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  1. Honestly I agree with a higher roll thresh hold, as seeing players will consider drops risk= reward, so therefor higher roll thresh hold and survival is a fun little risk= reward variable
  2. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Luke Blofeld Physical Age: 19 Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Eye Color: Red (Albinism, Federation doctors have at least made it so he can be combat effective) Hair Color: Platinum White (Also due to Albinism) Height: 6'5 Weight:175 Lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: Recruit Educational History: Went to school to a Terran engineering college, graduated with his diploma, and was lucky to win a valedictorian award in Technical Engineering and mechanics Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: He worked while going to college, worked at a small Vehicle fixup hub in Arizona, after he turned 16 he went to terra from Iskander to study and work. Service Record: Valedictorian of Technical engineering and OOC: Character's College Explanation: He worked while going to college, worked at a small Vehicle fixup hub in Arizona, after he turned 16 he went to terra from Iskander to study and work. He had to work himself quite hard during those college years, and was able to make it into college at an earlier age because his parents owned a tech firm on iskander which is now defunct due to them retiring. Roleplay History: CWRP, SSTRP, Military role play, 1942 RP (The old ones which actually had RP), and Halo RP
  3. Funny how even when Kazuya was trying to be nice your character, is still a cunt to him... repeatedly I might add.
  4. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Lucius Kazuya Physical Age: 24 Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Red Height: 5'7 Weight: 165 Lbs. Employment & Background Current Rank: Private First Class Educational History: Basic Tech and Engineering field of work before M.I. as Lucius helped his father with terminal upkeeps and pseudo-demolitions for rock clearing and road building. Criminal Record: None. Employment History: Used to work for his father at his mining firm, helping clear debris with explosives and helping build roads and bridges for easy access for miner deployment, as well as terminal tech upkeep. Service Record: None as of yet. OOC: Character's College Explanation: Lucius Kazuya was self taught and taught by his father how to do some if not pseudo field work to help with a mining colony operation. Lucius' dad was assistant foreman and Lucius assisted in his father's elevation at work before Progs attacked the outer mining colony nearest to Terra. Server Time: Nearly a month and a half. Roleplay History: 8+ years roleplaying on secondlife (Actual serious rp stuff) and various gmod starwars NS based ones, as well as old Resident Evil ones all of which needed Text based only.
  5. --- APPLICATION - - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: Lucius_Kazuya Steam I.D.: STEAM_0:1:21584939 Length of time on the Server: 1 month Length of time RPing: 8+ years Time-Zone: Arizona mountain standard How active are you?: I am on server almost every day i can be - What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: Lucius was a young teenager about the age of seventeen, when his home was attacked by progs, and since there was a siren with that detachment of progs, that siren tried to mind snatch his family members and himself, and as most psychic entities do have a habit of doing, it left an imprint in his mind as a small tap of power that he has yet to embrace. Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities?: Lucius and his fellow mobile infantry members are on a seppy held planet, they are trying to find a high value target to finally bring an end to that separatist cell, as Lucius would then be ordered to attempt to locate anything that could help lead them to their target, as well as trying to peer through doors or feel what is on the other side of them to make breaching easier./ "Kazuya, get in front, there is a door here we need to check, now!" Lucius would then run up to the door, placing his hand on the wall next to it attempting to focus on what he could hear inside, be it humans or otherwise. "Sarge, I think we got something.", Kazuya would whisper over the radio as he then gives the green light the target is confirmed in there, feeling a bit wobbly after using his abilities as he was still learning, he steps back awaiting for the breaching orders. When the Sergeant gave the orders, all hell broke loose; bullets and shrapnel flying everywhere as Lucius also tried to deflect some of it from his team mates. -End RP Scenario --- - IC Section - Name: Lucius Kazuya Age: 24 D.O.B.: February 10th, 2274 Sex: Male Physical Description: Hair color: Red/ Height: 5'7/ Eye Color: Brown/ Slightly slim but muscular build; Lean muscle type of body/ No abnormalities other than a recently achieved BT right hand. - If Applicable - Current Rank: Private First Class Education History: Standard Federation School Courses up until he was able to enlist in the M.I./ Went to basic M.I. Rifles training, Graduated into bently's bastards. Criminal Record: None/Clean Record. Employment History: Worked as a terminal technician for his parents Service Record: Six Drops under his belt if not a little more, achieved rank of Private first class so far/ 112th Mobile Infantry Platoon/ Stationed On The U.S.S. Ulysses S. Grant. --- --- ---
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