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    SST Mod for MOWAS2

    > DiplexHeated Yeah, that's gonna be a pass from me, dawg.
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    FOOD CRISIS WORSENS! The Federal Council convened at Geneva yesterday to admit - reluctantly - that food production in the Federation is at an all-time low. A spokesperson for the various Federal agricultural and food supply groups had this to say: "We understand fully the crisis facing the Federation at this time. However, with the loss of Centennia during Operation Bread Basket, and now the fall of New Montana three weeks ago, the heart of our food supply has been crippled. Food production is down almost 70% from two years ago. And with the continuing mounting losses in the war and the general attrition of our worlds against the Arachnids and other foes, we cannot further stress how trying a time this is. We need our fighting men and women to come through for us. If they don't, the Federation will starve to death in the next two years." Colonial Administrations on the fringe parts of the Federation have already declared states of emergency for the growing food crisis. Government officials backed up by Colonial police and defense forces have begun ration programs to feed its populations. Despite the shortage, citizens and civilians are making do with what they can find. On the lush garden world of Chickamauga, Governor Greg Sorenson has declared open season on the native wildlife. Already hungry civilians and citizens are feeding themselves off the land, organically and healthily. "We assured the population that the fauna is safe to eat, as long as you avoid the brightly colored ones," Governor Sorenson stated earlier today. "We believe firmly that the Federation will come back from this crisis, if you can call it one. To face facts quite bluntly, humanity's destiny is to live off the land that God gave us. And God gave us an entirely Galaxy to live off of. We would be fools not to take advantage of that." And even so, Federation research stations are already hard at work at creating mass-reproducible food items that can feed the people of the Federation. Doctor Jake Farnesworth (University of Mars) in a press conference early this week stated, "Our scientists and research teams are close to finding a solution to this food crisis. Now, whether we are eating paste off the walls or devouring bugs wholesale to satiate our hunger is to be seen. But rest assured we have a solution coming. And I guarantee whatever it is, we can feed both the Federal armed forces and our people back home with some room for seconds." ARE YOU A FARMER OR DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE SKILLED IN AGRICULTURE OR ANIMAL HUSBANDRY? REPORT TO YOUR NEAREST FEDERAL RECRUITING DEPOT FOR ASSIGNMENT IN TASKS SUCH AS: - HYDROPONICS RESEARCH - XENOBOTANY - XENOBIOLOGY WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE? How should the Federation deal with the food crisis at home? Leave your comments below!
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    Victor Von Klauster [KIA 01/11/2299]

    Hey it's the Austrian guy.
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    New OffDuty Model - Opinions Needed

    where are the sleeveless MI troop models
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    War Chart

    Don't look at me, I never agreed with Seps as a faction in the first place.
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    I mean, if you think about it we are the new generation fore SSTRP

    It sucks that I'm pretty much the last of my generation.