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    Welcome back! ❤️
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    I have returned!

    Welcome back!
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    James Wilkins

    RIP 💔
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    Federal PX

    Name: Harth, Veronika Rank: Private First Class (Pfc.) Item(s) requested: Civilian Outdoors Sleeping Bag (x1) Notepad (x2) Colored Pencils Set (x1) Pencil Sharpener (x1)
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    Veronika Harth

    Added! Updated Wilkins @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz
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    William Saint-Claire

    Pfc. Veronika Harth
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    Jodie Cutter

    Pfc. Veronika Harth!
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    Veronika Harth

    Added! I'll be adding some backstory as well to my character if any of you are interested as well! Will notify when completed!
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    Veronika Harth

    Only if you add me first (joking I’ll get to it soon)
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    Veronika Harth

    Added. Will fix with colors and the like once I get home from work since mobile is pretty glitchy!
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    Veronika Harth

    Added :3
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    Veronika Harth

    Personal Information Name: Veronika Harth Age: 20 Sex: Female Origin: France, Europe, Terra Eye Colour: Silver Hair Colour: Dark Brown Height: 5'6" Build: Athletic Family: Father - Andrew Harth - Ex-Fleet (Alive) Mother - Elienor Harth - Ex-Fleet. (Alive) Brother (Older) - Jacob Harth - Mobile Infantry (Alive) Brother (Older) - Oliver Harth - Fleet (Alive) Sister (Younger) - Cher Harth - High School (Alive) Brother (Younger) - Tyson Harth - High School (Alive) ---------------------------------------------------------- Military Information Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry Unit: 1st Platoon - Vickers' Villians, Alpha Company, 112th Battalion Rank: Private First Class (Pfc.) Length Of Service: <1 Year Service Record: Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. Training: Mobile Infantry Recruit Training (Bootcamp), Grenadier Training (First Level) Known Injuries: Plasma Burns - Torso (Recovered) Dislocation - Knee (Crutches) Awards/Achievements N/A ---------------------------------------------------------- Relationships Loved | Close Friend | Friend | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated | Despised MSpc. Patrick Stevenson: @StevieJr “Stevie’s a veteran. He looks middle aged but I don’t think he’s too old... that will be a good question! Anyways, Stevie was there when I first got on the Grant too. He showed me his cool great sword and everything! From there he always watched out for me. We’ve had many conversations so I think I can call him a pretty solid friend.” Spc. William Saint-Claire: @Silent “I’ve seen Saint-Claire maybe once or twice usually on drops prior to the campaign; he’s pretty alright from what I’ve seen and is relatively friendly! Once I got injured by a plasma burn he was the one to patch me up! But, this all changed when he betrayed me with Nora! I’d still consider him a friend. For now (frowny face)." LCpl. Apukohai Tyberos: @Heresiarch Grimm "We talked a little bit around the fire after day one, but met him again before we launched day two. We were talking about the different kind of progs and the like. He also shed light how I'm stuck in service for an indefinite period instead of the original two years I planned to do. I like him and wish we could get a few more conversations in cause he's a cool kid!" Sgt. Jodie Cutter: @Gazza "I met her on my first drop as she was my team lead. Bronson and her gave me useful advice and I look up to her as my main mentor and I deeply respect her especially after her leadership during the campaign. I hung out with her prior to the campaign and brought her some treats while she was recovering in the med bay as we talked for a bit. She has a nice husky named... moon? No... Luna! I want to see a picture when I talk to her next and truly make a friend!" Cpl. Lowell Hartwick: @nikb "I met him when I first arrived on the Grant from bootcamp. We talked for a bit with a few others and I relatively enjoyed his presence. He's been one of my many mentors on the battlefield; usually being in command of my team or 2ic for many of the drops I've been on. I want to talk to him more after this campaign and get to know him more!" Sgt. Vito "Dom" Dominiko: @rarewatch "One of the few I originally met on my first day on the ship. He introduced me to a lot of people and taught me the basics somewhat. I'd consider him a mentor on and off the battlefield and I want to befriend him! So far in the campaign he's been there and there and I appreciate his presence!" Spc. Lorenzo Bianchi: @Centrix "A medic I've seen on a few drops that I've been on with him. He seems like a great guy. Great medic too. I just wish I found more chances to talk to him and make another friend!" The Deceased or Missing Template by @Gazza
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    Tzipora Bronson

    Pvt. Viktoria Harth :3
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    Chiyuki Asahi

    Private Veronika Harth