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    SST Screenshots

  2. J. Jordan

    SST Screenshots

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    Show and Tell Thread

  4. J. Jordan


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    Evolution of SSTRP

  6. J. Jordan

    EFT Pics

    usec numbah 1 bear is poo fuk u ruskie eat adidas
  7. J. Jordan

    Debates done quick: Traps

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    Recent Absence

  9. J. Jordan

    Where you all get ur flirting advice from

    Advanced Seduction Tactics.
  10. J. Jordan

    [IC] Tactical Challenge

    A note is pinned in response
  11. J. Jordan

    .net char descriptions in a nutshell

    6'4". Scarred Face. Gravely Voice. Black Eyeliner. Yuge Mooscles. Spiked Hair. Nothing person-ell, bug.
  12. J. Jordan

    Weapons of the Mobile Infantry

    45-70 Government Magnum and .500 S&W come to mind off the top of my head, though both are notoriously horrible to shoot due to the recoil. But that shit makes things get deader, that's for sure.
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    An important question

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    FFRL Starter Park