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  1. "Wrong forums xd"
  2. 3SPC Evelynn Sterling A fresh-faced, and already totally annoyed medicool healer person
  3. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Avis B. Lockwood Physical Age: 22 Race: Human / Caucasian Gender: Female Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Black Height: 5'10" / 177 Cm. Weight: 142 Lbs. / 64 Kg. Employment & Background Current Rank: Third Specialist (Finished Basic, Waiting for Assignment) Educational History: Federation General Education Academy / Diploma Achieved / 3.4 GPA Federation Collegiate Institute for Mechanical Studies / General Mechanic Diploma Achieved / 3.8 GPA (2 Year Program) Federation Collegiate Institute for Engineering / Trades-craft (Plumbing, Gas, Electrical, Welding) General Diploma Achieved / 3.2 GPA (2 Year Program) Criminal Record: Federal Criminal Database AVIS B. LOCKWOOD ONE COUNT OF MISCHIEF (Misdemeanour) TWO COUNTS OF VANDALISM OVER 500 FEDERAL POUNDS (Misdemeanours) ONE COUNT OF SPEEDING, UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLE / 132 KM/H in 50KM/H ZONE / (Misdemeanor) Employment History: PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT Quickie's Auto Repair - Mechanic Service Record: Federal Basic Training Brigade / 86th Combat Engineers / Recruit > Third Specialist Federation Outpost HYK - Epsilon Prime / Engineering Corp, 132nd 'Washers" / Waiting for processing OOC: Character's College Explanation: Character basically did trade school. Did pretty good, and just got lost in the propaganda of being a cool Citizen. Server Time: Like. A few months or something Roleplay History: Katsuki Ito, Blackburn, Ashworth, uuuh Summers 8+ Years of other RP stuff
  4. I know I haven't been around for a bit, but thank you very much. I appreciate all yourself, and the staff team did to provide a place for people to enjoy. See you later, space cowboy
  5. Faded

    [IC] Home

    Specialist Katsuki Ito
  6. Minor Updates to a few relations. Other little bits
  7. Additionally, I have since had a conversation with Sami - who has agreed to let me post this on the forums. Please keep note that as per the conversation, Sami - much like myself, are unsure of where IRL photographs come into ANY of this. https://pastebin.com/WETJ8ZpY
  8. 3). Reason why decision is unreasonable I did not state that I had any intent to release OR obtain information, including or beyond IRL Photographs of said person. Verbatim, all that was said was "I am going to expose Sami" clearly in regard to their gender, which has been a 'Hot topic' Something malicious with intent to cause harm would be things like private social media, address, phone number, the list goes on. No one apologized, the topic was changed as a result of someone saying "Everyone here just wants to see Sami's (Use your imagination)." My tone of voice was towards a totally different subject, in regards to why Tonic and others had issues with myself (Blunt, which paints me as an asshole) There was zero malicious intent, and was a joke made in a poor-taste (Thus why I was openly vocal about it, in a voice channel with an XA and Admin. One might assume that if harm was the goal, this would've been done in private without letting staff know.) I can see why Tonic believes this MAY have been malicious, but at this point it's a benefit of the doubt situation, and hersay. Regardless of the outcome, I realise that I was wrong in this situation, and may have caused stress or worries with a member of the community. I apologise, and hope we can move past this.
  9. Additionally, please look at the chat. y'all are being dicksi don't have to.i have absolutely nothing to prove to any of you
  10. Fair enough - I can agree with various points here to some extent. Let's clear some thing's up, however. A) Let's not blow this out of proportion, considering I was not the only one involved in this situation. Recently, there has been a new wave of "Post a picture of yourself, holding up a sign saying 'Cipher is a faggot'. Just because I am vocal in the matter, and was active in participating in this - does not mean I am the end-all and be all of the situation. B) Having lack or ill-intent for a community member's safe being would be, I don't know - POSTING their personal information for others to see such as address, phone numbers, full names. None of this was done, nor was anything done to indicated that this was happening besides the "haha gonna get exposed!" meme. Do I get to report Scoutis for death threats because he said he was going to hit me? He verbally made the threat against myself, but I digress - I can see how this is different to some extent. You as an individual may not have found someone funny, but I'm more than certain we have quite the group on last night poking fun at this situation, as much can be see in the shout box. If this has been a serious issue, and someone is offended or upset about this regard - why has it not been made aware? I get that Doxing is a serious situation, but if we're pulling the trigger on people who haven't done anything to actually cause harm - there are many other cases than my own to look at. I'm not going to go into the definition of Doxing, because I am not looking to belittle or get hostile over this bullshit. But I haven't done anything to merit this in my opinion. What I am going to do, is call into question why there has been a lack of transparency during all of this, and ask why a this is being handled with someone who has stated they have a dislike for myself. You do not get to be judge, jury, and executioner. It's funny, how my post was hidden - and then I was hit with a forum ban RIGHT after that fact; and then was told by a staff member "It was being brought up higher. . " only to THEN be told it was a mistake - and I was banned so I "didn't edit my reply." Regardless of all this, I apologise if what I said on voice-chat hurt someone's feelings of made them feel threatened. I understand you were trying to protect someone, but the point of the matter is - there is nothing to protect. I am not the first one to joke about this situation, probably wont be the last. A joke on my part, made in poor taste.
  11. Today, May 17th 2019 I was banned from the Discord for an unknown reason. No information has been given to be as to why this was. When I went on the forums to check for a discord link, I found I was only given permission to access the Complaints & Appeals section. I was having a discussion with Tonic, as to a comment made at myself along the lines of "A few staff members have issues with you in regards to "Bitching" Verbatim, see the following. Adminges have your name in their mouth about “bitching again” But you didn’t hear that at all These staff channels have quite the history of people just dropping complaints about players and just moving on like it never happened I was then told by Tonic not to dig, as I would end up drowning? I guess this is what he talked about, seeing as I was moving to find Sami on steam to figure out w h y they had a dislike, and to see if I could smooth things over. Ofc there was a "haha epic exposed for being a dude" meme, but I guess that's something that was seen as a threat. Some communication in regards to what I did wrong, or what needs to be done to smooth over this issue would be heavily appreciated. Thanks.
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