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  1. Gonna miss you man, I'm always down to hang out and play games!
  2. -1 Lower right leg BT (Pfc. Oliver Stanley, 3/6/2299)
  3. -1 Left arm BT (Pvt. Loen Burke, 3/6/2299)
  4. Hi All, Specifically for @hewhogrillsbears, or anyone that cares. My childhood dog passed away last night so if I'm not on as much or infrequent/flakey that's why. Also, if I seem dispassionate/uninterest please don't take it too personally, I'm not quite sure what I'm feeling right now so I apologize if this rubs off on anyone else. Thanks for coming to my ted talk
  5. As if we all aren't
  6. >rolls 11 to not fall >kill me.jpg
  7. Added Holt @Mighty Mouse Added Hawthorne @Coleision Added Hartwick @nikb Added Moore and Christensen @Fluid Added Davidson @Rouge Added Miller @Deck Added Rowan @aphasic Added Emmett @Silent Added Bronson @NorseTheNomad Added Cross
  8. I wanna go on a mission here
  9. AD Medical is like the hoe of all MedRP guides, it's been in many communities
  10. Instructor: Spc. Katrina Geier Trainee: 3Spc. Rowan Burke Time and Date of Training: 14:12 EST, 2/16/2299 Goal of the Training: Aftercare, BCLS/CLS, DARPA foam use and removal.
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