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  1. trick question, all countries' anthems should be
  2. Xalphox

    Taking an LOA.

    In the interim, after this week a ceasefire in the Civil War will form between Sanctuary and the Coalition after the arachnids, fleeing the Progenitors, begin to infringe and invade human territory once again - with the Progenitors shortly in tow. This gives us the justification to return to a more traditional SSTRP model of missions until I return.
  3. Xalphox

    Taking an LOA.

    Hi Earlier this week I informed the rest of the admin team that I was reaching a tipping point. SSTRP has/had no longer became fun for me, and I was considering either shutting down the server, or handing it over to an XA. Furthermore, as I mentioned last, I have accepted a role that requires me to commute back and forth to London each day - meaning I will not have the freedom and the time that working from home once entitled me. But the overwhelming consensus from the admin team is that they would very much like me not to shut down the server - that they and many of you continue to enjoy it. Unfortunately however the XA team have all pretty much said they would rather resign than take on the reins. Thus I am left in a conundrum as to what to do. As a middle ground I will be taking an extended LOA - perhaps for a week, perhaps a month, perhaps a quarter. I will continue to pay the bills, but I intend on having nothing to do with SSTRP - or at least the administrative side. In the interim, I intend on leaving the decision making solely in the hands of Durango, Tonic, and Franco (who was made XA a couple of days ago). They will act much the same as I have - each with unlimited power to act unilaterally, with the assumption that they will seek a consensus amongst other XAs when making decisions of significant consequence for the server. Only where there is a conflict between XAs will I intervene. I am rarely afforded the opportunity to speak plainly but I feel this is one of those occasions where I can let my hair down: To the majority of you who are cunts: fuck you. To the few that were decent people: it has been an absolute pleasure and you were a most welcome relief. I hope you remain when I return. PS. Trilby is the biggest cunt that I've had to deal with over the past two years. If I had the foresight to know what a cunt she'd turn out to be, I would have still confronted Ace & co. over the fact that they were harvesting her personal details for nefarious purposes, because unlike Tril, I am not a total fucking cunt. Virtue signal away, fuckhead - when push comes to shove, when there has ever been a stand to be made, you were always the first to sit.
  4. Xalphox

    Very long LOA, like, very long. 30+ Years

    Best of luck in your future endeavours. Japan is a fun place to visit once you get over those god awful early morning train station jingles.
  5. Xalphox

    I'm officially done

    Given the timing I think this is much more likely down to the fact that you were under scrutiny as MI XO than any of the aforementioned. If you truly felt the way above, you would have left months ago at the same time that most of your friends left. If there was an "XA hit squad" after you, you wouldn't have been allowed to keep the second most senior position on server for six months. You were likely to lose your MI XO because you unilaterally issued secret orders in a PM to a select few NCOs that, at best recklessly but more likely I think intentionally could be translated to "disregard Captain Bailey's orders, and shoot any Marauder that refuses to do the same". The only reason I caught wind of this is because one of your own NCOs thought it was ridiculous and dangerous and gave me a heads up. I note thanks to the secrecy that the first time the Marauders would have became aware of this had it not been for my intervention is when one of your NCOs field executed them. There is a long standing rule amongst factions that you will not interfere in or trade shots with other divisions - instead, if there is a dispute, you quietly come to a compromise or failing that you seek arbitration from me or the XAs. You certainly don't effectively declare war on them - which is what you have done here,. This is exactly what happened with the orders issued by Mulberries. The Mobile Infantry leadership (under Durango and Franco) agreed to it. Officers of any branch can issue orders to any subordinate. As an officer who I think has completed our OCS process no less than twice - you are aware of this. Finally a subordinate cannot disregard an order just because they think it is inappropriate - the recourse there is to take it up with their superior, in this case either Colonel Davidson or General Larsen for example. If there had been concerns raised with me for example I would have gotten ingame to address it immediately - or if I was otherwise indisposed I would have probably suspended the order until I had a chance to review it. You might disagree with the version of events here - but you were scheduled for a court martial where you would have had your opportunity to defend yourself. I'm locking this thread to prevent it snowballing into a drama.
  6. Caveat: XAs must approved roll bonuses for admins
  7. Xalphox

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Approved, base rank + 15, diminishing by -5 each week unless you make a concerted effort to retain training (see http://sstrp.net/index.php?/topic/1410-anni-jarvinen-fitz-base-15/). No but if it's clearly waffle/bs I will reject it. Base +40 roll bonus. You can get up to base + 75 if you train and prove weekly proof of training. Please post the thread yourself - see the first post for instructions on how to. Declined - the +40 roll bonus you get as a Captain factors in your experience and etc. +10. Please post the thread yourself - see the first post for instructions on how to. Approved, base rank + 15, diminishing by -5 each week unless you make a concerted effort to retain training (see http://sstrp.net/index.php?/topic/1410-anni-jarvinen-fitz-base-15/). Please post the thread yourself - see the first post for instructions on how to. Approved, base rank +10, up to a maximum of +20 with training. Please post the thread yourself - see the first post for instructions on how to. +5 per week of doing it, up to a maximum of +15. Please post the thread yourself - see the first post for instructions on how to. Approved, base rank + 15, diminishing by -5 each week unless you make a concerted effort to retain training (see http://sstrp.net/index.php?/topic/1410-anni-jarvinen-fitz-base-15/). Please post BOTH threads yourself - see the first post for instructions on how to. Hugo only has a -10 debuff instead of the usual -50 given his former experience as a marine - but noting the fact that he no longer does MI work day to day.
  8. Recruit: +0 Private: +5 Private First Class: +10 Specialist (all ranks): +10 Lance Corporal: +15 Corporal: +20 Sergeant: +30 Staff Sergeant: +35 Technical Sergeant: +35 Master Sergeant (and above): +40 Member of the Marines: +15 Member of the Pathfinders: +100 Wearing Marauder Suit: +200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (200 septillion)
  9. Xalphox

    Derpytoast's 24hour ban appeal

    Did you say you were going to ban him if he didn't piss off? I'm reducing the ban at any rate to 12 hours - not to say Hazy is in the wrong at this point (because there is precedent for this - I banned TheLynch over it), but as it is a first and I think a night off is enough to send a message
  10. Name: The name of the character Reason: The reason why you think your character should receive a roll bonus on top of their base rank. Admins determine what your roll bonus will be. ANY admin can approve a roll bonus - they should appoint an appropriate bonus (in line with what others have received) and post a thread noting it, plus any conditions. Reply to this thread if you wish to apply for a bonus. Please post the threads yourself after approved - noting the roll bonus, who approved it, and why.
  11. Xalphox

    Young - Medic - +60

    +75 due to his previous affiliation as a Pathfinder - to decrease by 5 every week. Through hard training he may maintain a maximum of a +40. @Medic should biweekly provide proof if he wishes to maintain +40.
  12. Zaiger under @Tonic does not suffer the non-Mobile Infantry demerit Intelligence officers usually suffer due to her origins as a Mobile Infantry trained Marine.
  13. +25 for steroid abuse, experience, and a lifestyle focused on fitness.
  14. Hi all, It's been a while since I addressed the community and its direction - and with the Civil War coming to a close, a number of structural changes having been implemented, and a series of development now coming to maturity I feel these offer excellent opportunity to bring you all up to speed. END OF THE CIVIL WAR As is readily becoming apparent, we are fast approaching the conclusion of the Civil War - the storyline that has driven SSTRP since the start of 2018 following the loss of Earth and our subsequent betrayal by Erin O'Brien and the Sanctuary faction. To recap: we started as one of 7 factions - the Sixth Fleet, the scorned Centaurans, the separatist Draconians, the business-obsessed Confederation, as well as the Federal Unionists and Sanctuary. We quickly grew through the month of January, taking up several new holdings, almost exclusively through the power of diplomacy. We forged several alliances - some held, some broke. We convinced Iskander, "the Breadbasket of the Federation" and a prior bastion of pro-Federation civic virtue to join us - eventually, Iskander would become our capital. We fought our first major foe - the Draconians - as January came to a close. The duplicitous separatists who had themselves arranged a non-aggression pact chose to perfidiously invade our western borders. The Sixth Fleet sent a fleet of their own to respond, culminating in our first overwhelming victory of the war - a victory so powerful it convinced our easterly neighbours who already shared many of our values to enter into a formal union with us - eventually supplying our leader, General Danny Martin. Much of February was spent planet hopping through Draconian space, slowly but surely conquering and absorbing their empire into our own, titling ourselves "the Coalition", in appreciation of the multiple separate but equal entities that made us up. By March, we were a force to be reckoned with, controlling much of the south, and with this we set our sights northwards: it was inevitable that Sanctuary would eventually attack us, and force our otherwise cordial northerly neighbours the Confederacy to fold in or face annihilation: from there, our strategic goal was to convince the Confederacy that we, not Sanctuary, were the future of the Federation - and more importantly, that we had a realistic chance of coming up as victor, especially as it became evident that the other unionist faction - the Federal Unionists - were not long for this world. The Unionists knowing the inevitability of their defeat eventually decided to throw in the towel - ceding their unholdable territory to Sanctuary, whilst pledging the remainder of their fleet to the Coalition in return for safe passage. They also gave us another little gem in the form of intelligence: several councilmen, the politicians who made up the former Federation's supreme lawmaking authority, were being held on a remote planet within Sanctuary space. The Ulysses S. Grant - as the fastest, smallest and hardest to detect ship within the Coalition (or indeed the entire Federation) was dispatched into enemy territory to reclaim them. And reclaim them we did - however, this came with its own unique set of challenges: we had just claimed one of Sanctuary's prize possessions, and they wanted them back. Sanctuary assembled a task force of warships to sweep west to east - with the goal of hunting down and tightening the noose around the Grant. We did however escape that fate - we raided several Sanctuary planets, forcing Sanctuary to send task force ships to respond, stretching them thin. We knocked out their local communications relay within the region, reducing their ability to communicate and respond. We exploited their disarray and snuck past their line, making our way westwards across the entirety of Sanctuary's domain. As we made our way westwards, we were tasked with a special mission: Sanctuary were developing some sort of weapon on Epsilon Prime; we were tasked with capturing or destroying it. We discovered there that Sanctuary were working on Progenitor beam tech under the watchful instruction of Dr Przemek Lubomierz - a renowned if eccentric Federation scientist. We abducted him (though he didn't seem to mind an awful lot), recruiting him to develop weapons for us instead - and within a month, he had delivered a prototype. We eventually made our way back to Coalition space, where once again we focused on establishing an alliance with the Confederates. We had made some progress - impressing them with our ability to strike Sanctuary, to reclaim the Federation councillors, and our flexibility in negotiations to give them a better deal than Sanctuary were willing to offer. A summit was scheduled to take place on Iskander - our capital - to further explore terms. But whilst there disaster struck: our arch-foe the Progenitors reared their ugly head, with the goal of taking Iskander. After a long, hard fought battle, however, Lubomierz's device was weaponised and aimed at the Progenitor ark - delivering a blow hard enough to convince the Progenitors to abandon their desires on Iskander. Our victory - the first outright win in a battle between Progenitors and Humankind - was enough to convince the Confederates to join our alliance against Sanctuary: where there was 7, there was now only 2. This position means that we are poised for the final phase of the war - two factions must enter the ring, but only one will leave. There are two potential outcomes for us: a win scenario, and a lose scenario. This depends on the performance of the Coalition leadership as well as the individual actions of MI on the ground. The conclusion will be a three day campaign - though not for Sanctuary itself (as I would struggle to find enough material to fill it) but for a planet critical to both sides' interests in a sort of Crossing of the Rhine moment. @Orwell and @F r a n c o have kindly helped me launch our final death spiral this week whilst I have been away with Sanctuary's decision to blitzkrieg the Coalition. This will take place some time in May. WHAT COMES NEXT? Following the conclusion of the Civil War, the newly reformed Federation will refocus its efforts on humanity's real enemy at this current time: the Progenitors. I have a series of events as well as a pair of campaigns planned that will progress the story line the Progenitor's own promised demise - likely to take place some time around September (their one year anniversary). After this, we will return to developing some of the more traditional facets of the SST universe. I don't intend on spoiling the surprise - but long story short, we've already lined up a third major plot to succeed the Progenitors. NEW DEVELOPMENTS As mentioned above, there are a good 10-15 projects in the works right now. As a rule, I don't like to hype or mention these until they're reaching maturity, because let's face it: GMod projects often fall through. I am however pleased to say that there are at least a couple of projects that will come to the fore in the near future: NEW SCRIPT Whilst it's only been 6 months since SSTwoRP debuted, a number of faults and bugs have emerged and the original developer is unfortunately no longer in a position to help. A great shame - but there's no point crying over spilt milk. Many of you may have noticed @Gr4Ss's presence on server this past months: those of you who aren't aware, Gr4ss was a former SSTRPer from the better part of half a decade ago. In those five years since he has developed a reputation as a premier developer, especially within the Clockwork sphere where he is a strong contributor and a developer of the most popular plugins on the market. He has kindly agreed to work with us in order to develop a new schema tailored to modern day SSTRP - albeit with a few twists that should help us to push the server in a direction that is more rich, more complex, and where the your decisions and the decisions of the people around you are more consequential. We began closed testing amongst the admin team in March and are hoping to run a series of successive missions on the development server over April in order to properly put the script through its paces and to eliminate any bugs or causes of lag before we permanently go live with it. MORITA MK 3 I've hinted at it repeatedly ingame - but another development that is just about to reach the end of the pipeline is the Morita Mk 3. Shortly before I wrote this post the developer who was tasked with animating this handed it off for me to test - meaning all that remains is to bind this to CW. Much like the Mk 1, there are several variants of/attachments for the new rifle - suppressors, scopes/ironsights, as well as ammunition types (including a high powered round that sacrifices great recoil in return for high damage - perfect for those with the DMR scope!) and etc. This will likely debut towards the end of the Civil War. To begin with it will be made available top down until eventually it will likely be offered as an option to PFCs and above. It is unlikely to fully supplant the Mk 1 however. GRANT RETROFIT Another thing in the works right now is the first major retrofit of our ship - the Ulysses S. Grant. The bottom half of the ship is being completely revamped for this task, with a new scoop-style hangar, a new half-deck in between Habitation and the Cargo Bay, as well as a new armoury and new brig. The central reservation will likely be overhauled to feature a proper freight elevator, and the cafeteria area will be populated with some new rooms to encourage roleplay - besides a couple of free rooms, I am thinking a tattoo parlour and a dentist. More maintenance areas will be added. This will take place after the end of the Civil War. NEW TANKS @El Excellente is currently in the process of stripping and skinning a new tank entity over from Neurotec - these perform much better both in terms of lag and in terms of how they actually function ingame. It will also provide a good opportunity to put Neurotec to the test as this framework will also form the backbone of the later TACOPs gamemode. These should debut within the next month or thereabouts. MK III SAW Heavily WIP - but it will replace the Mk 2 as our SAW. Bear in mind that it is completely untextured right now - the red is just a modellers aid. I will intentionally be keeping this bare metal - this will be pure ironsights, and there won't be a scope for it (even if there is one in the movie). In terms of their gameplay role, they should not be effective at range - that's the job of regular infantry with their versatile long rifles. As a result, I will intentionally be keeping these bare metal - meaning ironsights with no scope. OTHER STRUCTURAL CHANGES MARINES ARE DISBANDED This is due to a multitude of reasons: 1. They often attract a type of player that are looking for an easy ride to power. These players then use their authority to interfere in the discipline of the MI as if they were legitimate Sergeants or NCOs. The history of the marines is littered with examples of this: I've personally killed three marine Specialists for challenging and trying to confront Larsen - a General. 2. They have no valid reliable role in the field: guarding HVTs is a rarity (<1 a month), and the plan to have them exclusively handle breaching actions detracts from the MI and is therefore a detriment to the server. 3. For them to perform these roles exclusively it would mean they'd need to be in-game 24/7 - which means they need high recruitment. But high recruitment for a division that does so little so rarely is a recipe for failure. If there are no marines on, would that mean we can't breach buildings (and therefore not deploy at all)? Of course not - the MI would do it. Which leads me on to my final point: everything they can do could and often is done by a regular infantry sergeant rounding up a posse. In their place, an as of yet unnamed investigative/prosecutor division made up of Military Intelligence Lieutenants will replace them. FFRL LEADERSHIP I'm tapping @El Excellente to manage FFRL as he already manages the wiki - and FFRL as a division are designed to enhance our canon (through the wiki).