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  1. I'm going to add to what everyone else is saying, in that I believe this arc has been dragged out far too long for its own good. Not only that, but I believe it's been poorly managed, and executed. Nearly every event we've done, at least from my perspective, could've been done whilst under the Federation still, if administrators and senior staff were able to create their stories and plot lines to fit. I understand that this was likely done for the server to grow as a whole, and increase character & lore development, but its come to a standstill, in my mind. All we fight - as of now, are bugs, Red Star, and other variations of separatists, occasionally a Skinnie or psychic too. All of these combatants are just as viable under the Federation, even with the current bug-war ongoing, and all that it entails. The only thing that would change with events as a whole would be the loss of MI as a potential enemy, and the need for constant 'supply-run' events, but even then - for example, if an admin really wanted to have us fighting MI, roles could be entirely reversed with the 112th fighting a different rogue group of deserters or traitors, which would likely be a fantastic antagonist as our unit chases them throughout the edges of known space. And, same token of that, we're so far away from most Federal stations and planets, then we could still run supply missions, to keep the ship in pursuit, or on mission.
  2. Nejem and maybe hawkins?? ❤️
  3. Update: Changed relations @Samikins @Faded @Mighty Mouse @Jimbow Changed alignment Changed theme Soon to be more tomorrow
  4. Roskana Nejem - Lieutenant, and Weaponry XO
  5. Jeremy Hawkins has since been demoted to PFC. And uh, I have a forums account.
  6. gotta get that update on h a w k i n s
  7. Jeremy Hawkins - Southern Sniper "S'gonna be alright, y'all. Let it ride." _______________________________________________________________________ BASIC INFORMATION Full Name: Jeremy Richard Hawkins Service Number: 82630-02015-JH Alias(es): 'Hawk', 'Doctor Brad' Sex: Male Age: 23 Date of Birth: August 2nd, 2278 Place of Birth: Grain Belt Memorial Hospital, Grain Belt, Iskander Nationality/Ethnic background: Iskandarian/American Commonwealth Spoken Languages: English Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Religious Beliefs: Christian Alignment: Lawful Good _____________________________________________________________________ Physical Information Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Skin Tone: Tanned Height: 6'2 Weight: 172lbs Build: Mesomophic Voice: He's southern as fuck. Tattoos, Piercings and Body Alterations: N/A Other: N/A _______________________________________________________________________ PERSONAL INFORMATION Immediate Family: Owen Hawkins - Father; Citizen - Honorably discharged - Mobile Infantry - Living Diana Hawkins - Mother; Citizen - Honorably discharged - Federal Marines - Living Darren Hawkins - Brother; Civilian - Active Duty - Mobile Infantry - Living Alice Harper - Girlfriend; Civilian - Civil Workforce - Iskander Administration - Living Layla Hawkins - Daughter; Civilian - Living Characteristics: Detached - "I didn't wanna shoot 'em, but orders was orders." Easygoing - "Figure there ain't a whole lot t'get all jacked up about. Just let it ride." Straightforward - "No sense in beatin' 'round th' bush." Forgiving - "Ain't holdin' grudges, takes too much effort." Hopeful - "We's gon' make it out, we got to." Selfless - "Ain't doin' this just for me." Important Belongings: A gold wedding band, always kept on his person. 17,000 Federal Pounds in cash, kept somewhere. _______________________________________________________________________ MILITARY INFORMATION Rank: Federal Service: Lance Corporal | Post-Escape: Private First Class Date of Enlistment: 03/01/2299 Years of Service: Federal: 0 | Total: 1 Current Unit: Federal Service: 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion, Alpha Company, First Platoon. Post Escape: Alpha's Bandits Specializations: Marksman - E-44 Pulse Rifle; Morita Long Rifle. Spotter - E-44 Pulse Rifle; Morita Long Rifle. Sniper - Morita Long Rifle. Promotions / Demotions: Recruit > Private > Private First Class > Lance Corporal > Private First Class Decorations: Service Deployment Ribbon - Rescinded Combat Action Ribbon - Rescinded Federal Expeditionary Medal - Rescinded Marksmanship Ribbon - Rescinded Military History: Enlisted with the Mobile Infantry, oath sworn, entered Recruit class 1542-A from Iskander Training Base 1 Assigned to the 112th Morita's, A Compmany, 1st Platoon as a Recruit aboard the UFC-BC-291 Ulysses S. Grant Promoted to Private after first two drops. Promoted to Private First Class Selected and trained in Marksman specialization with the E-44, as well as spotter training. Promoted to Lance Corporal Survived the Grant crashing on Dantana Escaped Dantana aboard the Zion Accused and sentenced as complicit in treason, escaped with the 112th from the Karrusian Super-Max Military Prison complex. OFFICIAL RECORD ENDS Killed a buncha bugs Killed a buncha seppies Almost killed a skinnie Killed some dudes in a PFO - got cash money Drew all over Sawyer's medical records in crayon Dubbed Doctor Brad, by Doctor Chad. Found guilty of two counts of murder and maiming against Mobile Infantry in an official court-martial. _______________________________________________________________________ RELATIONSHIP INFORMATION (Logged on Hawkins' PDA. Anyone who has it and finds the file can read the logs below.) ◍ Family ◍ - ◍ Respected ◍ - ◍ Trusted ◍ - ◍ True Friends ◍ - ◍ Friends ◍ - ◍ Neutral ◍ - ◍ Distrusted◍ - ◍ Hated ◍ 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion - Alpha Company 151st Fleet Task Force 112th Medical Detachment 13th Marauder Detachment 112th Engineering Detachment 3rd M.I.P.O.D. Detachment Those Gone holy shit i posted this way earlier than i wanted to, go me
  8. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Elzara Fayzulin Physical Age: 22 Race: Caucasian Gender: Female Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Blonde Height: 5'7 Weight: 132lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: Rct.(?) They don't exist yet. Educational History: High school dropout. Criminal Record: None Employment History: Vetanian Planetary Defense Force, Federal Mobile Infantry Service Record: Will add if requested, little lazy, no lie. OOC: Character's College Explanation: Nada Server Time: One or two now, I think. Roleplay History: I've been RPing for five(?) years now, it's kinda sad.
  9. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Knoxx -> Corporal Oakwood -> Lance Corporal Hawkins //: Second In Command: Lance Corporal Hawkins //: Squad Leaders: No squads assigned. //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): 2Spc. Lawson, Sgt. Knoxx, Cpl. Oakwood, 2Spc. Harris //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Pvt. Rhett Stark //: Notable Acts: Several Tankers, and at least one Royal, and a Plasma-type bug killed during the drop. Hive buried. //: Mission Summary: Military-grade supply retrieval from three key locations in the southernmost desert region of XCV-25. Supplies retrieved, Colonel Ziola has stock.
  10. oh shit what about hawkins
  11. idk why i quoted myself Update! Added several new sections, updated a bunch of info, you'll figure it out Updated Lupinacci @Solitaire Updated Ito @Faded
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