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  1. Xalphox

    Texture problems

    pleased to hear - very very strange indeed.
  2. Xalphox

    Texture problems

    Best of luck. Workshop can be a cruel mistress.
  3. Xalphox

    Optic - MI Review

    Optic's three month tenure over the Mobile Infantry will be reviewed by the admin team. Should a 2/3rds majority not be satisfied, he may be removed and replaced with a successor. This does not affect the ability of the XAs to interject should they feel necessary.
  4. Xalphox

    Texture problems

    @El Excellente These are yours models right? Any thoughts? @Solitaire do you have the following addons in your garrysmod\garrysmod\addons folder?: mobile_infantry_uniforms_2.0_-_materials_1118501223.gma - 90MB mobile_infantry_uniforms_2.0_-_materials_part_1_1118501223.gma - 217MB mobile_infantry_uniforms_2.0_-_materials_part_2_1118523532.gma - 276MB mobile_infantry_uniforms_2.0_1118493015.gma - 308MB mobile_infantry_2.0_-_additional_uniform_materials_1284515946.gma - 257 MB If so, and if these file sizes match up, my suggestion given you've tried everything else would be to extract the materials addons : 1. Take the GMA and drag-and-drop it onto garrysmod\garrysmod\bin\gmad.exe; it'll extract it into an actual folder, legacy addon style). 2. If that still doesn't work, try dragging and dropping the contents (ie. materials) into your root garrysmod folder.
  5. Xalphox

    State of Affairs

    Hi all To assert - Pilotfish's successor will not be chosen by poll; it is not a popularity contest, it is about who would do best for the faction. I appreciate that Optic clearly has quite a following and that will be taken into consideration but ultimately the decision lies with us as admins to pick somebody who can best advance the interests of the MI and the server. Harvey (Pilotfish's XO and nominated successor) has stated that whilst he is happy to serve as interim leader (which I am thankful for) he is not enthusiastic at the prospect of taking up the role long term (not entirely surprising as it it a challenging role that comes with its own unique set of significant burdens - "it is lonely at the top"). That being said until such a time that a new MI lead is appointed, Harvey will have full authority over the Mobile Infantry. I will expect and insist that whoever succeeds him will honour Harvey's decisions (within reason). We'll probably make a decision on a permanent successor this Sunday. It is a tumultuous and disorderly time. Drama is an unfortunate inevitability in any GMod community - fundamentally there will always be conflicting interests. The truth of the matter is that this is the crescendo in a storm that has been brewing for some time, but I think this act of communal blood letting will prove to be cathartic. SSTRP works best when the admin team are on the same page, and I think if there is any silver lining to this scenario it is that we can now expect a staff team who are better aligned, more collaborative, and on the whole a more productive team who generate higher quality events more frequently. It is better we get our shop in order now rather than later as we have some significant plans for March (pending the completion of a handful of other, secret developments) similar in scale to the 2018 Civil War and the 2017-2018 Progenitor story arc. That is not to say I am not deeply grateful for the contributions made by Pilotfish et al. Their contributions over the last six months (especially Pilotfish's) should not be taken for granted nor diminished or devalued. I think we all owe them our thanks.
  6. me personally: (oy vey) Larsen: Brooker:
  7. Hi To prevent scenarios where funerals and whatnot take place and then have to be voided in the future, all PK appeals must be filed (ie. posted on this forum) within 24 hours of a PK having been issued. Appeals for PKs issued by admins may be reviewed by an XA; appeals for PKs issued by an XA will be reviewed by me; and (by convention) appeals for PKs issued by me will be reviewed by one of my XAs. The sole grounds for reversal of a PK is if you think it has been issued in error, or because you think it is patently unfair. Please review the topic below to see the criteria/guidelines we follow with regards to PKs:
  8. Xalphox

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    Discussed this with the XAs - we have agreed to sustain the appeal (with conditions) on a 2-1 vote. Stevenson would have spent the last 7 days in the tank, and will be soft TKed for the next 4 OOC days - 1 day will be spent confined to the medical bay, 3 days confined to the ship. It will come with substantial recovery challenges that @F r a n c o will probably detail, as pneumothorax is one of his hobbies.
  9. Xalphox

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    This is pretty key. Nobody has ever been PKed on SSTRP before distinctly because of a lack of OOC medics, or if they have it has never reached me. I would feel the same way in those circumstances too: it's not Stevie's fault or anybody else if no medics decide to attend an event. ICly the MI would never drop without medics. The exception to this is if there are medics, and the MI leadership allows them to be killed or incapacitated. But by your own admission it wasn't the operating and substantial cause of his death - the lack of medics were. That's on him, but again, the operating and substantial cause of his death were the lack of medics. If there were medics, he would have likely survived. Per your request I will put this to an XA vote amongst ourselves once Orwell and co are online later.
  10. Xalphox

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    @Pacer I am also told you administered medical care?
  11. Xalphox

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    As I understand it there were physically no medics on the server, however ICly the MI would never drop without medics on hand - they would have been there behind the scenes. If I had been on server with my medic Brooker I know I would have made a concerted effort to come to their aid, up to and risking death myself - I think many of my colleagues within the medical division would have done the same. 1. Does that not effectively mean the operating and substantial cause of his death is an OOC technicality? Is that not unfair? 2. If there had been medics there, would there have been anything substantial that would have hindered our ability to come to Stevenson's rescue?
  12. Xalphox

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    @Deckers inviting you to respond sweetie
  13. Xalphox


    he still is, it's as annoying for us as it is for him, but he can't be trusted with big boy posting privileges yet