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    Applications of interest, Status: OPEN

    --- APPLICATION - - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: TOGII Steam I.D.:STEAM_0:1:39220291 Length of time on the Server: Four days Length of time RPing: Twelve years, over multiple platforms. Time-Zone: EST How active are you?: On mostly in the evenings during weekdays, weekends I will be on all throughout the day. - What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: During the most recent excursion into a hive the first platoon came across a brain bug. This brain bug, after being fired upon proceeded to mentally and psychically decimate the platoon. During the agony of this happening something awoke within Johann Clauswitz, causing him afterwards to have frequent, foreign almost nightmarish visions of sights he has no way of understanding or even comprehending. This has caused him great distress and has refused to sleep due to the fear of these night-terrors in his mind. Through this he has sought out the help from his CO and NCO, as-well as the ships medical crew to understand whatever is wrong with him. Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities?: Johann stopped, looking about as his gut churned suddenly. Looking around his face would turn pale as he leaned heavily upon nearby wall, his eyes squeezed tight as his mind was bombarded by an overwhelming feeling of dread about a future hallway, the sight of burning flesh, screams echoing throughout his mind as he sees some figure clad in separatist garb wielding a flamethrower of some sorts unleashes a burning wall of destruction down the narrow chokepoint of a hallway. Letting out a heavy breath he’d stand up clenching his rifle tightly as he took a few deep breaths, turning to the Corporal of his fireteam, saying in between heavy gasps of air and with an almost manic tone. “The hallways hold fire, blood and destruction for us...Beware those that are narrow for they will lead to our undoing…” --- - IC Section - Name: Johann Clauswitz Age: Twenty-Five D.O.B.: Sex: Male Physical Description: He stands at a slightly below average 5’9|His eyes are a almost dullish blue (Currently with dark circles around and under his eyes|Currently has a haggard, overly tired look on his face, stubble growing unmanaged across his chin and jawline.|His uniform is still immaculately clean pressed and spotless.|His build could be described as athletically built, with broad shoulders.| - If Applicable - Current Rank: Private Education History: Masters of Ancient Indo-European Histories with a minor in ancient Theology and Philosophy. Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: Employed at Zurich University as a replacement professor in Philosophy and ancient Theology. Service Record: Joined the Mobile Infantry around four months before his service aboard the Grant. --- --- ---