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  1. LoadedGun

    The new sounds you be bumpin'

  2. You really are clueless.
  3. LoadedGun

    The new sounds you be bumpin'

  4. LoadedGun

    My PK appeal

    We really need to do something against him, the tyrant!!! Send him all the warning points!!!
  5. LoadedGun

    My PK appeal

    You motherfucker, stealing my badboy points
  6. LoadedGun

    Grimm's Grimoire of Food

    This makes me want to have some poke
  7. LoadedGun

    My PK appeal

    Hey, me too
  8. LoadedGun

    Ji Park

  9. LoadedGun


    This is an amazing thread
  10. LoadedGun

    Ideas for Marauders

    Exactly this I don't know about the whole obligation for new characters -- I've joined the Marauders twice on Freeson, first starting out as a simpleton MI grunt, but then again, perhaps different circumstances.. ? And I'd go as far as saying that the last idea wouldn't be bad for a minimum bar set.
  11. LoadedGun


    The only way to deal with such things
  12. LoadedGun

    Share Your spotify.me Stats

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  14. LoadedGun


    Garage music is just literally - People making an attempt at punk/emo/pop music. Nowadays at least -- Started in the UK with rock, etc type of shit.
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