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  1. I won't be on for about a month because the internet there is fucking terrible, And i'm too fucking poor to get my own internet there, so i guess I'll see you guys later this year...so lets make this evening a good one that i will remember.
  2. I seen them in battle so i follow in their footsteps. " " - Pvt. Keith T. Maxwell's motto Theme: Basic Information Name:Keith T Maxwell Place of Birth:Shoreridge III Date of Birth: August, 14, 2278 Age:21 Gender: Male Height:5"11 Physical Description: Weight:233 Lbs. Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Blue Military Information Rank:Private Branch:M.I Date of Enlistment: mid June or early July ( I truly forgot when I joined) Years of Service: 0 Service Record:N/A Personal Information Family:None Backstory: WIP Characteristics: Sharp intelligent Heavy drinker Strengths & Weaknesses: Strengths: coordinates with others to hold ground, Watches the platoons 6 at some times Weaknesses: Always falls behind and need to be called on to catch up. Other Information: WIP Personal Relationships (just Tag your character here so i can give the relationship) Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated Intercepted audio diaries Personal entry #1:Just wondering about them...
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