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    Tzipora ‘Action’ Bronson

    Tzipora Bronson. Theres a T in there but thats silent. " " -Tzipora Bronson Main Theme Basic Information Name: Tzipora Angelica Bronson Place of Birth: четверть (Chetvert'), mining town owned by Sarns Industries on Sarns III Date of Birth: 5/15/2272 Age: 26 Gender: Female Height: 5'8" Physical Description: A five foot eight woman with a large muscular physique, landing her around 163 Lbs. A large scar starts at the base of her skull and winds its way down her spine, with a tattoo of the Sarns system being drawn following the scar. The sun is displayed in all of its glory across her shoulder blades, and Sarns III being displayed on the beginning vertebrae of her lumbar. 6 planets are found in the system, with a gas giant taking up her lower back. She has darkish skin and a prominent nose, a slight jewish accent accentuates her speech. She possesses brown hair and blue eyes, the eyes coming from her fathers side. She is a mixture of Russian and Jewish decent, due to the nature of her living situation on Sarns III. Her legs are well defined and she has a body fat ratio of about 18%. She keeps her back upright at almost all times, a side effect of physical therapy for her spine as she had to keep it straight for proper healing. Weight: 163 Lbs. Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Blue Military Information Rank: TSgt. Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: 12/28/2298 Years of Service: Roughly 1/2 Service Record: Work gets done quickly and efficiently, with little to no mistakes. Nothing too noteworthy as of yet besides her skill in the field with engineering being superb. Personal Information Family: Aleksander Bronson (Father) Asher Bronson (Brother) Elijah Bronson (Brother) Tzitta Bronson (Mother) Yiska "Jessica" Bronson (Sister) Backstory: Hailing from the mining colony of Sarns III, Tzipora was born into a small Jewish community in the town of Chetvert' or 'Quarter'. Her goal in life was to get good grades, and so she worked as hard as possible to allow herself to get some sort of scholarship from the mining companies for college on another planet. With the colony being for mining and resource gathering there was no college there, and her dreams of living a different life on other worlds had to be fulfilled elsewhere. She worked her way up until she got what she needed and took an associates in Archaeology and a major in Crop Management. After about two years of college she got into a car accident, and at the age of 20 was paralyzed from the waist down, and her fine motor skills destroyed in her arms and hands. She spent the next two years getting her Major, but was still confined to a wheelchair. She then started a small tutoring business to raise money for her spinal surgery, and with help from her family she was able to meet that goal. After that she had much physical therapy and soon, her idea of getting citizenship. With that she would have much more free roam in terms of jobs, which can net her a nice home somewhere. So with her wits and proper muscle function, she joined the MI and plans either on a short tenure, or a career. Characteristics: A very serious woman on the field. She keeps her head steady and is quick to react to problems that arise. Off Duty she is very much into either studying like a fucking nerd or serving drinks at the bar. She keeps to herself unless people talk to her, then she very much turns into a chatterbox. Strengths & Weaknesses: Is an efficient worker, getting a job done before being requested or was merely hinted at. But she is also doubtful of herself to some capacity and is very much an unforgiving person when someone wrongs her personally. She does not easily forget. Vengeful and violent, this could lead her down a bad path. She is also introverted, and tends to keep to herself to either study or do work. Other Information: Ethnicity is a mixture of Russian and Jewish roots, with an emphasis on the Jewish upbringing. She doesn’t much celebrate the faith but more of sticks with what she was raised with. Kinda introverted. Log Book Because Why The Fuck Not? Personal Relationships Loved| Attracted | Respected | Great Friends | Friends | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated
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    Artyom Kholvok - Russia's BFG

    This is a good time
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    APPROVED See one of the instructors for your patches and introduction into Engineering. Welcome aboard
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    Aaron Holtz: "Dad" Of the MI

    Tzipora Bronson
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    Fleet Roster

    also Mina Ren dead as hell
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    Fleet Roster

    Ens. James Norse in TAC as well
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    PFO and talking to people about time

    Thank you Xal, very cool
  8. Hey. I was recently signed up to do a PFO. I was kind of excited. A few days pass, I hear nothing. Suddenly, in the middle of school, I’m told it starts in an hour, and my entire thing of wanting to do it, is ruined, because the person running the mission didn’t take 2 minutes to ask what times I’m available. Not sure who is running it, but please all those who do these things. Just ask when we are available. It’s not hard, it’s really not. Reschedule a few hours later, and I would be fine. Sincerely, Me
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    PFO and talking to people about time

    Alright, I do see what you mean. I was aware it was going to take place, but I was unaware when exactly until it was too late. I do understand the time constraint
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    Charlie Scott

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    Tzipora ‘Action’ Bronson

    Added and did updates on relationship format
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    William Saint-Claire

    update zipper
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    Sarah Redbrick

    Tzipora Bronson
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    Tzipora ‘Action’ Bronson

    It is done ye shits
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    Carson 'Fox' Sawyer

    Hartwick is a Hartbreaker
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    Otis Wade

    Minimal effort achieved
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    Combat Engineer Rules & Regulations

    New Schema weapon usage update Mk. 4 M55 Ventilator Belcher Pistols Mk. 3 (if you really want to) Explosives (If your certed)
  18. Update Bronson, if that’s even feasible
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    APPROVED See me when you need catching up TSgt. Tzipora Bronson
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    Bradley Tanner

    updoot my rank ya dingus
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    Amanda Winters - Explosive Widow

    Updated how it looks, what about the peeps?
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    SST Quotes Thread

    After a mission where a Lance flew half the platoon to near death into a bridge [BROADCAST] 2Lt. Ivanovna Von Degurechaff: Alright! Thank you for making this mission an success! First Platoon, you're starting to show me that you guys can be more than mediocre!
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    New Possible Squad System

    I was kinda against the idea but this, this has made it viable