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    Katherine Anderson

     WORK IN PROGRESS Basic Information Name: Katherine Anderson Place of Birth: Roku San Date of Birth: March 19th Age: 18 Gender: Female Physical Description: Height: 5’4” Weight: 115 lbs Hair colour: Black - Dark Brown Eye colour: Grey Military Information Rank: Private First Class (Pfc.) / Third Specialist (3Spc.) Branch: M.I.P.O.D. (Military Intelligence) Date of Enlistment: March 21st Years of Service: > 1 Year Service Record: Introductionary Psychic Operative Training, Combat Life Saver Personal Information Family: Backstory: Characteristics: Strengths & Weaknesses: Other Information: Personal Relationships Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Veronika Harth  Physical Age: 20 Race: White/Caucasian Gender: Female Eye Color: Silver/Grey Hair Color: Dark Brown Height: 5’6” Weight: 135 lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: Corporal (Cpl.) Educational History: High School Diploma, Mobile Infantry Bootcamp, Grenadier Specialization (Level 1,2, & 3), Support Gunner (Level 1 & 2) Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: Cafe Barrista Service Record: Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. > Cpl. OOC: Character's College Explanation: N/A Server Time: 80+ Hours Roleplay History: A few years on Star Wars/Clone Wars RP
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    <//: After Action Report :\\>

    //: Drop Lead: Cpl. Veronika Harth //: Second In Command: LCpl. Angela Clark //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: LCpl. John Williams Orange Team: Sgt. Sarah Redbrick (Recovery Squad) //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Pfc. Shane Emmett - Psychic Backlash //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: N/A //: Mission Summary: Go down to Kredia to respond to a distress call by researchers, pirates attacking, finding an artifact of sorts. We land in a very foggy location, venturing South West as ordered to stumble upon contacts. Taking care of the pirates, we move closer and come up onto the artifact. As we set up a perimeter while awaiting MOBCOMM's response we were knocked unconscious. [Plug In Dream Sequence] We awoke in the hills of Gallagher's Point, the center of the planet, where we were caught up in a war zone. We were received by the PDF and brought to HQ for evacuation.
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    weapon menu problems

    Trying having only your hands and not any weapon. Then disable third person mode. Once you’re in first person mode take out your weapon and hold to do the weapon menu! Try that!
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    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    Cpl. Veronika Harth
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    F.F.R.L Roster.

    Name: Aeliya Laufer Rank: Chief Petty Officer (CPo.) Field of Study: Xenostudies
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    Veronika Harth

    Personal Information Name: Veronika Harth Age: 20 Sex: Female Origin: France, Europe, Terra Eye Colour: Silver Hair Colour: Dark Brown Height: 5'6" Build: Athletic Family: Father - Andrew Harth - Ex-Fleet (Alive) Mother - Elienor Harth - Ex-Fleet. (Alive) Brother (Older) - Jacob Harth - Mobile Infantry (Alive) Brother (Older) - Oliver Harth - Fleet (Alive) Sister (Younger) - Cher Harth - High School (Alive) Brother (Younger) - Tyson Harth - High School (Alive) Character Backstory ---------------------------------------------------------- Military Information Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry Unit: 1st Platoon - Vickers' Villians, Alpha Company, 112th Battalion Rank: Private First Class (Pfc.) Length Of Service: <1 Year Service Record: Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. > Cpl. > Pfc. Training: Mobile Infantry Recruit Training (Bootcamp), Grenadier Training (Third Level), Support Gunner Training (Second Level), Combat Lifesaver (Basic), and Combat Engineering (Sapper) Known Injuries: Plasma Burns - Torso (Recovered) Dislocation - Knee (Recovered) Laceration - Right Arm (Recovered) Awards/Achievements N/A Photos ---------------------------------------------------------- Relationships Loved | Close Friend | Friend | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated | Despised Sgt. Benjamin Taylor: @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz "I met him at the bar when he first arrived and talked a bit. Then I saw him in the mess hall and stole his chips! I still can’t believe he actually cooked those goodies up still... I need to talk to him more to analyze his hug ability!” "I've come to be attracted to him... he's given me a person that I can talk to whenever I have problems or just want to relieve stress. He's a great guy honestly, but I don't want to get too attached..." LCpl. Apukohai Tyberos: @Heresiarch Grimm "We talked a little bit around the fire after day one, but met him again before we launched day two. We were talking about the different kind of progs and the like. He also shed light how I'm stuck in service for an indefinite period instead of the original two years I planned to do. I like him and wish we could get a few more conversations in cause he's a cool kid!" "I gave him his gift; a sleeping bag. He's grown on me and I can rely on him as one of my friends." MSpc. Tzipora Bronson: @NorseTheNomad "She's been there since day one for me. She's one I'd consider a friend of mine and we can chat for a while. She's also my Hug-fu master and has taught me a lot. We've had out conflicts; The Great Hug War. But, other then that I just want to hug her!" Sgt. William Saint-Claire: @Silent “I’ve seen Saint-Claire maybe once or twice usually on drops prior to the campaign; he’s pretty alright from what I’ve seen and is relatively friendly! Once I got injured by a plasma burn he was the one to patch me up! But, this all changed when he betrayed me with Nora! I’d still consider him a friend. For now (frowny face)." Sgt. Lowell Hartwick: @nikb "I met him when I first arrived on the Grant from bootcamp. We talked for a bit with a few others and I relatively enjoyed his presence. He's been one of my many mentors on the battlefield; usually being in command of my team or 2ic for many of the drops I've been on. I want to talk to him more after this campaign and get to know him more!" "He's been mentoring me a bit more and teaching me the ways. Haven't talked to him as of late though..." Sgt. Vito "Dom" Dominiko: @rarewatch "One of the few I originally met on my first day on the ship. He introduced me to a lot of people and taught me the basics somewhat. I'd consider him a mentor on and off the battlefield and I want to befriend him! So far in the campaign he's been there and there and I appreciate his presence!" "He's been the main teacher for me as I've been promoted to Lance Corporal. He's been guiding me and I appreciate it a lot. Good guy." Pfc. Valerie Faust: @Randynand "I first met Faust when I was strolling the hallways of the ship before meeting her outside the barracks! We talked and I found out she’s a very huggable person! And then we talked by the memorial and I just broke down by her side... she’s helped me process it and gave me some advice... She’s been friendly to me and I think we can be good friends! " Pfc. Chiyuki Asahi: @Arrow "Been my combat mentor since my first drop. He's taught me a lot of things especially how us 112th always seem to end up crashing from our drop ships and or just getting deployed in some of the most strangest and deadliest places. We survived the campaign and I think he's a great guy! I haven't seem him as of late though... I need him to accept a hug!" Maj. Sebastian Bently: @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz "I first met the Major late at night at the firing range and got him to train me as a Grenadier. We then talked at the bar and he even got me to try his water, scotch! Nasty stuff to be honest. He’s helped talk me over Pat and things... even offered me a breather! He’s a caring and good man regardless if he doesn’t think so himself. " MCPo. Amanda Whitfield: @Eternal Light "A Fleet I've met when I first got here and visited the bar! She's always been friendly to me and has shared my dreams in total domination of the Federation in the name of apple juice! Truly the classiest and delicious drink ever! I think if I talked to her some more and hung out with her one one more we could get pretty close!" MSgt. Jodie Cutter: @Gazza "I met her on my first drop as she was my team lead. Bronson and her gave me useful advice and I look up to her as my main mentor and I deeply respect her especially after her leadership during the campaign. I hung out with her prior to the campaign and brought her some treats while she was recovering in the med bay as we talked for a bit. She has a nice husky named... moon? No... Luna! I want to see a picture when I talk to her next and truly make a friend!" LCpl. Oliver Graham: @Silent "I'll be honest... he's a weird one. I've maybe met this type of 'character', if you would call it that, maybe once or twice before in high school. Those bookish people that seem to recite everything from their head and can't sense social airs! Well am I going to blame him for it? No no no, of course not. He's been getting better and has -talked- more normal and I think if I talked and hung out with him so more I could fix it and make a good friend!" Spc. Lorenzo Bianchi: @Centrix "A medic I've seen on a few drops that I've been on with him. He seems like a great guy. Great medic too. I just wish I found more chances to talk to him and make another friend!" The Deceased or Missing Template by @Gazza
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    OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: Minyari STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:43774133 SERVER TIME: 80 Hours (Since the start of January) ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: 2 Years ~ MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: CLS Certified AVAILABILITY: Everyday CHARACTER COUNT: LCpl. Veronika Harth IC SECTION NAME: ANDERSON, KATHERINE D AGE: 18 RACE: Caucasian SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 125 lbs BLOOD TYPE: O- RANK: Pfc./3Spc. LEVEL OF EDUCATION: High School Dipolma CRIMINAL RECORD: Misdemeanor (x1), Public Drinking (x1) MEDICAL RECORD: N/A DATE OF ENLISTMENT: July 10th, 2998 
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    Applications of interest, Status: OPEN

    --- APPLICATION - - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: Minyari Steam I.D.: STEAM_0:0:43774133 Length of time on the Server: About a four weeks. Length of time RPing: Five Years Time-Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST) How active are you?: Everyday - What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: Katherine Anderson grew up a normal daughter with her parents both being Citizens and serving their time within the Mobile Infantry. During her pre-teen years, puberty starting, she had a flash of memories whenever she touched an object every once a while An example being when she touched a door knob, the remote control, etc. She quickly panicked from the mental strain and told her parents which lead to a psychic exam. After an examination it would be noted within her medical record that she was a confirmed psychic and if she chose to serve she should be used in that capability. Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities?: It was a her last final in High School before graduation. Cramming in as much knowledge as she could the night before had cause quite a lack of sleep. Staring blankly at the booklet she flipped open the first page, biting down on her lips in worry. 'Oh. A math problem?' Staring at the complex algebraic equation she was to solve for X. Within a few seconds she had already calculated the answer! Next portion. History. 'Easy!' Her conscious turning off and going into an auto pilot-like mode as her brain searched through those hundreds of text book pages for the right information before answering the questions. Checking the scores the following day she had practically aced every section of the final and took a breath of relief! (Okay for now an actual MI-related situation) First platoon had been deployed down to a separatist hold out to retrieve an HVT or collect intelligence to track further black market selling of military-grade goods. The platoon traversed the tree ridden forrest and quickly made it within sight of the compound. A thin, rusted fence that covered the perimeter of the concrete bunker that presumably lead to an underground! Sighting two gate guards a fire team patrolling the exterior of the fence the platoon's marksmen swiftly took out the gate guards, with the rest taking out the fire team. Anderson being called up to the body of what seemed to be the 'officer' of the team and was ordered to extract any possible memory of the man of the underground compound. Complying she took off her grey mittens and placed her hand on the man's bear skinned neck. Her eyes closed tightly as visions of the man came into view. Her facial expressions painful and grim, blood beginning to trickle from her nose, while keeping focus on the task at hand. Exploring the man's memory that located the HVT's office and the pathway she quickly broke away, breathing heavily as she dried the blood with her handkerchief before mapping out the complex for the drop lead. (naturally rolls and the like would contribute to the scenario at hand.) --- - IC Section - Name: Katherine Anderson Age: 18 D.O.B.: September 21st Sex: Female Physical Description: A dark haired caucasian woman that stood at about five feet and five inches. Her gray eyes mostly void of life with little facial expression to match it. Her uniform is worn messily, but matches every other trooper to her left and right. - If Applicable - Current Rank: Private First Class (Pfc.) Education History: High School Diploma Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: N/A Service Record: Recruit Training (Boot Camp), Psychic Training (Into) --- --- ---
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    Moving Onward, for better or worse.

    Even though I only talked with you a bit IC. You lead my squad during the operation and I will cherish those moments you were present. You were a Corporal. And you mentored me by just doing -you- things! Hopefully you enjoy the rest of your time away from the server and community! And if ya wanna talk more just PM me! ❤️
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    Veronika Harth

    Added! Updated a few things. I also added a short backstory and a few photos!
  12. Lance Corporal Veronika Harth
  13. Minyari

    [IC] The 112th Fighting Tournament.

    Lance Corporal Veronika Harth (+15)
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    Valerie Faust

    LCpl. Veronika Harth
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    Veronika Harth

    Added and weekly update. It's meh, just minor stuff. I'll do better the following week though.
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    I recently joined and you’ve always been helpful to me both IC and OOC. I’ve had all great interactions with you and I hope we can remain friends still! Please take care of yourself and I’m glad you’re doing what’s right for your mental health. Take care and glad to have met you! ❤️
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    Gregarious here

    Welcome back! ❤️
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    I have returned!

    Welcome back!
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    James Wilkins

    RIP 💔
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    Federal PX

    Name: Harth, Veronika Rank: Private First Class (Pfc.) Item(s) requested: Civilian Outdoors Sleeping Bag (x1) Notepad (x2) Colored Pencils Set (x1) Pencil Sharpener (x1)
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    Veronika Harth

    Added! Updated Wilkins @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz
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    William Saint-Claire

    Pfc. Veronika Harth
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    SSgt. Jodie Cutter

    Pfc. Veronika Harth!
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    Veronika Harth

    Added! I'll be adding some backstory as well to my character if any of you are interested as well! Will notify when completed!