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    Derpytoast Ban appeal

    I was recently perma banned from the server for posting fake logs during my drama with Fitz. I would like to start by, again, apologizing for doing so. It was never my intention to get Fitz banned, I just wanted to find out why I was being targeted by Fitz (Which at the time seemed to be the case) and get back into Medical. (As I said to Liz in the screenshot below.) Getting back in Medical is all I wanted out of this. Again, what I did was wrong, I will not deny that or try to make up some excuse for it. I take full responsibility and from this point on will be sure to never make a mistake like that again. I’ve loved my time on this server for over a year now and would love to keep playing, I’m just here to RP and have fun. To be sure that no more drama occurs between me and Fitz I have taken the steps to unfriend and block him over Steam and will, whenever possible, avoid him and his characters through the server unless it is necessary ICly. I didn’t want to remove him as we were good friends before all of this but I realise it is the best course of action. I have apologised multiple times to Fitz and Liz and do feel awful for all of this. Again though, I am truly sorry. I was simply under the assumption that Fitz was the one who got me removed From medical and when I figured out that I was incorrect in this I once again apologized to both Fitz and liz, Even more so to Fitz than anything else.
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    Federal Forward Research Laboratories research assistant (Petty Officer) Character name: Jane Grey Wiki account name: Cant make an account at the moment, due to captcha error. But will as soon as I can. but the name will be derpyotast Field of specialization: Social Sciences Are you aware that while somewhat working independently, you will have to report to one of the Lieutenants?: Yes, and I'm looking forward to it Describe a day in your lab! Helping out my Lieutenant by handing out surveys and helping with the desk/paperwork portion of most of the work. other than that doing what ever the Lieutenant asks me to do no matter how bleak or boring, whether it be just getting them coffee to running a message to another department.
  3. I was just banned for 24 hours, I will say Yes I was at fault but the ban was purely bad timing, Hazy gave me the I'll ban you Pm Nine seconds before I hit enter as I was still typing and didn't happen to look up ( I type looking at the key board...) or hear the sound in chat on my Last Pm before I was done discussion and but that point I was done, She gave me no time to actually stop before banning me and I had no intention of Continuing past my last very badly timed Pm
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    Ottilie Kittel

    Updated some shit...
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    Viktoriya Natraski

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    (OOC/IC) - Applications of Interest, Lore and Brief Rules

    - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: Derpytoast Steam I.D.: STEAM_1:0:77454920 Length of time on the Server: Just over a year Length of time RPing: about seven or so years Time-Zone: EST How active are you?: I get on everyday Is this character already active on the Server?: Yes - What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: She has noticed times where she has a strong gut feeling about something that turned out to be true on more then one occasion, although not fully understanding why this was happening she'd just play it off as good instincts and nothing more. She also has times where she gets severe headaches that she can't explain. Write out a situation in which you would have to use on of your abilities?: Wittman finds herself slowly stepping off the drop ship, rifle in hand as she feels a sharp pain pulsing through her head. She tightly closed her eyes and seems to stumble for a few steps, she let out a slight whimper as she places her left hand on her forehead. As she opens her eyes she tilts her head as the left as she sees O'Neill, her squad lead wave her over to her squad. The young German would seem to be stuck just blankly staring at him for a moment before shaking her head a few times and run over to him. O'Neill looks at Wittman and says "Hey ,you good there kid?" Wittman would nod a few times as she replies "Y-Ya, I just think I feel something...I think we have bugs coming" O'Neill would nod "Ya, I know Charlo-...Wittman, I feel that too" The older man would key his radio saying "Top you might want to watch your rear, Wittman and I are picking up on some bug on their way" A female voice comes over radio "You heard him men, Get ready for shit to go down. I wa- We got bug coming in south west!" --- - IC Section - Name: Charlotte A.F von Wittman Age: 18 D.O.B.:12/29/ 2280 Sex: Female Physical Description: |Blue eyes| Medium length blonde hair| Eighteen years of age| Five feet seven inches tall | athletic build| - If Applicable - Current Rank: 3Spc. Education History: She took all AP classes during high school graduating with straight A's. she'd also take a basic first aid course as well as a few college level classes in both History and science offered to her by her schools Get Prepped for Further Learning program, earning herself a few college credits early Criminal Record: Clean record Employment History: Charity work, but she never accepted any form of payment of gifts Service Record: she enlisted age the eight-teen, she'd turn down a position in fleet to follow in her family tradition. After basic she'd be transferred to the 112th, During her first drop, which was against skinnies . She'd be promoted to the rank of private, shortly after this she would have an interest in becoming a medic. After speaking with the Technical Sargent she'd filled out an application on fednet and be transferred in only a few days later, where she is currently a third specialist
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    OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: Derpytoast STEAM ID: STEAM_1:0:77454920 SERVER TIME: about year? ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: 7ish years MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: had a medic back on altered (Halo rp) as well as Kittel being a medic for a few weeks AVAILABILITY: I'm on every day around 4pm-4am Est IC SECTION NAME: Charlotte A.F. Von Wittman AGE: 18 RACE: Caucasian SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'7" WEIGHT: 135 lbs BLOOD TYPE: AB+ LEVEL OF EDUCATION: High school Grad CRIMINAL RECORD: N/A MEDICAL RECORD: Temporally paralyzed by shinny dart, given the anti-toxin back on ship and recovered DATE OF ENLISTMENT: 2/20/2298
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    What about good old McElroy too?
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