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  1. Lilypad


    #bringbackhargreaves @Xalphox
  2. did it my boy why does lily never like ur characters
  3. Added @nikb and @Mighty Mouse
  4. Lilypad

    sparring a marauder

    yes thats lily parker
  5. Lilypad

    sparring a marauder

    who was also a female
  6. Lilypad

    sparring a marauder

    didnt u lose to Parker in a fight
  7. Lilypad

    Jackie Knoxx

    Hey I just want you to know that Lachlan Dunn is dead and you havent updated it. I saw that you did it for Bellic so I assumed that you didnt spot it.
  8. My poor ic gf. ;( also, this makes sense, because my character fucking hates Graham, but me IRL, dont really mind Silent at all.
  9. Lilypad

    [IC] Divisional Fueds!!

    Funny story. As an actual lesbian, I really don't watch Lesbian porn.
  10. Lilypad

    Lillian Flowers

    no cause im the waifu
  11. Lilypad

    Lillian Flowers

    Adorable. 😄
  12. Lilypad

    why r u gae?

    Funnily enough, Fitz is actually a racist.
  13. Lilypad

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    Why do u look like every hardcore kid
  14. Lilypad

    Lillian Flowers

    Right? He hasnt added parker. Insane.