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    Evolution of SSTRP

    now this, this is W i l d
  2. CamGrrr


    This is not very cash money. Real shit though, will miss you
  3. CamGrrr

    EFT Pics

    This is what peak performance looks like
  4. CamGrrr

    Escape From Tarkov Discounts

    I feel like Franco is a agent of Battlestate trying to get me to spend more money
  5. CamGrrr

    My vasectomy

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  7. CamGrrr

    how to safely increase your post count

    To be played alongside this video
  8. static bugs in small numbers, relatively low looking number of props at this point, lag looks so normal to me that i barely notice anything on .net
  9. CamGrrr

    SST Quotes Thread

    00:39:50 - SSgt. Yael Avraham: 'Sat mean Jesus is real, Travis? 00:40:02 - MSgt. Travis Young: Absolutely. He mows my yard.
  10. CamGrrr


    Ok, but who am I gonna team kill in Tarkov now... Guess I just have to kill @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz.
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  12. CamGrrr

    Jessica Read

    Ya boi Williams
  13. CamGrrr

    favorite story-based game?

  14. CamGrrr

    Bugs. Define a Bug. REWARD

    its like a roly poly(pill bug) bug except it explodes after being kicked by the bug equivelant of a soccer player for a good few hundred feet
  15. CamGrrr

    Details lads

    This is why we can’t have nice things.