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    The MI's recent 'Ball'

  2. Gromborg

    SST Quotes Thread

    ** Pfc. Tatsuo Okazaki Whistles and makes a beat on the desk. 2Spc. Kaarlo 'Fruit' Pehr says "Lemme give him a muscle relaxer, something, he's anxious.." ** Pvt. Starn Oakfell begins to sobbing so hard he shudders and his whole buddy trembles ** That is one sick fucking beat coming from cell one.
  3. Gromborg

    Medical Rolls

    One of the biggest issues in medical for any server at any time has been the knowledge and effort that goes into learning it -- But, literally just watch any experienced medrper, read their paragraphs, you can pick up a thing or two. I like that idea, especially since Celox takes time and pressure to work, it just hits me in a way that I don't like. I would never want to impose these rules on a newer medrper, but I also believe newer medrpers would leave these wounds to the more seasoned players. Again, I'm only suggesting this for EXTRANEOUS circumstances.
  4. Gromborg

    Medical Rolls

    Hi, I've been talking about this in the other thread, but I want a discussion based solely on MEDICS being forced to roll. My proposal is that medics should roll under high stress, duress under fire, or grievous situations. This comes from the fact that, as my character was shot 4 times point blank and tumbled three stories down, while I didn't necessarily roll PK rolls, I was -very- inclined to self-pk out of principle unless the trooper providing CLS didn't do the exact proper techniques. However, as I realized the person that was treating me knew his medrp, I instantly knew felt conflicted. I didn't want to self-pk at that point because it drew me out of the moment, as the trooper was performing these actions -perfectly-. This simply couldn't be the case 100% of the time. No matter how skilled you are, you will fuck up. We see this in the case of psychics, engineers, and MI, but why not medics? Medics have the great ability to just churn out paragraphs of correct procedure and be done with it, but how can you reasonably say that without a doubt, you will succeed in every high stress situation? An admin can easily say, yes, your wounds were too grievous and PK regardless of the medrp, but I rarely see this happen (especially when I treat people lololol). I don't know if I'm not around enough, granted I did just return, but the capability for any medic to simply /me a wound to stability is immersion breaking. People will say, "But how is it fair to leave my character's life in the hands of someone else's roll, even if I already rolled?" Well, the wound may not have out right killed you, but a medic can certainly fuck up while trying to treat that wound. Take for example, attempting to insert an IV after packing a wound, there's blood on your hands, literally. You can't say without a doubt, that on your first attempt of trying to insert an IV while under duress, that you will hit that MCV. Once you're injured, your life is in the hands of the medic treating you. While they may know the procedure by heart, that doesn't mean they won't clot that bleeding 100% of the time, or insert that IV 100% of the time, or stop that arterial bleeding 100% of the time. I suppose the biggest issue would be leaving your character in the hands of another, but it's worth some discussion I think. I just feel like medics are overpowered please nerf.
  5. Gromborg

    An idea

    no, certainly not for minor injuries, no roll. Im talking about the medics rolling when there's a grievous wound. today, pehr got shot 4 times point blank and tumbled from a three story roof, i only didn't self-pk because Emmett TECHNICALLY did everything correct, for the most part. however, i felt much less worried when he was just blasting out his medrp, doing the proper steps to ensure my survival. however, as he treated my GSW's FIRST, it would only make sense that attempting to not only sift through a medical kit foreign to him, would force him to roll to succeed on inserting an IV, especially since his hands were bloodied. you can't reasonably say without a doubt, that any combat medic could successfully insert an IV in a high stress situation WITH bloodied hands 100% of the time, it's just unreasonable. medics being able to churn out paragraphs of medrp is impressive, but completely ruins the fear of death. that medic CAN and WILL fuck up, but 100% of the time, we're inadvertently gods of mastering our emotions and physical body. basically, you're either PK'd because an admin tells you you are, or the wounds are grievous, but a medic will 9 times out of 10 make it to the wounded and spout paragraphs to save his life, and this just isn't reasonable. again, while it may seem unfair to put your characters life in the hands of someone else, isn't that the responsibility of a medic? Again, i'm not speaking about EVERY situation a medic needs to do medrp, but just high stress, duress under fire, and blood makin' ya paws slippery play HEAVY into the performance of medics and we simply don't want to rp fucking up, so rolling would spice it up
  6. Gromborg

    An idea

    this will higher the chances. no but seriously this is very intriguing to me
  7. Gromborg

    An idea

    well ya'know... Medical roll bonuses.......... lol.......... Why should we let it be down to someone elses roll? the medics are literally treating you, doing a skillful move? it's scary, yes, but isn't that the point also, nobody would roleplay that, there's so much time dilation going on in SSTRP we might as well be orbiting a black hole. that simply wouldn't work, and medics are usually pretty quick to act, if not, people are usually pretty good at roleplaying their delay
  8. Gromborg

    SST Quotes Thread

    19:57:27 - **Spc. Katrina Geier groans in mild agony, the suffeirng of mere existance on this mortal coil momentarily overpowering her. She rubs her temples. when u wake up
  9. Gromborg

    SST Quotes Thread

    19:26:30 - **2Spc. Kaarlo 'Fruit' Pehr looks to Geier with a grin, lifting his hand for a bloody high five. 19:26:35 - 2Spc. Kaarlo 'Fruit' Pehr[LOOC]: wait it's not that bloody 19:26:39 - 2Spc. Kaarlo 'Fruit' Pehr[LOOC]: a crispy high five 19:26:45 - WO. Arryn 'Pertinax' Falco[CH1 - RADIO]: You catch that, chief? 19:26:55 - Sgt. Lowell 'Bottom' Hartwick[CH1 - RADIO]: Yeah. 19:27:02 - **Spc. Katrina Geier flashes him a small grin as well, slapping her hand against his with a crispy crack 19:44:29 - **Spc. Katrina Geier shamefully empties her pockets, an alarming amount of fourty mikes pile out onto the crates
  10. Gromborg

    An idea

    i was throwing around the idea of medic rolls. basically, if a trooper does have a serious injury, the medic rolls when treating them to see if their treatment is successful, or they could potentially fuck up and have to redo their operation, something to that effect. medrp stops troopers from dying like 99% of the time
  11. Gromborg

    Argon elevated to XA

    nice job, vargaon!
  12. Gromborg

    The name's Pear!

    u know what's up ok
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    SST Quotes Thread

    21:22:59 - 2Spc. Kaarlo 'Fruit' Pehr[OOC]: oh they erpin' now 21:23:00 - Sgt. Joshua Edwards[OOC]: ^ (in reference to burke and edwards)
  14. Gromborg

    SST Quotes Thread

    19:48:59 - Kaarlo 'Fruit' Pehr[REPORT]: admins ooc chat disabled 19:49:04 - Sgt. Lowell 'Bottom' Hartwick[OOC]: ik hahahahahaha