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  1. Samikins

    Johnny Morgan: Forgotten Marauder

    you has to had chloe~
  2. Samikins

    Chloe Harris

    did it!
  3. Samikins

    Chloe Harris

    did it!
  4. Samikins

    Tumas Tankijin - It's real this time

    add harris! ❤️
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    Rhett Stark

    add harris!
  6. Samikins

    SST Quotes Thread

    WCdr. Carson 'Fox' Sawyer says "Lupi's been on pins and needles waiting for a response." Cpt. Kallidus Khan says "I have been busy." WCdr. Carson 'Fox' Sawyer says "I advised him of such." Cpt. Kallidus Khan says "The engineering reports have been coming in thick and fast." WCdr. Carson 'Fox' Sawyer says "That's what she said." ** WCdr. Carson 'Fox' Sawyer chuckled at her own terrible joke.
  7. Samikins

    Rohan 'Rafale' Mandella

    add sawyer! ❤️
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    Tatsuo "Ling Wong" Okazaki

    add chloeeee! ❤️
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Chloe Harris Physical Age: 19 Race: None of your business Gender: I don't have a dick. Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 5'5" Weight: Um- enough. Employment & Background Current Rank: Rct. Educational History: I can read. Criminal Record: Negligible. Employment History: Freelancer of- things. Service Record: None. OOC: Character's College Explanation: N/A Server Time: Few months now. Roleplay History: Server here, bunch of forum rp.
  10. Samikins

    Chloe Harris

  11. Samikins

    John Harlesda - "Are you dead or dying?"

    add burke pls?
  12. Samikins

    Jennifer 'Blaze' Helström

    add sawyerrrrrrrrrr
  13. Samikins

    Chloe Harris

    Face claim: GENERAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Name: Chloe Harris Alias(es): None Rank: Recruit Age: 19 Hometown: Scarvis Affiliation: None Specialization: None Psychic Affinity: None Awards Granted: None FAMILIAL CONNECTIONS _______________________________________________________________________ Father: Unknown Mother: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Spouse: None PHYSICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Gender: Female Height: 5'5" Weight: 120 Build: Mesomorph Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Cybernetics: None PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Alignment: Chaotic Good Personality Type: Outgoing Strengths: Friendly Weaknesses: Too many to list RELATIONSHIP INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ [You Know The Drill] Mobile Infantry _______________________________________________________________________ ██████ Rhett Stark- He's really cranky. I dunno why. ██████ Tumas Tankijin - I thought he might like me, but turns out he didn't. That's okay though! ██████  James Victory - He shoots fun guns! He also flirts with me, which is okay. I wanna shoot guns like him. Medical _______________________________________________________________________ Engineering _______________________________________________________________________ ██████ Hecle Phan - He's nice. Taught be a bit of my sapper, then handed me off to another Engie. Marauders _______________________________________________________________________ ██████ Johnny Morgan - He's nice. Like really, really nice. Nicer than anyone has ever been. He said he'd protect me and even wants to cook for me. I kinda like him. He makes my insides get all fluttery. Fleet _______________________________________________________________________ ██████ Alvaro Lupinacci - Oh gosh! This guy is way too pretty to even be alive. I kept staring at him like a mongoloid. I couldn't help it. Why is he so pretty? ██████ Jeremy Nash - I licked his face in a staring contest and still lost. He's too good for me. ██████ Rangi Setu - He's a really, really, really big dude. Makes me feel so tiny. I'm kinda scared of him. Other _______________________________________________________________________ Stolen from @Pundii & @Litcoins
  14. Samikins

    the story that nobody asked for

    lovely! ❤️
  15. Samikins

    Hecle Phan

    add sawyerrrr