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    Sebastian Bently - Alcoholic Anonymous

    update sawyer
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    Robert Shaw

    add sawyer, please!
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    Carson 'Fox' Sawyer

    Face Claim Voice Claim Body Art Confirmed Kills - Stencils on VTOL GENERAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Name: Carson Delaney Sawyer Alias(es): Fox Rank: Wing Commander Age: 20 Hometown: Newcastle, Britain, Terra Affiliation: UCF Specialization: TAC Pilot Psychic Affinity: Not even empathetic Awards Granted: Ace Ribbon count: 3 Fleet Silver Cross count: 1 Combat Action Ribbon count: 2 Purple Heart count: 1 FAMILIAL CONNECTIONS _______________________________________________________________________ Father: James Carson Sawyer - 57 - Alive - Retired Fleet Captain Mother: Annika Chenelle Sawyer - 57 - Alive - Retired Fleet Lieutenant Siblings: James Carson Sawyer Jr - 23 - Alive - Serving in Infantry Spouse: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Gender: Female Height: 5'5" Weight: 120 lbs Build: Mesomorph Hair: White Eyes: Blue Cybernetics: N/A PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Alignment: Neutral Personality Type: Cheeky Strengths: Smart, Quick on her feet, Piloting Skills, Combat effective. Weaknesses: Mouthy, Arrogant RELATIONSHIP INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ [You Know The Drill] Mobile Infantry _______________________________________________________________________ ██████ Lowell Hartwick - We've talked. I suppose I'm no longer angry at him- just- sad. I really did care for him and he pushed me away. ██████ Aaron Holtz - I met him a little while ago. He's funny and makes me laugh- The banter between him and Stevenson was pretty great to witness. We had a moment- It was nice. ██████ Kendall Florian - This kid has balls. He asked to sit near me and flirted pretty openly. Balls. ██████ Sebastian Bently - It's odd, how a few casual encounters and an emotional outburst can bind people together in the midst of despair. I've come to think of Bently as one of my closest friends and confidants. ██████ Jane Evans - She's one of Bently's Sergeants- helped me deal with a Medic when I was injured. She totes around this little hamster now, he's become a mascot to the infantry. I like her, I think I want to speak to her more- it's so hard to have a private conversation these days. ██████ Darius Hawke - I was stupid to trust him. Engineering _______________________________________________________________________ ██████ Sofia Holloway - I walked into the mess hall and she was eating crayons, I thought she might be completely mental- turns out she's really funny and sweet. Marauders _______________________________________________________________________ ██████ Kristina Sigrun - She's fucking massive- like- a foot taller than me. She is also quite funny and has good bants. Medical _______________________________________________________________________ Fleet _______________________________________________________________________ ██████ Neal Stevenson - After all we've been through, I can't be mad at him anymore. I don't have it in me. ██████ Arenea Saint Laurent - I don't know why she did what she did. I learned a lot in my short period of time serving under her. I miss her friendship. ██████ Jeremiah Mazzoni - My heart has been broken into a million pieces and I am not sure I'll ever be able to put them back together. I will make sure your death meant something. ██████ Amanda Whitfield - She's married to Stevenson. I really like her, she's super nice, like I think a big sister should be. ██████ Andrea 'Wolf' Schultz - The Wolf to my Fox. Eyepatch included. I love her - maybe some homo. ██████ Lisa 'Cobra' White - Part of my squad- I love this chick- no homo. ██████ Jacob 'Viper' Oberlin - I am so sorry- You had so much potential. MIPOD _______________________________________________________________________ ██████ Shane Emmett - I didn't hate this kid, watching him get decimated by the train wasn't pleasant in the slightest. He didn't deserve it. Stolen from @Pundii & @Litcoins
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    Carson 'Fox' Sawyer

    updated some things.
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    Rowan Burke

    Theme Song: Face Claim: [Face Claim] GENERAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Name: Rowan Carlisle Burke Alias(es): Ro Rank: Spc. Age: 21 Hometown: New Austin, Rhohan Affiliation: UCF Specialization: Medic Psychic Affinity: N/A Awards Granted: N/A FAMILIAL CONNECTIONS _______________________________________________________________________ Father: Raymond Burke - Alive Mother: Isla Burke - Alive Siblings: N/A Spouse: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Gender: Female Height: 5'10" Weight: 135 lbs Build: Mesomorph Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Cybernetics: Left arm Biotech PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Alignment: Lawful Good Personality Type: Bubbly Strengths: Smart, Clever Weaknesses: Low self esteem, Easily Flustered RELATIONSHIP INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Stolen from @Pundii & @Litcoins
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    Damien Bright

    add sawyer
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    Ajax Drivas

    add sawyer!
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    Make Provost Great Again

    everything you listed SHOULD be handled by the NCOs. as far as Asper - that was handled by Bently, as it should have been. NCOs aren't allowed to just cap people unless it's an article 11 and they're on deployment. and in those rare cases, they have to be the drop lead, not just random NCO. boarding missions- eh- the infantry should handle that- the last boarding mission i took part in the infantry stalled on the tech deck whilst the TAC pilots cleared the ship with Hawke. which means to me, the NCOs need to be training on what should happen during boarding missions. people drinking outside of the bar? that's under the NCO's jurisdiction. if you see it ICly and you're not reporting it to the NCOs, then you're at fault too. if you report it and the NCOs do nothing, take it up the chain of command.
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    Fallon O'Mara

    Face Claim Voice Claim GENERAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Name: Fallon Saoirse O'Mara Alias(es): N/A Rank: 3Spc. Age: 20 Hometown: Rosslare, Ireland, Terra Affiliation: UCF Specialization: MIPOD Psychic Affinity: Telepath Awards Granted:N/A FAMILIAL CONNECTIONS _______________________________________________________________________ Father: Aiden O'Mara - 60 - [Alive] Mother: Caoimhe O'Mara - 55 - [Alive] Siblings: Sean [30], Dylan [28], Niall [26] and Liam [24] Spouse: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Gender: Female Height: 5'4" Weight: 120 lbs Build: Mesomorph Hair: Red Eyes: Green Cybernetics: None PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Personality Type: Subdued Strengths: Confident in her abilities, Honest Weaknesses: Quiet RELATIONSHIP INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ [You Know The Drill] ██████ Stolen from @Pundii & @Litcoins
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    Aaron Holtz: "Dad" Of the MI

    add Barnes.
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    will miss u!
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    Fleet suggestions/criticisms thread

    some of the admins have done a really great job of incorporating TAC into events by doing events on the second server prior to the main MI event. i think it should be entirely possible to loop fleet in on main server and have them take us into orbit of the planet, and blast away any major air support or orbital obstacles like asteroid fields. fleet is is heavy rp, give them something to rp.
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    Applications of interest, Status: CLOSED

    - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: Samikins Steam I.D.: will find later Length of time on the Server: 2 months Length of time RPing: 4-5 years Time-Zone: EST How active are you?: Pretty active - What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: Fallon’s abilities manifested in childhood. If she wanted something in the house, she could locate it, no matter where her parents had hidden it. As she grew, older, her abilities brought her in full view of the Federation, as she wandered into training operations near her her home, several times finding objects hidden for the infantry to find. Write out which classification you are choosing for your operative. Remember, no Lucky Men. Sensor Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities?: The infantry had been overrun with bugs at the planet side FOB for nearly a week, each time one hole close, two more opened. The units sent into the tunnels were unable to locate the hive and had requested a sensor to assist with mapping the tunnels and finding the central hive. O’Mara was chosen. Upon reaching the FOB, she would rendezvous with the command staff to be linked with a team. Once linked, she would move out, into the combat zones and search for tunnels OOCly using rolls to search, and disseminating the information provided by the event runners. --- - IC Section - Name: Fallon O’Mara Age: 20 D.O.B.: 01/01/2279 Sex: Female Age of Psychic Detection: 9 Physical Description: 5’4”/Red hair/Green eyes - If Applicable - Current Rank: N/A Education History: Olympus Federal Education Center in Athens from the age of 9 up until enlistment. Criminal Record: Petty theft x3 Employment History: N/A Service Record: Enlisted 5/1/2297 --- --- ---
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    Aranea Saint-Laurent

    add sawyerrrrr!
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    Carson 'Fox' Sawyer

    done bb
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    Sebastian Bently - Alcoholic Anonymous

    update burke and add sawyer?
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    TAC Application - [CLOSED]

    ** All applicants must ICly be at least 20 years old, your character will have spent two years at the Fleet Academy before boarding the Grant. The character you apply with must be a new character.** Keep in mind, if you are approved for a TAC Pilot and you are not active for one week without prior notice of LOA to @aphasic or @Jinny, you will be removed from the roster and not allowed to return unless it was an extenuating circumstance. IC: Name: Age: Gender: Eye Color: Hair Color: Height: Weight: Character Background Educational History: (Don't feel obligated to include a large background of knowledge, you likely wouldn't have much experience, other than the Fleet Academy) Service Record: (Previous ranks, positions, specializations or commendations or other notable marks.) OOC: Steam name: Steam ID: Length of time on Server: Time zone: Current characters on server: Roleplay History: (Brief)
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    Jacob 'Viper' Oberlin

    add fox and burke!
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    Tatsuo "Ling Wong" Okazaki

    add sawyer!
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    Jane Evans

    sawyer pls?
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    TAC Roster

    TAC Pilots assigned to Ulysses S. Grant Wing Commander: LtCdr. Carson 'Fox' Sawyer @Samikins Second in Command: Wingmen: FLt. Neal 'Eagle' Stevenson @StevieJr KIA - FLt. Jeremiah 'Martini' Mazzoni @Coleision MIA - Ens. Andrea 'Wolf' Schultz @Valkrae Ens. Lisa 'Cobra' White @Tridon MIA - Ens. Ryan 'Raven' Baxter @Eternal Light KIA - Ens. Jacob 'Viper' Oberlin @Mighty Mouse MIA - Ens. Jennifer 'Spoon' Helström @Kris Ens. Damien 'Notso' Bright @Silent If you have been approved for a TAC character and wish to be added, send a forum message to @Samikins
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    Kendall 'Kenny' Florian

    add sawyer?
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    Lisa 'Cobra' White

    add sawyerrrrr
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    Carson 'Fox' Sawyer

    doneeee ❤️