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    SST Quotes Thread

    **SgtMaj. Nikolai Dimov types in administrator in the username field. He types password in the password field. 22:29:06 - Dimov is granted access to the terminal. 22:29:11 - SgtMaj. Nikolai Dimov[YELL]: <color=215, 105, 105>Hahahahaha! /me hacks the gate and shit
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    goodbye and good luck in your future endeavors. your legacy here is cemented and we're gonna miss you dearly. you'll be back in 6 months
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    goodbye and good luck. don't forget about us
  4. Dimov

    GMOD 2

  5. (this is posted in the bar, in the shower locker room, in the mess hall, and in the kitchen) From the office of the Sergeant Major As of now, fresh food is to be rationed to ONLY the evening dinner meal for enlisted personnel on the Ulysses S. Grant except for special occasions deemed by an officer until further notice. We lack a steady supply of food that is not freeze dried or packaged in MREs and we certainly shouldn't use it all rapidly. Officers are exempt from this restriction and are allowed to exempt individuals at will. All enlisted personnel are included in this restriction, including myself. Leftovers are an exception if there are any. Failure to obey this regulation will result in being restricted to one of those disgusting nutrient bars that are barely considered food per day. Non-commissioned officers are expected to enforce this regulation. Report to me if there are any questions. SgtMaj. Nikolai Dimov
  6. Dimov

    Bohannon's Goodbye Letter

    goodnight sweet prince
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    SST Quotes Thread

  8. Dimov

    Elliot Salem

    ur favorite man, Dimov
  9. Dimov

    The Direction of Medical

    as has been already said before, dumb it down a bit and make it easier to learn. I might get involved with medical again if I don't have to be able to also be a doctor IRL
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    The cute goes in here.

  11. Dimov

    What does a typical MI Trooper bring with them

    yeah sure I like to think the standard kit is this: Mk3 Armor/Helmet(which contains your short range radio) Combat BDUs Morita Combat Harness- pouches for magazines (which will be the majority of what this holds), 40mm grenades (if applicable), sheath for combat knife Combat Knife IFAK (Infantry First Aid Kit) Everything else I consider extra but that isn't necessarily forbidden. If you're not sure, best bet is to /report and ask. You should not have a sidearm or grenades as a low-level rifleman because the MI cuts corners on the individual kit. You usually shouldn't be equipped for long-haul deployments because that's not the nature of what our unit does.
  12. Dimov

    State of the Union

    tell kipper if he doesn't make lrr flags stop fucking with saved bodygroups he'll be shot
  13. Dimov

    Suggestion: New Rank Structure

    I proposed adding one more rank to enlisted (Pv1 and Pv2) about a year ago and I still believe this isn't a bad idea. I support something similar to this or that but I also understand the reasons for opposing it. Rank fluidity is a concept we, as MI command staff, have been told to practice, but it's very difficult and frustrating to do so. Promoting someone who did well on one occasion but is otherwise an issue and then demoting them when they fuck up is counter-intuitive. Having more enlisted ranks allows us to classify troopers better. A Pv1 would be someone who has completed one drop and is still breaking their boots in, while a Pv2 is someone known to perform reliably, and a Pfc would be someone who is a "model trooper" and shows they may have the potential for LCpl. That's my take thanks for reading
  14. Dimov

    Where In The World Is Dimov Sandiego?

    got my first brain zap today. was a weird experience but gives me confidence this is real I feel better in general but I have a lot of upswings and downswings so who knows but I'm happy. not sure when I'm gonna return but I'm gonna make efforts to pop in when I feel up for it. I'm still available on steam any time u see me online so pls message me I am lonely
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    hey guys