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    Luckish's Unban Appeal

    I've spoken with numerous players. They walked around, shot some things, checked some bodies, opened some crates, grabbed some 'intel' that the admins in intel will mull over. That isn't very roleplay of you. The others I spoke to? They were talking about if pineapple on pizza was a good choice. Is this event supposed to induce some feelings into the characters? They sounded bored. It would make you a lot less stressed if you pandered to the PLAYER COUNT instead of your storyline. It seems a bit forced on your end to get stressed, because of the decision you made to run this event. /report Hey, is there anything in this crate? Hey, is this PDA relevant? Also, very powerful. Say "fuck it" and run an event that clearly doesn't support the number of players currently on the server. You don't have to be active to be at least SOMEWHAT observant. Just pay attention, and respond with events that CATER TO THE PLAYERS AND THE AMOUNT OF THEM, NOT to your story-line. It's cool that it's been on-going, I'm all for long stories. But not ones that intrinsically detract from the experience of others because they have zero emotional attachment to it. This event was pandering to a select few, and I can't see how it isn't. This isn't the way things should be. I hate this fucking bullshit excuse by the admin team, for multiple years, "That's just the way things are". That's the way things are, because this is what you FORCE them to be. This is YOUR decision. This is YOUR prerogative to run events like these, NOT OURS. The rest of the playerbase saw this as pointless mulling about a station, not 'just another event'. I literally would not have complained whatsoever if it were on the same map, because then at least there would've been room for THE PLAYER BASE. I was annoyed I was arbitrarily pulled into the scenario by Cipher's character. I was in pink team, I thought we had to, as Lit said, watch the LZ to ensure he didn't escape. I was FORCED to roleplay. I want ORGANIC roleplay. I thought players enjoyed it? What hit was taken if it WAS enjoyed, apparently? Maybe if you didn't force the player base into such an enclosed event, you wouldn't have to deal with this issue? Maybe it would've been better if the droplead wasn't forced to make such a decision to give the most dull experience for a group of players, just so the others can do all the roleplay? It's strange, it's almost like you just shouldn't have run the mission with this player count. This situation was avoidable. Don't run the close quarters RP heavy event with 36 players on it. Strange concept, I know. My warning was "Do you need a timeout". Very professional, if I do say so myself. Maybe something along the lines of, "You will get a three day ban if you don't quit it". I would've quit it. But admins had to be vague, I suppose. ^V Maybe if the admins didn't continue to Why was my response edited? I'm very confused. Please don't delete my response, admins. It's cool that I can't defend myself now, either. All of my response to Lit was edited. The fuck? As I was saying... Maybe if the admins didn't continue to PM me AFTER I CLEARLY STATED, ILL MAKE MY POINT AFTER THE EVENT, I wouldn't have continued. MAYBE if I wasn't arbitrarily forced to roleplay, I wouldn't have cared. Maybe, if the events catered to the player base, I WOULD NOT HAVE CARED. What's done is not done, because I submitted this complaint. I knew when to quit when I sent that PM, clearly the admins wanted to keep the convo going themselves. Check logs if you think I'm wrong, don't edit my fucking post.
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    Luckish's Unban Appeal

    Premise: So, I joined an event late today. Cool, didn't really know much, but let's get it. Another 30+ player, close quarters space station mission with Umbra. Cool, esoteric storyline that has completely undone the idea that we're in the SST universe beside the fact that it's rough psychic operatives running a-muck. I joined in to pink team, there were so many players on, we needed 3 teams. As far as I gathered, pink was sitting in the same spot the entire event in the spawn room. It was kind of hard for @Lit to not make that decision, considering how incredibly tiny the map/corridors and rooms were. It was an RP event! Cool, I love those! But wait... It was on a enclosed, very close quarters space station... Oh no... Pink team was sitting and looking at the walls the entire event, up until the very end where either most of them disconnected, went AFK, or I finally lodged enough /reports to get them to remember there was an entire team sitting in spawn, staring at 4 blank walls. We had a good time watching the walls, until nearly the last two members of pink who haven't died from the excitement -- But wait, the other member went brain dead because of the sheer force of the roleplay they were experiencing. My character went on a little adventure with Cipher's character, and we found the esoteric man of the hour -- Umbra. We detained him without trouble as blue squad (at least 8~ people) sat in the 4 foot wide hallway behind us. We accomplished a lot today troopers. What we accomplished? Who knows, the story is too obscure to care about. I made an OOC quip, "very utilitarian of you to assume this event was fun", and I was banned for three and a half days without warning other than earlier "do you need a time out" (evidence will b provided). Complaint: Evidence: Conclusion/tl;dr: Complained in pm's and /report's about the idiocy of running such an event with so many players, was told to shut up and stop being a baby and roleplay in the spawn room because event runner wanted to progress his story-line. Made a single OOC quip and was banned for 3 days without a clear cut warning. Let me know if this a legitimate complaint, admins involved and XAs, or if I'm just being a whiny bitch. Luckish was banned for three and a half days by Litcoins. Thank you, make SST great again, more shot-bug less fuck-brain. edit; i'll just leave this right here 'Umbra' yells "Back up! I have aids!"'Umbra' yells "Be afraid!" MSpc. Cait 'Irish' Donovan says "Send 30 men to ah' station with a bomb on it."MSpc. Cait 'Irish' Donovan says "GOOD JOB MOBCOMM"
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    Steven Hartcourt

    reeee update corbib
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    Steven Hartcourt

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    whoops what can you do about that
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    Rodrick Oakwood

    corbin for leg
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    SST Quotes Thread

    [OOC] Spc. Guy Larson: no homo, but if you aren't stuffing your homie like a pastry, are you really doing it right
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    Grace Corbin, Big Brain Medic

    lil updateroo
  11. thank god i got black bagged so i can't die on this pk fest now
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    Hecle Phan

    U update Corbin then
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    Grace Corbin, Big Brain Medic

    no, i'm doing it again. small updoot
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    SST Quotes Thread

    // [LOOC] Fiona Syikly: 75 or above you STAYalive // ** Spc. Shane 'Straw-Man' Emmett rolled 69 with a CON [8%] bonus for 75. casually cheat death @Silent