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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    ur all very handsome
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    Pvt. Cam Pelkey

    Basic Information Name: Camila 'Cam' Pelkey Place of Birth: Canada, Earth Age: 25 Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Apathetic Heterosexual Height: 5'6 Physical Description: Weight: Average Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Brown Military Information Rank: Private Branch: Mobile Infantry Years of Service: 0 Service Record: 1 mission Personal Information Backstory: Cam Pelkey was born to a civilian father and a citizen mother on Terra. Her parents divorced when Cam was quite young. Her mother took custody of the children, and moved to Faxx Colony to serve as a police officer. With her mother, stepfather (her mother remarried a colonist), and two brothers, she grew up in a relatively standard household. She participated in military youth programs when she was still in school, so she has always had some familiarity and interest in the Federal Armed Services. Upon graduating high school, she planned on immediately entering into the Federal Service to gain her citizenship, but held off due to the insistence of a boyfriend at the time. She put it off for a few years, going to college and becoming a pencil-pushing civil servant at a desk job. It wasn't long before she became frustrated with civilian life. Her relationship shriveled up eventually, which led to her finally enlisting. Characteristics: Pelkey is a stickler for protocol, and can come off as very impersonal and uptight. Her voice is flat, and she doesn't laugh or make very many expressions, unless a role she is playing demands it. Of course, she has her own thoughts and feelings, but generally views it as unprofessional to show them. Pelkey has conservative views on the military and generally believes in the more authoritarian side of the Federation. Other Information: Personal Relationships Affectionate | Friend | Liked | Neutral | Mixed/Unsure | Disliked | Hated Cpl. John Williams: Good guy, gave me a tour of the ship, and served as a team leader on my first drop. Stuck up for me when those NCOs were messing around with me, too. LCpl. Daniel Spriggan: My battle buddy on my first drop. I stuck by his side the whole way, and he seemed to show confidence in me. He got himself impaled with some rebar though, but he looks like he's tough enough to pull through.