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  1. foxy

    Alice Carmine

    Update this holy jesus north
  2. foxy

    Sofia Holloway, Moral Anomaly

    Added a face claim, finally.
  3. foxy

    Cait 'Donny' Donovan

    I never said Holloway was popular; she's a dogshit character also Donovan's bio post date: Holloway's bio post date:
  4. foxy

    Cait 'Donny' Donovan

  5. foxy

    Aria Miller

    Theme "C'mon, Miller. They're dead. Lets go." General Information Name: Aria Miller Sex: Female Age: 26 Date of Birth: 24/09/2272Weight: 190lbsHeight: 6 ft 1 inHair Color: BrownEye Color: Brown Place of Birth: San Antonio, Texas, USA, TerraNationality: North American Ancestry: 15th Generation TexanAccent: Texan Known Languages: Terran Standard (English)Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Economic Status : Middle Class Marital Status: Single Religion: None Political Affiliation: Federal Ultranationalist Party (FUP) Citizenship: Citizen Family: (Mother) Danielle Miller DECEASED (Father) Alexander Denning DECEASED (Brother) Kane Miller DECEASED (Sister) Amy Miller ALIVE (Brother) Kyle Denning ALIVE Professional Information Faction: Mobile InfantryCurrent Assignment: Ulysses S. Grant Current Rank: Private Total Drops: 563 Total Service Time : 8 Years, 5 Months Date Enlisted : 24/09/2290 Miller, Post Warcrime Medical History: Possessions: N/A Health & Status Status: Active Mental Status: GoodAlignment: Chaotic Evil Achievements: Neutral: Regrets: Personal Relationships Relations: Loves | Admires | Like Family, Brethren | Good friends | Friends | Acquaintance | Neutral/Mixed | Dislikes | Hates | Fears ✟ = Dead ? = Unknown ✭ = Discharged/Transferred (B) = Link to their bio --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- --[[MIPOD]]-- --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- --[[Federation Marauders]]-- --[[Federation Fleet]]-- --[[Other]]-- --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
  6. foxy

    Sofia Holloway, Moral Anomaly

    @Jinny Updated Jee-un Choi
  7. foxy

    Carson 'Fox' Sawyer

    You know who to add
  8. foxy

    Minor LOA

    RIP doggy
  9. foxy

    Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter

    dead nigga
  10. foxy

    Rowan Burke

    Add Stumpy
  11. foxy

    SST Quotes Thread

    my self quoting is strong, I know, but I thought it was too fucking funny to pass up posting here
  12. foxy

    SST Quotes Thread

    3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "So, chariots are pretty friendly." 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "Wonder if I could get one as a pet." Pvt. Gavin Mackenzie says "I don't trust them.." Pvt. Gavin Mackenzie says "You see- That would be cool, but they attract bugs." 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "I wanna put a little cock and ball torture chain around 'im." ** Pvt. Gavin Mackenzie shrugs 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "AYO!" ** A chariot skulks by. 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "What's up little nigga?" ** 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway pulled out a candy bar. ** 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway held it out. 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "You want this? You go away?" ** The little nigga bats the candy away with its head and makes its way toward Holloway's boot. 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "Wow, rude." 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "That candy cost money." ** It latches onto it with a single, decisive humping motion. 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "Don't worry, it's just fucking me." 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "That sounds weird out of context." 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "If this nigga nuts on my boots, I will lose my shit." Pvt. David Karlson says "Holloway, I hope reconsider your living style." 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "I'm reconsidering my entire life." ** The bug slides off her boot and darts off toward the ramp. Holloway's left foot is now half-bare, the leather eaten away by the bug. 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "Aw shit!" 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "He did the only thing worse than nutting on my boot." 3Spc. Sofia 'Stumpy' Holloway says "He ate it."
  13. foxy

    SST Quotes Thread

    this is all I need your downfall is now, @El Excellente now YOU are the erper
  14. foxy

    Amanda Winters - Explosive Widow

    Update Holloway! Surely you have more to say about her
  15. crashed like 10 people shooting a shotgun ban this fucking loser right now @Cipher