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  1. I would very much like to be down for this
  2. Could you add in Williams?
  3. What did ya think of the Backstory in how it was told through a first person experience?
  4. But I already got my patches, they're from the 112th Mobile Infantry of Bently's Bastards
  5. Where be John Williams at?
  6. Where'd John Williams be?
  7. I'm not going to be active from March 5th, to March 12th as I have to catch up on my school work and get that taken care of so that my grades are where I'd like them to be. However I'll be sporadically appearing from the 12th to 15th showing up on the server trying to maintain activity and drops. From the 19th to the 22nd, I'll be a lot more active as it'll be Spring Break for me.
  8. []Basic Information:Name: John A. Williams Age: 27 D.O.B: 2272-07-28 Gender: Male Affiliation: Federation Role: Mobile Infantry Kin:Sibling(s):[Youngest]-Hailey Williams- [Deceased] [Oldest]-Trent Williams- [MIA] Parents: [Mother]-Margret Williams- [Alive] [Father]-Victor Williams- [Alive] Homeworld: Terra Alignment: Neutral Hair color: Brown Eye color: Blue Build: Just shy of an average build, leans a little bit more towards thin Rank: Private-> Private First Class-> Lance Corporal-> Corporal-> Private First Class Backstory: Well what can I say, there's not really anything much about me. I grew up out in the woods between the borders of the United States and Canada, around the area of where I think Montana would be, it was out of the way, very was quiet, and it snowed a lot... it was beautiful place to call home. We had a small town some distance away with a good community, where everybody knew everybody and where everything was calm. The place wasn't wealthy by any imagination but it wasn't in shambles, there weren't hardly anything bad happening in general, just people minding to themselves and being good to each others... that and a lot of trees. T'was just me, my sis, my big bro, my pa, and my ma that lived out there. We were a small family but very close, my pa and my brother helped teach me how to survive in the woods as well as having good morale values. My sis enjoyed dressing up and being a girl basically, she loved being outside and in the woods with us too... she was very innocent and of all the things I miss about her, it would be that as well as how carefree she was. My ma was very loving, sort of your typical stay at home mom I guess. She always cooked, cleaned and took care of us as best as she could, but dear god was her love for us three was bountiful. My pa was a very fair man, I don't think he was strict or lenient... just hardworkingly dedicated to whatever it was, be it teachin us or loving us. My brother was always lookin out after us, sure he and I had our fair of fights when we were young, hell I remember the scar he gave me on my arm... I'm glad I gave him one too... needless to say we called a truce after that, and we spent a great many years rebuilding that trust afterwards. After I had turned eighteen my brother decided to go and join up with the Federation near our small town, my pa had a word or two to say about that. He said he'd write to us every month, but after I turned twenty-four we stopped receiving letters from him at once... it wasn't like him to stop sending us letters, but all of a sudden they just stopped. Nobody told us anythin about it, which was odd cause we got a visit from a guy from the Fed shortly afterwards, something I think they don't even know about either, now I've no idea what happened to him or hell if he's still alive. Twenty-six... oh what a year... what a terrible year. That year made me question a lot of things and it felt as though it were a nightmare that wouldn't end... I took that entire year to myself and with my ma and pa. I've never seen so much arguing and blaming during that time, yet in the end my pa and ma went their own ways. After they split, I was left alone... it was terrible, cold, and lonely during those few months... I'm glad that recruiter saved my life. By the time I was twenty-seven I was amongst the men of the Mobile Infantry going through Boot just like everybody else. It was cold, harsh, and rough... all of these things within reason and fairness. My ma and pa heard about my enlistment and they sent letters to me throughout Boot, and I was glad to know that they were doing fine as well. Pa went to Iskander to live out his life in the cold (Where he rightly belongs) and ma found a guy during that time and moved to Faraway (To which I don't blame her for), they had told me all about that information after I graduated from Boot. By that time I had received orders to report to the 112th Mobile Infantry... I was glad I got those orders. Attributes:Strength: 4/20Dexterity: 7/20Constitution: 11/20Intelligence: 4/20Misc. Attributes:Combat Rating: 0/10Wealth: PoorOther Information:Character Description: 5'7| Approximately 170lbs| Scar along entire left arm| Has a BioTech Right Forearm| Long Slashed Scar bellow the right eye running down the cheek| Traces of Shrapnel amongst upper right shoulder, right hip, and lower right ankle areas| Bullet wound scars on both front and back rib areas| Characteristics: Kind and will do anything for others when the going gets tough. I'm just a pain in the ass Achievements Neutral Regrets Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- --[[Psi-Ops]]-- --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- --[[Federation Marauders]]-- --[[Federation Fleet]]-- --[[Other]]-- --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
  9. This right here is something I can come to terms to agree with as I feel it'd relieve some stress on the admins for having to pause the whole RP just to perform a medical. Now with that being said (I don't know if the rule is in place) I could agree with the thought of a Medic doing a life saving roll for a severe wound on the ship. With other Medics around to either assist or use the infamous 'Orderlies' to opt for a re-roll dependent on how many Medics are present is something I think that could be a bit more of a balance between the schools of thought. All of the later part is entirely speculative as I like finding a middle ground simple enough for everybody to agree upon.
  10. John Williams recently promoted Lance - Deathman
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