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  1. kipper

    Character creation - model aspect

    lovely, thanks a bunch mate, i'll get a gander at this in a little bit
  2. kipper

    UbiSoft banned me

    fighting words
  3. kipper

    UbiSoft banned me

    nah its now or never
  4. kipper

    UbiSoft banned me

    hey cronk bro u wanna play some r6s?
  5. kipper

    UbiSoft banned me

    sux siege is pretty fuckin sick
  6. kipper

    NeoDogs and You.

    whats eveN THE POINT THEN
  7. kipper

    T A N K E R B U G

  8. kipper

    Character creation - model aspect

    suresies, a good way to approach this for me would be to compile the equipment so that i could bonemerge them!
  9. kipper

    Wallpapers and the like

    a very fun fact is that steam profile backgrounds make AWESOME wallpapers
  10. kipper

    Character creation - model aspect

    this is useful, atm there's a single field for the model and the head skin, but it won't be hard to add another field for bodygroups as long as both models have matching bodygroup/skin indexes, it should be quite easy to implement this -- also to add to this, if you're able to provide one sample model with all the currently available bodygroups/skins that'd be super useful if only for testing stuffs
  11. kipper

    New forums!

    this is very noice well done duder