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  1. NorseTheNomad

    Aaron Holtz: "Dad" Of the MI

    Tzipora Bronson
  2. NorseTheNomad

    Fleet Roster

    also Mina Ren dead as hell
  3. NorseTheNomad

    Fleet Roster

    Ens. James Norse in TAC as well
  4. NorseTheNomad

    PFO and talking to people about time

    Thank you Xal, very cool
  5. NorseTheNomad

    PFO and talking to people about time

    Alright, I do see what you mean. I was aware it was going to take place, but I was unaware when exactly until it was too late. I do understand the time constraint
  6. NorseTheNomad

    Charlie Scott

  7. Hey. I was recently signed up to do a PFO. I was kind of excited. A few days pass, I hear nothing. Suddenly, in the middle of school, I’m told it starts in an hour, and my entire thing of wanting to do it, is ruined, because the person running the mission didn’t take 2 minutes to ask what times I’m available. Not sure who is running it, but please all those who do these things. Just ask when we are available. It’s not hard, it’s really not. Reschedule a few hours later, and I would be fine. Sincerely, Me
  8. NorseTheNomad

    Tzipora ‘Action’ Bronson

    Added and did updates on relationship format
  9. NorseTheNomad

    William Saint-Claire

    update zipper
  10. NorseTheNomad

    Sarah Redbrick

    Tzipora Bronson
  11. NorseTheNomad

    Tzipora ‘Action’ Bronson

    It is done ye shits
  12. NorseTheNomad

    Carson 'Fox' Sawyer

    Hartwick is a Hartbreaker
  13. NorseTheNomad

    Otis Wade

    Minimal effort achieved
  14. NorseTheNomad

    Combat Engineer Rules & Regulations

    New Schema weapon usage update Mk. 4 M55 Ventilator Belcher Pistols Mk. 3 (if you really want to) Explosives (If your certed)