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  1. SST Screenshots

    H o l y f u c k what year was this?
  2. NieR's last post?

    I am truly upset by this. Either way, I wish you luck, school isn't tough. God speed, weeb cowboy. "Excuse me."
  3. teaser

    Please Franco, I can't take any more public shaming for being shit at this game
  4. When you about to light up some kids on Tarkov.

    All we get is grenade spamming
  5. Sorry, eh

  6. PKs and If They are Being Done Right.

    It feels more realistic that people drop like stones sometimes, I shouldn't have to cater to someone who died to a machine gun because they rolled a 1 and is upset because their slightly melodramatic character died after two months. For a rather serious wound, we already force a time limit; for example: Xalpox used /ev "X and Y will probably bleed out soon of not treated soon." This gives medics a clear priority list, I never feel 'rushed' by a admin as a medic; rather by IC circumstances such as bugs or seps closing in on your position. Basically, you never have all the time you need in combat, force choice, not cuddle to their needs.
  7. Hux's Vacuum Cleaner

  8. Name this Bunny!

    You see, you gotta be like Ackua. Grant.
  9. When Cam says SciFi action

    This post is unappreciated
  10. when a streamer kills your medic

    broke niggas just trying to make due but i get dunked on
  11. SSTRP in a nutshell pt. 3

    I better be in this one, I missed the last two because of a H u r r i c a n e
  12. Fuck you gonna do nigga? I'm too cute.

    If you ever wondered why you don't like anime, this is your reminder.