders: None Blue Team: ----- Orange Team: ----- //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): None //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None //: Notable Acts: Lance Corporal Vert marcked the truck that took away the target. //: Mission Summary: Infiltrate a factory ocupied by the rogue 145th and extract Doctor Kemp as well as any information held by the rogue unit. The mission itself at first was going smoothly, we infiltrated the factory and took out a few guards before taking one for interrogation on the whereabouts of Doctor Kemp. Soon after a patrol was walking around, to which Third Specialist Wright, one of the men guarding our exit fired uppon the patrol, blowing our cover. After that little incident, the mission went downhill. We were forced to fight our way to the Doctor who had been wounded and held hostage by one of the 145th soldiers wearing an AEGIS suit, any atempt to intercept and take the Doctor unharmed was impossible so we pulled back and planned an ambush. The marauder managed to avoid our ambush and escaped with Doctor Kemp via truck while Private Lobov was not quick enough to shoot and kill the marauder with his DMR, luckily enough, Lance Corporal Vert managed to sneak up on the truck and mark it. Our primary objective was a failure but that is not the case with our secodnary objective which is extract information from the computers and terminals the 145th had around. Rodrick Oakwood
  8. Honestly speaking at first, this whole storyline was good, I could see a lot of character development for my character and many others here, but truth is, atleast in my opinion, it's been dragged out for a bit.
  9. Oakwood needs to be here
  10. //: Drop Lead: ASGT. Oakwood //: Second In Command: ASGT. Redbrick //: Squad Leaders: LCPL. Bellic, PFC. Modine Blue Team: LCPL. Bellic/ PFC. Vert Orange Team: PFC. Modine //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): PFC. Vert //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None. //: Notable Acts: Extracted some Arachnid Warrior corpses for autophsy due to suspission of them having a desiease. //: Mission Summary: Investigate a one week old distress signal, find out what happened to the people there and extract supplies if possible.
  11. lmao this is gold, I want to see Oakwood here if you know him
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