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  1. Xalphox

    Memetard's unban app

    With the utmost respect to Argon I'm going to reduce this further and unban you now because I'm not a fan of how the ban was issued in the first place. I am not saying you were not in the wrong - you yourself have accepted that. I am stating that we also should have handled this better.
  2. Xalphox

    Faded - General Unban Request

    In light of that, the appeal is sustained.
  3. Xalphox

    Faded - General Unban Request

    I'll take responsibility for this appeal as it pertains to an XA. Sorry guys but I'm not reading the small novellas up there. 1. @Tonic why was Faded banned? I've been told it's because Faded suggested he was going to dox Sami, is this correct? If so, was it a malevolent malicious "I want to inflict harm on Sami" sort of threat or was it just a dumb thing to say? 2. how long was he banned, and is it from all SSTRP services, or just Discord? 3. @Faded once Tonic has replied clearly to (1) and (2) with clear concise answers, why do you think his decision is unreasonable? Simple (preferably single) sentence answers please gents - me no good with the big word.
  4. Xalphox

    Unban appeal

    Hi I issued the permaban after Cipher informed me that you had rolled below a 5 on a constitution roll and, thinking that we as admins couldn't check, proceeded to lie about it in a /report. As a matter of policy here at SSTRP you are responsible for your account and thus if it really were your brother then that unfortunately would not change the outcome. This is because we could not in any circumstance prove or disprove who was behind the screen and thus "it was my brother" would become a get out of ban free card. In addition to this I note that @Faded attests to the fact that you were in fact speaking in Discord right up until your PK which, respectfully, leads me to strongly doubt your version of the events. I am sceptical to unban proven liars even in the best of circumstances. These are not the best of circumstances. It is my viewpoint that the permanent ban should remain, though as always I shall defer to whatever XA decides to take up this appeal.
  5. Xalphox

    Ashley O'Dweyr PK Appeal

    This was dealt with on Saturday ad hoc. The feeling was that there was that Holtz was clearly treated preferentially.
  6. Xalphox

    Ashley O'Dweyr PK Appeal

    I didn't issue the PK?
  7. Xalphox

    Optic - MI review & selection

  8. Xalphox

    Shane Emmett - PK Appeal

    I disagree with this - he looked into the face of death for a minute and a half, and he chose to embrace it. I can think of no greater warning outside of flat out PMing him that he's about to get PKed. As is in real life: heroism, courage, stoicism and badassery buys you respect and prestige from your peers, but there is a cost: risk.
  9. Xalphox

    Shane Emmett - PK Appeal

    Emmett sassed my SSgt - who was in charge of the holding facility. The SSgt had him dragged out on to the retracting bridge that served as the entrance to the prison cells. The playerbase had seen the bridge retract, and they had heard or seen the train that traversed the space between it periodically. The SSgt began retracting the bridge. Emmett was given the opportunity of saying something humiliating (I can't recall exactly what - the point was to break his spirit), in which case the doors back into the holding cells would have been re-opened (my expectation). Instead he chose to call my bluff - instead sassing the Staff Sergeant a second time. He had over a minute before he was dumped on to the train tracks below. The 112th were scheduled to be executed the next day anyway and it is a later important plot point that the prison staff were criminally cruel. In short, he knowingly placed his character in peril, trading his security and safety for the opportunity to look like a bad-ass. Per long held principles around fault-based PKs at SSTRP: he knowingly imperilled his character, of his own volition, and he had fair warning in that he had the opportunity to recant and chose not to. MIPOD operatives aren't special - they are the lowest tier of psychic, hence why they are routinely sent into combat. They are little more valuable to the Federation than a competent trained Engineer or Medic. "What the Federation would do" isn't a valid argument because it wasn't the Federation; it was SSgt. Ross Mutton.
  10. Xalphox

    The Third Bug War

    Hi So with the finale tonight, we are now officially fugitives from Federal justice. This is a peculiar arrangement for a Starship Troopers server however this affords us the opportunity to build an engaging narrative without being hampered by the invulnerability that having the backing of a monolithic and near all-powerful Federation. It also means we can now The way things will work from here-in is that the MI and Fleet leadership will submit a weekly plan and a committee of us (primarily XAs right now) will determine the effect and consequences of said plan and instruct and advise the admin team on what sort of events to run that week. Leadership characters are no longer bound by Federal law, however their actions may lead to later IC consequences. They will no longer automatically receive any form of plot armour (however PK requests still need to go through the proper channels).
  11. Xalphox


    I think it'd save everybody including yourself an awful lot of frustration if you were to choose not to play here in the future.
  12. Xalphox

    New Height Rules

    Sorry to contradict but cutting out the "two admins" exemption because it wouldn't be hard to convince two admins around.
  13. Xalphox


    TUESDAY APRIL 16 2299 LARSEN TO FACE JUSTICE General Larsen, the war hero turned accused murderer, has formally been charged, and has arrived on Iskander to face a court-martial, or so the federal authorities announced last night. A military intelligence spokesman announced the following, "Following the death of a 19-year old active duty infantryman here in Iskander in February of this year, General Brian Charles Larsen has been indicted on a single charge of second-degree murder, although there are several other active investigations into a number of other unexplained deaths. General Larsen surrendered himself to federal authorities here on Iskander at roughly midday today. Noting the severe and capital nature of the offence, General Larsen will face a 5-officer general court-martial as soon as one can be convened. General Larsen may be a war hero, but no man is above the law, and justice must be served." It seems however that members of the public do not feel so strongly. A poll in this paper of our readers showed support for the General at 40-34, in support. Fig 1. a poll of our readers (14 April, 2298) The Sky Marshal's office refused to issue a statement. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dear Sirs, I am deeply concerned with media's hounding of Brian Larsen, a good, honest man who I had the honour of serving with. There is no finer public servant than General Larsen, and this political hit job, I fear solely designed to divert attention away from the Sky Marshal's appalling premiership, is most profoundly unfair, disgusting and dangerous. If General Larsen is found guilty the Sky Marshal will not only personally be betraying the man who propelled her into high office to begin with; indeed the whole-Federation will be collectively betraying the General. Colonel Jim 'Jimmy' Marsher (Ret.) ---- Dear Sirs, I served under the butcher, Larsen, and I must say I am delighted to hear that he is finally facing his comeuppance. There is no punishment fit for a monster like Larsen. May he rot in hell. Anonymous The Iskander Herald is a registered third party news vendor, authorized under docket number 161, and protected under section (6)(2) of the Iskander Accords, which permits a limited number of approved third party organisations the right to publish news independent of the Federal state. Any complaints should be directed to the Regulation of Press Committee, Federal Council, ISK SW1A 1AA
  14. Xalphox