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    What do you want to see happen in medical?

    While I disagree with abolishing the rank structure due to the regularity of people needing to feel their progression by means of ranking up, (This is like the Weapon Specializtion ranks, where they made it look like a sense of progression.) I 100% agree with the stance of less 'regulation', half the reason Medical has a low recruitment/holding rate on players is that the Roleplay standard is too intensive for the type of missions that are run. I'm on the side of simplifiing the Medical Divison to make it more accessable. At current moment, it feels like you have to know the insides and out of treating every minor detail or you risk looking unintelligent. I myself have barely any actual medical experience, nor real keen interest in researching it to a extent. There are those who love it, IE pretty sure Bear knows 10x more then I know, and those who just play it cause its its a change of pace, IE Me.
  2. CamGrrr

    Medical Activity check

    Clifford Williams, Spc
  3. CamGrrr

    Jessica Read

    Ya boi Williams
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    favorite story-based game?

  5. CamGrrr

    Bugs. Define a Bug. REWARD

    its like a roly poly(pill bug) bug except it explodes after being kicked by the bug equivelant of a soccer player for a good few hundred feet
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    Details lads

    This is why we can’t have nice things.
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    ur guy Franco Sorrentino

    ya boi clifford
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    State Of Medical

  9. CamGrrr

    the best feeling u can have on this hellsite

    This is actually the best post on this forum. Hands down.
  10. CamGrrr

    The spiderman we all want.

    the Spider-Man we got
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    [CLOSED] Marauder Applications

    MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IC: Name: Austin BrownPhysicalAge: 25Gender: MaleEye Color: HazelHair Color: BrownHeight: 6'0"Weight: 206lbs Employment & BackgroundCurrent Rank: SergeantEducational History: High School DiplomaCriminal Record: N/A.Employment History: Store Clerk, Waiter, Mobile Infantryman.Service Record: Graduated Basic Training - Assigned to 52nd Morita Battalion - Passed Radio Operation Course - Completed Federal Service as Sergeant - Re-Enlisted with Mobile Infantry - Two Years with the 40th Artillery Regiment - Application to Marauder Program. OOC:Steam name: CamGrrrSteam ID: STEAM_0:0:40080722Length of time on Server: 2 or so years.Time zone: Est.Roleplay History: (Brief) 8 plus years of SST.Roleplay example: (Something your Marauder character would do. Can be off duty or on duty, please note, this will be the level of RP you are expected to provide if chosen for a Marauder.) -
  12. CamGrrr

    Franco Screams Hard

    https://clips.twitch.tv/PhilanthropicElatedBillPartyTime Revenge is nice. (I did save him for once)
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    SST Screenshots

    H o l y f u c k what year was this?
  14. CamGrrr

    Very long LOA, like, very long. 30+ Years

    I am truly upset by this. Either way, I wish you luck, school isn't tough. God speed, weeb cowboy. "Excuse me."