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  1. Heresiarch Grimm

    fleet be like

    The importance of a Fleetie is inversely proportional to both their Rank and the distance between their kneecaps.
  2. Heresiarch Grimm

    Bently's Bandicoots

    Savitar isn't an evil timeline Flash, it's every Flash at once that exists in the speedforce.
  3. Heresiarch Grimm

    Bently's Bandicoots

    You forgot the part where we systematically genocided the Flash over and over again.
  4. Heresiarch Grimm

    Bently's Bandicoots

    Now we just néed them in power rangers colours.
  5. Heresiarch Grimm

    petition to ban Lit Coins

    Are you presidentable to Xaddy?
  6. Heresiarch Grimm

    petition to ban Lit Coins

    Litcoins should ban Litcoins to prove that Litcoins holds no loyalty to Litcoins but instead to X A D D Y
  7. Heresiarch Grimm

    Vickers when Mobcomm won't respond

    Not correct. Should be a Kantus.
  8. Heresiarch Grimm

    PlayX Fix

    You mean it'll be like a typical lovecraftian horror? All the eldritch beings that cannot be described are unmasked for what they truly are?
  9. Heresiarch Grimm

    my baby shower

    Everything they learn will come from sstrp and one day they'll rise up and overthrow the players of old to usher in a new elysium.
  10. Heresiarch Grimm


    This is accurate.
  11. Heresiarch Grimm


    Not able to get onto the real Internet.
  12. Heresiarch Grimm

    Recent Absence

    It's a fast thread boys Spread the cheeki breekis
  13. Heresiarch Grimm

    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    Yeah, but they have to actually be a problem first.
  14. Heresiarch Grimm

    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    That's the worst threat ever. Couldn't even cut yourself properly
  15. Heresiarch Grimm

    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    Mass update time. Or just tyb ty.