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    My vasectomy

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    Unban Appeal

    Noting the contrition I am willing to be reasonable and offer you a second chance. You can be unbanned. The staff team will consider whether or not to keep you unbanned at the next series of admin meetings.
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    Forum & site issues

    Wiki is back.
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    Forum & site issues

    Hi all, Quick explanation regarding the site issues: I missed an invoice with the previous host (OVH) which led to the service being suspended - normally this isn't an issue and the service is reinstated instantaneously after the balance is paid (which it promptly was). However unfortunately the system they use that is responsible for suspending and reinstating VPSes went awry and corrupted/catastrophically broke our VPS. The last couple of days has been like pulling teeth as I went back and forth with their support, but finally I gained access to our data yesterday and have since moved us to a new provider. I'm condensing down the process a lot - but TL;DR it transpires copying MySQL databases from one server to another when (1) the source isn't running a mysql server and you have to use the actual files in /var/lib/mysql and (2) you can't actually access /var/lib/mysql is a slow and painful process. At the time of writing, the wiki isn't back yet - there's a few extra steps to getting this up (the WYSIWYG is a separate node service) but I'm hoping to get it up by the end of today, if not early tomorrow. The site will probably be slow for a day or two whilst the cache is built. Some people may still find that the site isn't working for up to 48 hours as the changes to the sstrp.net domain propagates across the internet (https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/domain-names/dns-nameserver-changes/domain-names-dns-changes), though for most it should be near instantaneous. Xalphox
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    Fleet Event

    EmptyEpsilon - Fleet Event - 2100 BST or 1600 EST
  6. MILKY WAY UNITES AGAINST PROGENITOR THREAT It has emerged today that humanity has an unlikely ally in its offensive against the Progenitor threat: the Arachnid and Skinnie empires. As Federal forces make headway into reclaiming the solar system, the arachnids and the skinnies have launched simultaneous offensives of their own against this intergalactic threat, opening fronts against the Progenitors over a dozen of their own planets, including Klendathu and Tophet. "The Progenitors must surely be feeling the pressure by now", said Sky Marshal Ortiz this morning. "And although we find ourselves in the unusual position of metaphorically fighting shoulder to shoulder with our once sworn enemies, there is nothing usual about the times, and they are absolutely right to recognise that the Progenitors pose a threat not only to just one species, but the entire galaxy." She explained that the Federation under her guidance had made contact with the Arachnids and the Skinnies, coordinating and negotiating to achieve an environment where the Progenitors find themselves fighting on multiple fronts. "Divide and conquer", she said.
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    day in life of sst admin

    this is a terrible shitpost
  8. Schedule Aug. 21 at 2100 BST/1600 EST: Briefing Aug. 21-26: Duration of the operation (aka all missions this week will relate to this) Fri Aug. 24-26: The main 3-day campaign
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    Alysia Harper

    Application + tech doc accepted and reviewed.
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    A question concerning Flamethrowers.

    At its core the separation of responsibilities. Marauders should be heavy/special weapons; engineers should be tech & explosives; medics should be medical; infantry should be everything else. The benefit to being Infantry is that it should be easier to rank up and find yourself in a leading role whereas engineers/medics/marauder NCOs would need to be exceptional to offset against their divisional responsibilities. Also having 3 flamethrowers, 2 miniguns and an array of other special battlefield-levelling weapons on drops as a mission runner was annoying.
  11. CARMEN ORTIZ, GOVERNOR OF ISKANDER, FORMALLY CONFIRMED AS 56TH SKY MARSHAL AT FIRST MEETING OF FEDERAL COUNCIL SINCE CIVIL WAR. Carmen Ortiz, the former Fleet Admiral, governor of Iskander, and figurehead of the Coalition during the Civil War, has been unanimously confirmed as Sky Marshal by the Federal Council, receiving the backing of not only her party but also the major opposition parties, at the first convening of the Federal Council since the fall of Terra. SM Ortiz: Thank you. I am truly humbled by this great honour, convened on this great day, by this great council of men and women, of whom hail from all corners of this great Federation. The loss of Earth and the internal strife that has ensued has hit everyone hard: from the ruins of Faraway to the farms of Iskander; there is sparsely anyone who has not lost a mother, or a father, or a son, or daughter, or in some terrible cases a combination of the above, to this civil war that has very nearly consumed us. Note that when I speak of the civil war, I speak in the present tense. For whilst active hostilities have ceased, fractures remain in the foundations of our society, and until those are repaired, the civil war can only said to be temporarily suspended, not concluded. As the victors, we have a responsibility to the defeated - on the whole, men and women who dutifully fought for what they thought was right, proper, in many occasions what they thought was the Federation. Thus, effective immediately, I am offering a general amnesty to those who fought against us, except where other crimes were committed, should they swear their allegiance to the Federation and this great council, and agree to enlist or re-enlist with the federal armed services for no less than a two year term. During the campaign, I promised that we would retake Earth whatever the cost, and that is precisely what I intend to do. As we speak, the groundwork is being laid for a prolonged operation to retake our homeworld - with ships assembling from across the galaxy to form the largest armada in the history of the human race, ranging from the largest of warships to small re-purposed pleasure yachts. We will drive the Progenitors from our shores, our planet, indeed from our very galaxy, back into the dark void whence they came. No sacrifice too great, no challenge too difficult... we will anoint our new Federation with the blood and viscera of our enemies.
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    Arkady Mikhailovich Zuykov

    Approved as an Officer-Cadet (rank OCdt). Pick a topic of your choice to write a tech doc on - it should be around a page's worth of content, fleshing out a Fleet technical topic of your choice. It can be completely made up so long as it sound sensible/plausible and doesn't directly conflict with existing content.
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    Sabine Bilodeau

    Approved as an Officer-Cadet (rank OCdt). Pick a topic of your choice to write a tech doc on - it should be around a page's worth of content, fleshing out a Fleet technical topic of your choice. It can be completely made up so long as it sound sensible/plausible and doesn't directly conflict with existing content.
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    pk appeal

    ur already hitting all og us with the special, it just too special to realise