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  1. ER: Bishop-Deckers and Lit //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Goose //: Second In Command: Sergeant Jonsson //: Squad Leader:Lance Corporal Westfield, and Corporal Cooke Blue Team: Cooke Orange Team: Westfield //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Several minor wounds, major wounds included a Lance Corporal Westfield, Lance Corporal Modine, Private Bae-Cho //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None, hopefully. //: Notable Acts: Though there was a lot that had gone down in the drop, several people that stood out include. Sergeant Jonsson and Corporal Zaki who secured a the primary LZ and set up an IR Flare for EVAC while fighting through a horde. Third Specialist Ahmed-Jabril who singlehandedly put out a raging tanker fire that started in the Mobile Infantry's Triage floor. Lieutenant Winters, for bringing their own Long Range Radio, and finally the pilot so graciously volunteering the unit for a rescue operation. //: Mission Summary: The mission came hot off the heels of another operation that happened merely a few hours prior. The objective parameters stated that the Mobile Infantry were to head into Hoy City, in order to confirm the possible disappearance of a Platoon stationed at one of the previously seized Forward Operating Bases. The Mobile Infantry were dropped nearly a hundred meters from the objective, making their way throughout the ruined city. After arriving at the entrance of the tower, it was obviously abandoned, but it seemed to have been a recent abandonment. No bodies were found within the tower, yet all supplies and lights were still active. The Orange team, lead by Lance Corporal Westfield were stationed at the ground floor, to set up a defensive on the one known entrance to the objective tower. Blue as well as the two Marauders deployed with the Infantry began their search of the tower, discovering the supplies and other trinkets left behind. At this time, Mobile command was alerted to the discoveries of the Mobile Infantry and a new order was passed down the line: to hold the tower. After this order was given, the unit began hearing several explosions throughout the city, though tame and of the same caliber of hand grenades of forty millimeter explosives, the unit did not wish to investigate it further. After nearly twenty minutes of inconsistent explosions, another explosion was created directly outside of the Forward Operating Base, to which the gas to the building was shut off, to avoid a possible explosion and collapse. The fire on the street caused by the explosion began to simmer down after awhile of burning, the Mobile Infantry staying put. A triage was set up on the Third Floor, as all of the floors had been numbered by a Private from Orange. At this point, there were no contacts within nearly another twenty minute interval, until a distant Vehicle was heard. Blue, who were stationed on the upper floors of the tower, floors nine and ten, were first to have visual. The car had two people, both equally as obnoxious. They're belongings were searched and they two were restrained while the vehicle was searched. A living human male was found locked in the trunk. The three were searched for weapons again, their keys taken, and brought into the triage restrained. After nearly another ten or so minutes, a wave of chariots were thrown into the city, scurrying around for what felt like a few moments. Hoppers then took over the skyline, sending some to engage the mobile infantry. The upper floors were the first ones hit, as the bugs took control of the roof. The troopers began fighting them on the surface level, as a detachment was sent to clear the upper floors. That same detachment stayed on floor nine, providing support to the ground level after the extermination of the threats. The fighting raged on on the lower floors, as the car that was parked outside of the Forward Operating Base was blown up, more and more arachnids following the sound of war. Rhinos and Warriors began massing on the lower floors. Several tankers had found their way to our lines, as they set the Third floor ablaze, killing the civilians that had been restrained there, and giving the medics quite the scare. The fire was put out by the Engineers, and a fair bit of the medical supplies were salvaged. The Infantry did an absolutely superb job defending the floor for a few hours. Eventually running low on rounds, ammo runners were conscripted. Throughout the fighting, the first floor was nearly flooded with corpses, as the walls were taken down by the hordes of Arachnids. Eventually the floor became too unstable for actual usage, the unit retreated farther up the stairs, holding the second floor where the fear and hysteria truly took place. Conflicting orders from several different commanding elements lead to mass confusion in the abandonment of the objective. Though ordered by the drop lead, the primary EVAC only secured half of the remaining troopers on the field. The rest of the troopers were acquired at a second location, atop of the near collapsing building, as it was nearly impossible for them to reach the ranks of the first EVAC. A tanker ended up separating a majority of the troopers that remained, causing Modine and two others to be trapped in between the two evac points, requiring the dropship to hover over some debris in order for them to climb aboard. During this time, Westfield was wounded and temporarily knocked out during the mass confusion and extreme fighting, causing him to awake within the almost collapsing building. The trooper was reacquired after the dropship returned to it's secondary LZ and a squad was send down to retrieve him. The drop ship then went back to the Upham with several wounded, and none that had the fortune of dying. Command later informed us that it had been a massive Arachnid counter attack that was aimed to retaking the city, it is unknown at this time if it was truly successful, but it can be heavily assumed the Arachnids maintain control over Hoy.
  2. //: NCO in charge: Sgt. Adrien Goose //: Time and Date of session: 8:50 pm EST- 9:35 om 7/10/2019 //: Type of Training Session: Support Gunner training //: Notable Acts: Pvt. Erron Decker and Pvt. Vebjørn Hegg received training in the Morita Mark Three SAW as well as learning about their new job.
  3. ER: Sami //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Goose-> Corporal Volker //: Second In Command: N/A-> Pfc. Netanyahu //: Squad Leader: Corporal Volker, and Pfc. Simmons Blue Team: Simmons Orange Team: Volker //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Goose, Simmons, Reynalds, Mandella, Mercier, and Novellio //: Killed In Action (M.I.A.): Private Forrester //: Notable Acts: Volker did a superb job launching a "No trooper left behind mission" after the objective was completed, resulting in the Extraction of Private Reynalds, the holder of an alien cactus. //: Mission Summary: Troopers were send down to a planet in which a shuttle, transporting General Larsen's pilots had been shot down by Separatist forces. A pilot was dispatched with the MI to secure a VTOL. Heavy resistance was encountered as the troopers moved through nearly half a mile of Urban war zone to retrieve the pilots, resulting in several wounded and a single trooper killed in action by a hostile Sniper. After they arrived at the crashed shuttle, the VTOL was seized by a wounded Mandella, who completed his objective after suffering a critical wound, returning to the ship for medical. The pilots were secured, and the objective completed.
  4. ER: Banana //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Goose //: Second In Command: N/A //: Squad Leader: N/A Blue Team: N/A Orange Team: N/A //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): None //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None //: Notable Acts: Cover maintained, after a massive shootout. //: Mission Summary: Units oversaw a deal that was being organized by the Military Intelligence officials aboard the Upham. The deal was shorthanded so the Mobile Infantry were send down to collect more of the supplies, to which they had found. Resulting in the deal going south as there was never any intent of letting the MI leave, since there was a Federation bounty. This lead to the Troopers securing the lost rifles and armor, as well as ammo and medical supplies. A VTOL was left aboard the Upham as collateral, which was then seized by TAC officials and is now in circulation.
  5. ER: Bishop //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Goose //: Second In Command: Sergeant Oakwood->Specialist Kirkwood //: Squad Leader: Pfc: Dick Simmons Blue Team: NA Orange Team: NA //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Oakwood and Beans. //: Killed In Action/(M.I.A.): Master Specialist Reel //: Notable Acts: Reel stayed in her tank while giving spots for our TAC pilots. Real hero shit, honestly. //: Mission Summary: Head to a rail yard in order to capture Venisian high value targets. The MI arrived and livberated seveal souls from their body, as they suffered a brutal attack. Eventually shooting down a hostile VTOL attempting to escape. The unit saddled up and pursued the crashed VTOL. The troopers secured a POW and the HVT. A bonus being the destruction of several tanks in a TAC run, and the acquisition of the VTOL's black box for later inspection.
  6. //: Event Runner: @Solitaire //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Oakwood //: Second In Command: Sergeant Goose //: Squad Leaders: Lance-Corporal Vert, Pfc. Faust Blue Team: Lance-Corporal Vert Orange Team: Pfc. Faust //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): O'Mara //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): //: Notable Acts: Detonator Operated Tactical Oxygen Nuke detonated and blew up the entire city. //: Mission Summary: The Mobile Infantry unit formerly known as the one twelfth Morita rifle battalion was sent on a difficult drop. This same unit was formally under the command of Colonel Shaw which then was succeeded by Colonel Bentley after the events of Port Joe Smith, which now lays in the hands of the capable Captain Asper after the events of Pallas and the obtainment of the AFC-FG-103-Charles H. Upham (UCF-103) - Yukon-IV Class Frigate. The specific location of this said, difficult drop, is completely irrelevant, as the area that was formerly known as the city in question was leveled completely by a Detonator Operated Tactical Oxygen Nuke. This specific action was committed by Specialist Archie Kirkwood, who deployed a Detonator Operated Tactical Oxygen Nuke on the reactor of the enemy outpost, which was an old Federation Court building. To which he began deploying the nuclear warhead directly on the underside of the primary operational terminals of the nuclear-fusion reactor. The DOTON itself was primed with a two minute detonation delay, and remotely primed and detonated on board of the dropship, mid evacuation. It was also equipped with a vocoder message generously donated by Private Jacob Kybal. The DOTON is a radiation-free nuclear warhead, however the detonation of the reactor most likely released dangerous amounts of ionizing radiation on the surroundings, due to the breaching of the generator. The drop itself was set at around 1600, to which the unit known as Asper's Archers were briefed by two Military intelligence officers who gave a rather long backstory to the drop. It took around fifteen minutes for the troopers to be geared and sent down to the city. After the unit landed at the area of operation, the unit began organizing in it's textbook two squad system, lead by the aforementioned squad leads. Specifically Lance Corporal Vert led a squad of three individuals, to which Private first class Faust lead one of identical size, with two people floating. Specifically Technical Sergeant Phan and the Lance Corporal O'Mara of MIPOD. The squads began completing the action known as moving towards the objective, taking out nearly a dozen guards on the way there. The troopers had taken nearly thirty minutes of killing these hostile entities using their standard issue combat knives, as well as the S-A-K-E-R attachment on their Morita rifles. This was inevitably fruitless as the unit had been spotted, to which the Marauder suits who had been waiting in pods were called in. The marauder suits, also known as the Aegis Mark II is an air-tight and heavily protected exoframe capable of surviving in environments such as both space and underwater for a limited time. The arms, legs, and main body are one whole unit, with the helmet able to be unlocked and detached. The main chest piece opens out to allow the operator entry and exit. Heavy plates are mounted around the collar, breast, shoulders, forearms, waist, thighs, shins, and boots. A winch is also present on the waist for dragging/lifting objects, other suits, or providing infantry with a line; was dropped into hostile lines causing supreme damage to the hostiles firing on the unit. The unit then began breaching the aforementioned outpost, where the breaching team, had stacked up on a door. This lead to an encounter where the Lance Corporal known as Oberlin had turned a frag grenade into a flash bang after it left her hand, this confused many of us, but it might be a MIPOD ability. The team cleared the outpost with extreme prejudice, killing all the combatants in search of the Doctor, who was prime objective. I personally do not know the importance of this femoid that we were sent to acquire, but that was not for me to question, as I; a Sergeant in the MI, only follow orders. After the clearing of the objective building, the Doctor was no where to be found, to which the team covering the exits had spotted the doctor being dragged off by a man dressed in attire akin to the bad guys who hail from a colony that was formerly taken over by the Skinnies. The Marauders gave chase, but at the pace of 1.66666 leagues per seven hours, which of course in no time, the captor escaped. The mission was deemed a failure, however the city was blown up which counts as a Pyrrhic victory, meaning that it was a textbook win for the unit. The unit that is formerly known as the one twelfth Morita rifle battalion, now disavowed, has had several of these Pyrrhic victories in it's lifetime. This makes this current drop another one in the long list of victories, of course.
  7. Event Runner - @Coleision //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Goose //: Second In Command:N/A //: Squad Leaders:N/A //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): None //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None //: Notable Acts: The squad coordinated a pretty solid ambush and executed a wounded KPA, it was A-6 material, I swear. Came close to putting out a fire with canteen water-really close. //: Mission Summary: MI were sent down to Kredia on a mission to save some prisoners from a convoy. MI set up a proper ambush, and killed a bunch of KPA. KPA died hard, like a few dozen, and we saved all the prisoners who sustained minor wounds. Even got some spare supplies from the KPA convoy. Mission success.
  8. Event Runner - Coleision //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Goose //: Second In Command: Corporal Duncan //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: NA Orange Team: NA //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Private Lobo (Three very long Russian names) //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None //: Notable Acts: The gang completed the objective. //: Mission Summary: Command told the MI that there was an Outpost that had been torn up by the local bug population on Kredia. MI embark on a great journey to fix the data transmitter at the Outpost in order to transmit data to the SSI contractors. Arriving at the outpost, tigers laying in wait were spotted, which decided to wait until we started doing our objective. Very nice of them. The MI fixed the tower and then sent a team lead by Mercier to connect the tower to the data. The Tigers decided to attack, and a private was caught off guard and wounded, he was fixed up by Knocker and MEDIEVAC'd rather quick. Objective was completed and a few hundred bugs died.
  9. //: NCO in charge: Sergeant Adrien Goose //: Time and Date of session: 10:21 EST- 11:11 EST 5/21/2019 //: Type of Training Session: RTO Qualifications //: Notable Acts: Lance Corporal Tumas Tankijin and Private David Briscoe are now qualified as RTOs
  10. Event Runner - Samikins with Jimbow helping //: Drop Lead: Corporal Goose //: Second In Command: //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: Lance Corporal Tankijin Orange Team: Lance Corporal Hawkins, the southern one //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Master Specialist Ajax Drivas //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None //: Notable Acts: The squads at hand coordinated efficiently and took down a Royal and several tankers. //: Mission Summary: Command told the MI that there was an Infantry Forward Operating Base that had been torn up by the local bug population. MI embark on a great journey to find this FOB, in turn slaughtering hundreds of filthy arachnids. Arriving at the base, the MI slaughter more bugs and split up searching the base. The supplies were located, and EVAC was called. MI held out for EVAC for several minutes, considerably longer than most drops. During this time Master Specialist Drivas of the Marauders Detachment was viciously pegged by a horde of Cliffmites, critically injuring him. He was treated by Senior Specialist Harlesda, moments before EVAC had finally arrived. Supplies were taken with the MI as they departed, VIA other Boats.
  11. //: Drop Lead: Corporal Adrien Goose //: Second In Command: Sergeant Soloman Murphy //: Squad Leaders: Corporal Roki Bosanac and Staff Sergeant Jane Evans Blue Team: N/A Orange Team: N/A //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Cpl. Rodrick Oakwood, Spc. Thomas Lawson, 3Spc. Francis Ramsey, and PFC Micheal Boehme //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None. //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Alpha's Bandits were sent down to an unnamed planet, hired by the locals to defend a sector of a city. Bugs and actual Bandits were encountered, and died subsequently. Payment was received and the platoon extracted.
  12. I have a doctorate in SST rp lore and have been on over one million bug drops, I am god. Do not come at me with petty defelections. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER
  13. Ummmmmm actually Sweetie, it was on the Upham event
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