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  1. Xalphox

    PFO and talking to people about time

    I'll ask around to see if some PST admins can run a PFO or two
  2. Xalphox

    PFO and talking to people about time

    I wasn't aware of who was on the PFO until minutes before it started (that was down to the PF leadership to decide) - however I did announce it 4 days ago Rescheduling it for a few hours later would have been untenable I'm afraid - as it stands, we started at 9 PM and we finished at 3 AM my time as it is.
  3. Xalphox

    An idea

    Typically the way I approach injuries/PKs - <5: you're dead. Your choice between a swift death or a slow death is merely there as a mercy & an opportunity to tie up your character in a manner that is more satisfying - but when I designed this system, the <5s were meant to be address the fact that war is hell, and sometimes people just get unlucky and they die. One day you're standing on a rock on Planet P, surveying the horizon with your binoculars, and suddenly a hopper chooses that precise moment to swoop down, pick you up and start mauling you - necessitating your Lieutenant to shoot you in the heart as a mercy. <10: you are critically wounded, typically requiring MEDEVAC. Punctured lungs, missing limbs, Freddy Krugered face, etc. This is usually followed up by another internal roll from me to work out how long you have to live until you get the treatment I have in mind. <25: You are significantly wounded - a bullet wound, a burn, etc. However the medics can stabilize you and get you to a point where you can fight. <50 : You have a minor or aesthetic wound. A bullet grazes you; an arachnid clips you. 50-90: Close call, but you escape injury altogether. An arachnid you to your back, winding you; a bullet lodges itself in the wall next to you, dusting you with a coat of plaster. 90-100: I'm thinking of adding in temporary buffs for those who "crit win" - a temporary boost to endurance, etc.
  4. This isn't how it works. Roll bonuses are granted, not declared.
  5. Xalphox

    Argon elevated to XA

    Hi all, For those of you who are unfamiliar - @Argon was an SSTRP admin until just a month or two ago when he unfortunately had to step back due to health and school reasons. He has held and continues to command a great deal of respect within both the admin team and amongst the playerbase who remember him, and for some time I have sought his council on a great number of matters. His honesty, his objectivity and his pragmatic no-nonsense approach to getting things done are qualities that have and I think will continue to serve the community well. In short, his blue name is just that - a blue name: he has all but held the role in spirit for some time now. In his new role he will be responsible for the managing the story line of the Third Bug War alongside all the other managerial responsibilities that comes with being an XA. This hand over of responsibility from me to him affords me time to focus on development and averts the risk of my busy schedule becoming a bottleneck as it has done in the past. I hope you all share my enthusiasm in welcoming him back. Xalphox
  6. To assert, this does not prevent admins from summarily approving roll bonuses over Steam rather than requiring a player to fill out a request - but no matter how it is granted, it absolutely does need to be posted here. I don't mind if it's posted by the player (assuming they mention the admin who approved it) or if it's posted by the admin. So again, if your roll bonus isn't posted in this forum, it's not valid. No excuses - including "admin XY said I could have one". No post, no bonus.
  7. Xalphox

    Sila Ren PK

    Based on the information presented, the PK is sustained.
  8. Xalphox

    Sila Ren PK

    Yes - so long as it is not underpinned by an OOC motive, an NCO can field execute somebody at any time. If it is illegitimate or unlawful, the repercussions they face are IC - namely, their own execution. The element of mutually assured destruction means this has never happened in SSTRP history, especially as there are sneakier, easier, and safer means of assassinating somebody. Do you wish to put forth any evidence to contest that Nik was motivated by OOC when he chose to field execute your character? If not, the PK is sustained.
  9. Xalphox

    Sila Ren PK

    Do you have any compelling evidence to offer in support of this statement? It ought to go without saying that in the absence of evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Nik, the assumption will be there has been no wrongdoing, and the PK will stand. Once again the only grounds on which a PK of this nature will be overturned is if it is proven to have been likely influenced by OOC factors. The competence or incompetence of IC leadership is strictly an IC matter.
  10. Xalphox

    Sila Ren PK

    The only grounds under which a field execution can be appealed OOC is if there is compelling evidence that the decision to field execute was coloured or perverted by OOC malpractice - metagaming, mixing OOC with IC, etc. Repercussions might follow IC and an unlawful field execution is manslaughter or murder and would almost certainly merit an execution but that is up to @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz.
  11. Xalphox

    Content Stealing

    To assert, they don't represent the views of this community. Nor shall they after this.
  12. Xalphox

    Our plans for 2019

    Quick review - Arachnids - done Humanoids - done Vehicles - almost done; needs reskin of Leopard tank & VTOL. New dropship model has collision issues that need to be resolved Psychics - done Schema - in progress with meFlying hoppers - in progress with Dakota Fleet Bridge Simulator - discovery, scheduled for post-Schema Marauder - discovery Power armour (& related) - discovery, has to be balanced against marauders. Map - on back burner whilst I finish off the schema
  13. Xalphox

    Equipment Info Megathread

    Updated to properly attribute authorship to @Daffles
  14. Xalphox

    Content Stealing

    Noting some effort has taken place to attribute/credit it to Yankee/Dex (both long gone) I presume they were the ones to originally copy it - seems like it has just snowballed. Medical, kindly action this please. @hewhogrillsbears