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  1. //: Drop Lead: A/Cpl. Lillian Flowers //: Second In Command: TSgt. Mira Oberlin //: Squad Leaders: N/A Blue Team: N/A Orange Team: N/A //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): LCpl. Daniel Spriggan (Rebar through the bicep.) //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Sent out to retrieve intel from a old Sanctuary base. The area was overrun with bugs, as well as some Sanctuary troopers infected with CB's.
  2. @foxy @Silent @Cipher
  3. Ad sumus " " - 3Spc. Alice Carmine's motto Basic Information Name: Alice C. Carmine Place of Birth: Texas, USA, Terra Date of Birth: 6/01/2279 Age: 19 Gender: Female Height: 5'6.8" Physical Description: Weight: 142.84 Lbs Hair color: Dark brown Eye color: Chocolate brown Military Information Rank: Senior Specialist Branch: Mobile Infantry, Engineering Date of Enlistment: 7/11/2298 Years of Service: 1 year Service Record: Multiple drops, transferred into engineering. Rct > Pvt > Pfc >3Spc > 2Spc > Spc >SSpc Personal Information Family: Lucie Francova-Carmine ACTIVE Mark Carmine ACTIVE Anthony Carmine DECEASED Backstory: Carmine lived a normal life and she just wanted to join the MI to become a citizen. Also, her brother is dead. Characteristics: Pretty sarcastic and a tease most of the time. Strengths & Weaknesses: Strengths: Puns (When given the chance) (WiP) Weaknesses: (WIP) Other Information: Suffered an injury on a drop where a bug talon ripped through her thigh. She recovered. "Shout out to Tech Sergeant Winters for the pin up." - 3Spc. Alice Carmine Personal Relationships Loves | Best Friends | Friend | Respected | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated ✟ = Dead ✟Carlos Martinez 2/20/2299 "Carlos Martinez..I liked the guy. He was a friendly guy, a true leader. He really cared for all of us, even me and I was brand fucking new..well..kind of. You should be here right now, with all of us. Why the hell did you have to go ahead and do that? I would've gladly died so you could potentially live. We could've both lived but you had to go and save my ass. I'm expendable man. Even though I barely knew you, I had a blast. The tank with the ethnic music..and the training's. I'll miss you man. I'll make every minute of my life count." 2/25/2299 "There isn't a day that goes by where I don't wake up and thank you. Thank you Martinez. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live. I still miss you brother." Shane L Emmett 2/20/2299 "Emmett..What can I say about the guy? He's one of them psychic's. The guy really likes the chocolate I give him..and begs for the 'dealer.' I'm not going to tell him. Anyway, he's an all around hyperactive kid. I can see him going places..or not. The kid gets himself into trouble a lot..and danger now that I think about it.” 2/25/2299 "I haven't spoken to the kid in so long..I wonder if he thinks I'm ignoring him? I'm not I've just been occupied. I hope we can talk soon..maybe about his hyperactivity and his fatal flaw of disobeying orders..aaand pissing the NCO's off." Sofia Holloway 2/20/2299 "Holloway..We bonded over tits." 2/25/2299 "Holloway..A friend of mine. One of my better friends in Engineering. She knows how to brighten up a room. Always joking around with her is a blast. Now she's..Well for now as I write this log she is lifeless..A shell of what she used to be. What the fuck did she do to you Sofia?" 3/2/2299 "I want to say I'm sorry for what I did that night..I didn't know what happened. Anyway, as I write this log, I find you opening up more and more..at least I think you are. I enjoy when you're around. Makes me feel warm inside. You're one of my..good friends really. I..The rule..I'm sorry." 3/25/2299 "Almost as quickly as we got together, you left. You terminated the papers and left without a word..at least a goodbye would've been nice. Doesn't matter, I'll wait for you..whether it be in the hell or among the living. Face it, we're not going to heaven..Besides that, I'll wait. Maybe you'll transfer back and I'll be there to greet you. Be careful..Wherever you are. I love you." Amanda Winters 2/20/2299 "Winters, Martinez's replacement. She seems okay..She sits well with me at least. Fun to be around in all honesty, really fun to call her thicc. No matter how many times we explain it, she can't grasp the word thicc. Overall good NCOIC..A good replacement to say the least. Side note, she's really thicc." 2/25/2299 "Officer huh? Good. Good for you. Sadly you won't be dropping with us anymore..Which is good since you don't have to see us die in person." Ralph Range 2/24/2299 "He said hi once. Friendly guy." Tzipora Bronson 2/25/2299 "Bronson is like an older sister type figure. She helped me when I was sick, as did many others. She held my hand as I threw up into a trash can, looking away of course. She's so..kind and understanding; even when I shot her in the back on accident. She's the XO of Engineering and I can see her going places. She seems doubtful though..I hope she can power through them." Bradley Tanner 2/25/2299 "Tanner. I don't know the guy much. The only times I've talked to him was at the bar and that was just briefly. Seems like a nice guy though. There might be more times but my mind is..cloudy." Jenny Hoover 3/8/2299 "A new Private; somehow jumped from Recruit to PFC, I'd like her to have my back on drops. Seems good enough if she skipped the rank of Private altogether. Anyway, pretty chill person to talk to. She takes drinking cola really..really seriously. I like that. Pretty funny to see someone so enthusiastic about a drink. She has a promising career. Hope she lasts that long..Morbid but still."
  4. General Information Name: Lillian Flowers Sex: Female Age: 19 Date of Birth: 12/12/2279Weight: 5'8.5"Height: 134.25 LbsHair Color: BlondeEye Color: Green Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA, TerraNationality: North AmericanAccent: Mid-western accent with a hint of Chicagoan Known Languages: Terran Standard (English)Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Economic Status : Upper middle class Marital Status: Not married Political Affiliation: Federal Ultra nationalist Party (FUP) Family: (Mother) Allison Flowers DECEASED (Father) Thomas Flowers DECEASED (Sister) Natalie Flowers ALIVE Professional Information Faction: Mobile InfantryCurrent Assignment: Ulysses S. Grant Current Rank: Private First Class Total Drops: Lost track Total Enlisted time : 9 months (8 months in training) Date Enlisted : 2/6/2299 Health & Status Status: Active Mental Status: GoodAlignment: Neutral good Achievements: Finding a will to live, rock, managing to live past her first month. Neutral: Regrets: Getting Choi executed, other events on ship. Personal Relationships Relations: Loves | Admires | Like Family, Brethren | Respected | Good friends | Friends | Neutral/Mixed | Dislikes | Hates | Fears ✟ = Dead ? = Unknown ✭ = Discharged/Transferred Lily Parker 2/11/2299 "Words can not describe how much this woman means to me. I mean even from the first time we actually talked to the time we ripped into a certain someone for having short sleeves during a drop, but I digress. Her smile is genuine.. everything about her just warms my heart. She plays the piano like an angel..the same could be same when she cooks. She's like..like if god sent someone down, it'd be her. I really..I hope she can trust me more. I hope I can trust her more. The more she opens up to me the more I just want to hold her to the end of time. It's as if time itself stops when she's in my arms. I'm rambling, aren't I? Oh well. I love you." Aaron Holtz 2/11/2299 "Holtz. A-A ron fucking Holtz. What can I say about this guy? His cooking is fucking amazing. Top quality chef. Anyway, this guy is my mentor, my guide. I first met Holtz at the bar and he just took me under his wing, no questions asked. I can tell the guy only wants whats best for me. He's always open to listen whenever I'm in distress. I just hope the man will open up more. I can tell he has a horrid past." Carlos Martinez 2/11/2299 "The dude's Mexican. Also, he tried to get me to join Engineers. I said I'd think on it and never came back." Sebastian Bently 2/24 2299 "What a guy..He saved me from certain death a while ago. I respect the man and everything he does. Even when he ordered me to be lashed, I still respected the man. I understood what I did and I know that it won't happen again, I promise you."
  5. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Alice Carmine Physical Age: 18 Race: Caucasian Gender: Female Eye Color: Sky blue Hair Color: Jet black Height: 5'6" Weight: 142 Lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: Private First Class Educational History: (Don't feel obligated to include a large background of knowledge, as an infantryman in the MI you likely wouldn't have much experience.) Highschool. GED. yes Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: worked at a gas station once. Service Record: (Previous ranks, positions, or commendations or other notable marks.) Nothing to note. OOC: Character's College Explanation: (N/A if not applicable, if you don't understand, read the OOC section below the original post.) no Server Time: (Estimate) like 3 weeks Roleplay History: (Brief) Halo gmod RP, Star Wars RP, Arma RP.
  6. OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: North STEAM ID: niks fren SERVER TIME: (ESTIMATE) Three weeks. ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Halo GMOD RP, Arma RPs, a few Star Wars RP MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Minor medical RP in halo. AVAILABILITY: (ESTIMATE) Anytime, minus work at night. CHARACTER COUNT: (MAX 3) 3 IC SECTION NAME: (LAST, FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL) Novak, Abigail R. AGE: 18 RACE: Caucasian SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'5 WEIGHT: 115 Lbs BLOOD TYPE: O- RANK: Private (Transferred) LEVEL OF EDUCATION: Highschool diploma, GED, all that. CRIMINAL RECORD: Stole a crayon in second grade. MEDICAL RECORD: N/A DATE OF ENLISTMENT: August 12th, 2298
  7. fucking loser.
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