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  1. Hayden's a vegetable. Probably good to remove him from the roster.
  2. Archie Kirkwood, post-discharge, circa 2299 - first on the left. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Information: Name: Archie Nathaniel Kirkwood Aliases: Woody, Kirk Age: Thirty One Date of Birth: April 23rd, 2268 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Physical Description: Height: 5'10 Weight: 192lb/87kg Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour: Brown Blood Type: B- Standing at the average height of 5'10, Kirkwood possesses a pretty endomorphic build, with tanned skin and light wrinkles on his face. He has a brown, military-issue buzz-cut, and a messy set of stubble on his face, along with a pair of weary brown eyes. His teeth look a little yellow, and his gait seems funny and wobbly. His spine also seems uncomfortably stiff. He has a noticeable lack of three fingers, with his palms scarred up with burns. His right cheekbone and cheek, along with the right of his neck seem marred similarly with a nasty, brown, coagulated burn scar. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Medical Records: Multiple gunshot and shrapnel wounds to his torso and limbs. Blunt force trauma from a crowbar, resulting in two skull fractures. Hands covered in burn scars and the absent of three fingers from an explosion. Right cheekbone, cheek, neck and collarbone all scarred up with burn tissue from a flamethrower. Bug talon stab wound in the abdomen, and another in the left shoulder. Massive trauma to his legs and two dislocated vertebrae, resulting in massive surgery and medical discharge. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Military Service: Date of Enlistment: 5th June, 2291 Date of Discharge: 17th March, 2297 Division: 112th Engineering Rank: Specialist Certifications: Yes. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Relationships: Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Neutral|Dislikes|Hates Mobile Infantry: Reveal hidden contents Medical Division: Reveal hidden contents Engineering: Reveal hidden contents Marauder Corps: Reveal hidden contents MIPOD: Reveal hidden contents Fleet: Reveal hidden contents Intel: Reveal hidden contents Transferred and Dead: Reveal hidden contents
  3. LCpl. Elliot Hayden.
  4. //: Event Runner: Scoutis //: Drop Lead: A/CPL Elliot Hayden //: Second In Command: PFC Carter Vert //: Squad Leaders: N/A - no squads. Blue Team: Orange Team: //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): None. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None. //: Notable Acts: Master Specialist Ironside successfully found and rescued Senior Specialist Harris after she got lost. //: Mission Summary: Arrive at a research outpost on an unmarked planet, successfully gathered supplies from the outpost and evacuated after it. Fought alotta Feral bugs, called an airstrike on a cornfield and wiped out a bunch of bug holes. Nobody got hurt, mission was a success.
  5. @sarduker @saiphun987 @Bav @alright sassy @jtfang added you guys, stole some of those sick as heck formatting lines, also added more shit
  6. [WIP] Because I'm a lazy shit. Basic Information:Name: Scarlett Reed. Aliases: None. Age: Twenty Two. Date of Birth: July 13th, 2276. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Physical Attributes: Gender: Female. Height: Five feet and ten inches. Weight: Twelve stones, or one hundred and sixty seven pounds. Hair colour: Brown. Eye colour: Brown. Blood Type: A+ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Medical Records: Multiple gunshot wounds to her torso and bodily limb-appendages. Shrapnel wound to her right eye - later replaced with biotech. Talon stab wound to her abdomen. Burn scarring to the back of her right leg. Right forearm isn't there - later replaced with forearm down biotech. Left collarbone, shoulder and side of her neck covered in burn and necrosis scarring. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Military History: Date of Enlistment: July 18th, 2294 Division: 13th Marauders Rank: Second Specialist Service Record: Awards: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal Details: Handedness: Left-handed Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Morale: Does this matter? I mean, nobody roleplays morale outside of OOC biases which are taken IC'ly. Man, morale's as wack as heck. Personal Belongings: Blue-Chroma framed aviators. A bland, copper signet ring, with a pair of crossed spanners on it. There's engravings on the back of the seal. A stolen doctorate. A set of dogtags. Belonging to her - because, obviously. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Relationships. Hey, look! It's the only reason anyone even uses these character bios, so they can peep the status of their ERP fuck-buddy. Ask to be added. Leave your name and rank, so I can actually remember. Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Neutral|Dislikes|Hates Mobile Infantry: Medical Division: Engineering: Marauder Corps: MIPOD: Fleet: Intel: Transferred: Dead Niggas:
  7. add my stupid shit char thanks
  8. Basic Information:Name: Elliot Hayden Aliases: N/A Age: Nineteen Date of Birth: April 18th, 2280 Gender: Male Place of Birth: Spiritu Santo Physical Attributes: Height: 6 feet and 4 inches Weight: 217 pounds Eye Colour: Green Hair Colour: Brown Skin Colour: Lightly Tanned Blood Type: O- Physical Description: Elliot Hayden's a tall and well built guy. He stands at an impressive six feet and four inches, with a strong looking, endomorphic build. He has lightly tanned skin with a shaggy mop of black hair and a pair of dark green eyes, concealed under a pair of aviators. His jaw bares a messy set of stubble upon it. Military History: [Wanted for High Treason & Desertion] Tour of Service: Division: 112th Mobile Infantry Rank: Lance Corporal Date of Enlistment: 4th March, 2298 Awards: [ALL AWARDS HAVE BEEN ADMINISTRATIVELY STRIPPED FROM ELLIOT HAYDEN] Character Backstory: Family Relations: Husband: Daniel Hayden - 38 - [ALIVE] [CITIZEN] Mother: Sarah Hayden - 36 - [ALIVE] [CIVILIAN] Medical Records: Gunshot wound to the abdomen, with the bullet embedding straight into his stomach. Gunshot wound to the left bicep, piercing clean through the arm and requiring medical attention. Left index finger missing from shrapnel. Alignment: True Neutral Character Relations: Ask to be added, give full name and rank. I'll do this later.
  9. Character Name: Elliot Hayden Character Rank: 3Spc Character Patches: Sapper Are you currently on LOA: No Date of last login: 16/05/2019 (Today)
  10. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Elliot Hayden Physical Age: 24 Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Eye Color: Dark Blue Hair Color: Dark Brown Height: 6'3 Weight: 186lb Medical Record: Broken Collarbone, fractured orbital, GSW to the stomach. Employment & Background Current Rank: Private Educational History: High School Graduate Criminal Record: 1 charge of assault. Employment History: Retail Store Manager. Service Record: 2 months in Oliver's Olives, 3rd company. Managed to link up with 1st platoon following destruction of the Grant. OOC: Server Time: Two months in current session. Two years in total. Roleplay History: Six awful years of my life.
  11. IC: Name: Scarlett Reed Age: 22 Gender: Female Eye Colour: Green Hair Colour: Black Height: Five feet and nine inches. Weight: One hundred and fifty eight pounds. Employment & Background: Current Rank: Senior Specialist (Engineering) Educational History: High School Diploma. Employment History: Following a stint of unemployment after High School, she enlisted and served four years within the Mobile Infantry. Service Record: Within their four years of service, they won the basic medals and ribbons related to veterancy, multiple purple hearts and a Good Conduct medal. After completing their standard Federal Aptitude test and being assigned to Engineering, she eventually reached the rank of Senior Specialist and jointly held the NCO position of Corporal. Following a controversial operation, she was declared MIA, only recently re-surfacing within the 112th. OOC: Steam name: Sting Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:11523337 Length of time on Server: Roughly two years in total. Two months for current duration of gameplay. Time zone: GMT. (+0) Current characters on server: PO Sam Pritchard, PVT Elliot Hayden, 2Spc Bradley Gore Roleplay History: About, six years. This’ll include 40k, Halo RP and military sims, along with multiple locked GMOD servers and Discord RP’s. I’ve been a Marauder before.
  12. Pvt. Elliot Hayden says "Because I'm a dumb stinky Infantry man."** Pvt. Elliot Hayden rolled 1 with a INT [0] bonus for 1.
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