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  1. J. Jordan

    Vote to Revoke Remnar's N-Word pass

    The holder of the n-word pass is a sacred position, and simple systems like democracy cannot rightly upset such divine responsibility. Nigga.
  2. J. Jordan

    SST Screenshots

  3. J. Jordan

    SST Screenshots

  4. J. Jordan

    Show and Tell Thread

  5. J. Jordan


  6. J. Jordan

    Evolution of SSTRP

  7. J. Jordan

    EFT Pics

    usec numbah 1 bear is poo fuk u ruskie eat adidas
  8. J. Jordan

    Recent Absence

  9. J. Jordan

    Where you all get ur flirting advice from

    Advanced Seduction Tactics.
  10. J. Jordan

    .net char descriptions in a nutshell

    6'4". Scarred Face. Gravely Voice. Black Eyeliner. Yuge Mooscles. Spiked Hair. Nothing person-ell, bug.
  11. J. Jordan

    An important question

  12. J. Jordan

    FFRL Starter Park

  13. J. Jordan

    FFRL Starter Park