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  1. I'm keeping the forums up for the next couple of days so that people can lift their biographies and so on so forth but after that I will need to shut these down. @Lit amongst others have expressed an interest in setting up their own shop, which I fully support him in. I may even relax my rule around sharing addons.
  2. Hi, Appreciate that it's been a hell of a journey, and this won't be well received by many, but sstrp.net's time has come to an end. For personal and professional reasons I can no longer continue to be associated with this community. No doubt a number of successor communities will spawn in our wake: I wish them the best of luck, however, unfortunately, I will be retaining our set of bespoke addons for my own exclusive personal use for other projects in the future. In particular I would like to thank Litcoins, Tonic, Deckers, and Orwell for their hard work spanning (cumulatively) half a century. So long and thanks for all the fish. Xalphox
  3. I'm continuing to fund .net out of my own pocket - and whether I have a blue name or not, you are all fundamentally playing on a server I host, built and maintain. I don't at all appreciate being treated with derision or disrespect, especially not a couple of hours after I spent the better part of a day explaining to @KeiAgo that I am not being a mug for continuing to fund a server I don't even run anymore.
  4. Noting what I said in my original post, Litcoins and Tonic have expressed an interest in continuing the community in light of my resignation. As XAs continually close to the wheels of power here at SSTRP for the better part of a decade, I have full and total confidence in their ability to lead the server in the future. I'm going to continue funding and providing technical support to .net for the foreseeable future but I'm not going to be getting involved in operational affairs. There are some terms attached to this that Tonic and Litcoins are aware of - in particular, I will retain a veto on the appointment of new XAs (because I am agreeing to fund a .net on the basis of them running it).
  5. Hi all, It is with a heavy heart that I must announce my intention to resign effective on July 31st, alongside I imagine a good portion if not the entirety of the XA team (who feel similar to me). In the event that I am not totally confident that those who remain can form an effective leadership, this will also be the date that SSTRP.net ends, as I would rather the server die on my terms than limp on to be bested by some dickhead like Nick. The Discord and the forums will remain active for the foreseeable future, as will the domain, if only to prevent others soiling our name, but the game server will likely shut down on the aforementioned date. I'd like to close things on good terms, but the truth is it would simply be disingenuous to pretend we are closing on a high note here. I am leaving because we have reached a point where I find myself describing my own community as a cesspit filled with some of the most depraved individuals polite society has chosen to reject; a Sodom worthy of the most thorough of destructions. I can say with the utmost of conviction that a number of you deserve to be segregated from the rest of society if not for your own sake then for the sake of all others. In the past year I have been exposed to all manner of interesting and disgusting deviancies. Aside from the typical angsty sexually confused teenagers looking to make their mark and prove their relevance by metaphorically pissing on the carpet and scratching at the furniture, I've been thrust into a position more than once where I have been exposed to sexual fetishes so weird and outlandish that I am almost fascinated at how such a thing manifests from the human psyche and how perhaps Dr Freud was not so wrong after all - on one occasion, for example, I have had to politely ask a gentleman to refrain from roleplaying wearing and using an infant's nappy/diaper during roleplay. I have a younger sister who has recently reached the lower bounds of the age range (11/12) of players I know must frequent SSTRP, and I'm genuinely not kidding when I say on more than one occasion I've been kept up by the thought that, like it or not, I am facilitating an environment where children as young and impressionable as my sister are exposed people as deeply disturbed as Derpytoast. In addition to this, we (the admin team) get nothing but abuse and cynicism. Between me, Orwell, and Deckers, we have been admining SSTRP for cumulatively almost 30 years, and we can't think of a time where we've been treated with so much contempt. Ultimately, SSTRP is a voluntary enterprise, funded exclusively by me - all you lot have to do is play the content I pay for and the missions Orwell and the others spend days preparing, and yet I've reached a point where we simply accept that everything we do will illicit at least a handful of people bashing us whilst the majority sits on in silence. I appreciate that this might be sorely disappointing for some of you - on behalf of the XA team, I apologize, and hope you find somewhere else to play that lives up to your expectations. I will work with the rest of the admin team to ensure that these final weeks bring our journey to a fitting end. Kind regards, Xalphox
  6. I told @Sting to roll and if he got above a 70 you would be unbanned, and he got a 75, so I guess you are unbanned.
  7. He's a fun character to play. @Bav gets it worse on Tidbit tbf. For my own reputation I should add I've actually cybered several times. It's just the nature of the character to be grotesque.
  8. I'm not going to air our dirty laundry but the crux of it is that this the way this is structured was meant to address consistent twin complaints from the playerbase over the years - (1) "there is not enough cohesion between individual events", (2) "the SSTRP timeline is railroaded and players/command figures should dictate what we do and where we go". It's been noted that it hasn't worked out and a decision was resolved amongst the executive team as of last Monday to enact a plan that brings us back into the Federation swiftly - the first step of this process took place over the course of my last mission, where I re-introduced Aqua's Colonel Rivera. However I do want the fleet bridge simulator to at least be on the horizon before we step into a new chapter - this should be within the next couple of weeks, Queen's birthday list withstanding. The plan moving forward is that overall direction for the server will once again be set by me (as it was until this current arc) with the advice, council and guidance of my staff and of other key stakeholders. Noting that this pertains to an active storyline, and for the sake of not spoiling it, this is all I plan to say on the topic.
  9. slut whore cock sucking goober
  10. @El Excellente stupid bitch
  11. keep talking shit and pallas gets hit again motherfucker
  12. I appreciate Deadmonkey taking responsibility for his actions but given the sequence and the nature of events that unfolded I am not inclined to invite him to return. The problem with being caught out in a lie is that one's word can never be taken at face value again in the future. Thank him for his candour and on my behalf please wish him the best of luck in the future.
  13. With the utmost respect to Argon I'm going to reduce this further and unban you now because I'm not a fan of how the ban was issued in the first place. I am not saying you were not in the wrong - you yourself have accepted that. I am stating that we also should have handled this better.
  14. In light of that, the appeal is sustained.
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