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  1. Ctrl + S Save it as a HTML file
  2. Not much to go on, will add when he has something worthy to say
  3. Well I was saying, when it happened at the time I thought Xal was only doing it as a power move, I now know he was only trying to get ahold of Litcoins.
  4. I said "This won't garner you any respect". That's not hating, it's just a viewpoint. Stopped after that, and the backlash was immense, so really saying one thing getting people telling me they're going to "break my kneecaps" and calling me a "stupid British cunt" is truly a fine example of equivalent exchange being thrown out the window.
  5. There'll always be an opposition, what matters id that they be kept a small minority.
  6. The people that think you're a mug are a small minority, the rest of us genuinely thank you that you continue to pay for something just so we have something to play. You've never been a mug Xal.
  7. I really shouldn't have said what I said, I can't take it back, I can't say it was someone else. I can apologize for it. For what it's worth Xal, I'm utterly and truly sorry for what I said, because it was completely and utterly out of line in every shape and form, and trust me I would take it back if I could. Shit's already bad as is, not just on the server but IRL too, and I'm not in the best place right now, so what I said wasn't completely fueled by your post in OOC, but I think that set it off. I respect you, and I can bet one of each organ that most of the community does as well, and it pained me to see you go. As one of the people that genuinely fueled my confidence in what I made in code, I have only you to thank for that. Shit happens, and I am sorry, so trust me when I say this that I will, in all of my power, retract what I said as a whole. @Xalphox
  8. What you're saying about respect is completely understandable, because having shit thrown your way 24/7 must be quite a shitshow. While we do sit in silence (the ones that enjoy the events), it's because we expect you to think that we enjoyed it, because most of do enjoy the events you do. Sadly the minority of people that shit on you for no good reason, tend to be the loudest, and as such it may seem that their words are the only things being emitted from the crowd. Xal, I've personally reached out to you when you posted your intentions on shutting down the server almost a month ago now, and trust me it was within my best interests in helping you see that these people kicking up a shitshow don't deserve their voice if they abuse it. I've tried to say the same thing to Orwell really, but at the same time it's heavy stuff. I sincerely hope you don't shut down the server, as these people are merely thorns on the rosebush, however if you do decide to shut it down I wish you nothing but the best of luck in future endeavors. Take care.
  9. Seamus

    To Orwell

    Well said really. Good events, better than anything I could ever do. I actually enjoyed the campaign, dunno why everyone hated it. It was compelling.
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