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    Old players vs new players. (Opinion)

    I think this post poses a few interesting points that I'm going to try and address in a respectful manner. Naturally, as this is an opinion post, I can offer only my opinion in return and attempt to support it (though I feel as if this will be mostly anecdotal). Firstly, I recognized the point in your first paragraph, " I just hate (and others think this) the feeling of watching over my shoulder, paranoid of making mistakes or feeling I have to prove myself on a god damn rp server on Gmod." It's a pretty common feeling, though perhaps hate is a point of contention for different people. Personally, I always had the feeling of fear about messing up doing things on the server in an RP capacity as well. The best I can tell you is that, rationally, all hierarchical structures have the weight of responsibility. Your ability to properly handle responsibility is always measured in everything you do on the server, ICly and OOCly, because NCOs are put in a position of responsibility. You might not like it, but you must recognize that you have been on events with people who have acted as a bad NCO, and it lead to an overall rougher and less-fun experience. Therefore, people must prove and keep affirming that they have the overall competency to perform in such a role as to increase the smoothness of the server. As for why this is the case? As I stated, hierarchical structures gradually increase the weight of responsibility as one moves further up the hierarchy. The conclusion based off of this is that those who act most in accordance, or in a satisfactory manner to those further up in the hierarchy, are promoted. Whether this is because people act in a "go-fast ARMA 3 military simulator/tacticool operaturrr" manner or a greater emotional intelligence/maturity or what-have-you (I'm sure there are a lot of reasons); there can be a plethora of reasons for promotion. Certain tastes are more appealing based off of who is promoting who and overall who has oversight over the entire running. Secondly, I have to address the point about returning players. I don't want to seem like an elitist, nor do I want to seem like a person who endorses cronyism or nepotism. However, I personally feel as if, logically, older players who have occupied a position for a while and have now returned are perhaps more experienced than up-and-coming players just entering the position, or who have briefly occupied it. Experience, mostly in seeing what works and what doesn't work, as well as having the inherent advantage of being able to tailor a specific style of IC-leadership that already fits a niche, gives older players a pretty big edge over newer ones. This isn't to say that new players are bad at any of the mentioned points, only that older players have a time advantage. As Optic has mentioned in the thread, he has a specific plan focused around mentoring newer players. I'd only like to point towards Pilotfish's "IC Guide to not being a fuck-up" or whatever it's called. While crass (and only in this more formal setting), I believe it's an exemplary article that really encompasses my point: an older player who has been around, filled a position before, has had opportunities to learn from other players, has a specific style of leadership, etc. I believe that if your concern is that you're being sidelined because of older player's acting in a more elitist or big for their britches attitude, it may be more focused on the experience factor than it is a nepotism factor. I would never encourage bullying or exclusion of newer players because of ignorance regarding a factor, because there is a reasonable level of knowledge we have to expect. If you know more than that, great, you can perhaps make whatever interaction with that bit of knowledge more in depth. But we can't expect everyone to know everything; it's only fair. Having stated that, I HAVE TO STRESS: if someone offers you a bit of knowledge on something you didn't know, or attempts to teach you something, you better learn it. Make the attempt to broaden your horizons. If an older player says, "in my experience, this, this, and this works", try your best to remember it and adapt it to something you can learn. Carve your own style out of what others give you. Character building. If an older player says, "you're such an idiot, you didn't know this, this, and this!" then recognize that they're not trying to better you, but belittle you. Don't let people do that, talk it out with them or tell an admin. Again, just my opinion, but hopefully it was informative. Sorry if I misconstrued any of your points, but I'm willing to correct anything I might have assumed and redress the point.
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    Wallpapers and the like

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    How To Pad Your Post Count 102; Electric Boogaloo

    but thats just a theory a sst theory thanks for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Roll Initiative

    I roll to appeal PK:
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    Roll Initiative

    Natural 20. Prepare for trouble.
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    we are safe

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    SST Quotes Thread

  8. It was always my belief that yes, the Sky Marshal was the Commander-In-Chief and head of the Executive, but ultimately created no policy. The role of the Prime Councilor was to head the Majority Party and influence the election of the Sky Marshal, as well as other laws. In the case of the Sky Marshal's resignation or death, the Prime Councilor simply leads his party is voting in a new Sky Marshal. The reason for the instability of the Federation due to the death of the Sky Marshal and the subsequent execution of most of the Council, leading to the establishment of the Sanctuary junta. This was less of an issue with the system, but more the massive blow to organization on the Progenitor's part. Basicly, Prime Councilor heads majority of the council, makes policies regarding domestic affairs, and appoints (votes) in the executor (commander-in-chief and sky marshal) of the Federation Council's policy. Sky Marshal is the ultimate authority in the execution of war efforts and policy, but has a duty to the Council so that they are informed and can influence domestic policy accordingly.
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    Upcoming changes to Engineering.

    I know this isn't a discussion page, so I'm going to throw out some questions regarding these changes: I'd like a concrete answer to: 1. Has the "exclusive remit" over LRRs and vehicles been reneged? 2. Since Engineers will be trained (implied promoted?) based off of OOC knowledge, will there be an IC demonstration of this knowledge? 3.How does this affect progression? 4. Will higher ranked specialists teach other Engineers at all ICly, as medical specialists teach medical skills (CLS, advanced triage, etc)? Also, I'm sort of out of the loop, but who is Soaps? Is he co-lead of Engineering?
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    Military Intelligence officer arrives on the U.C.F Vessel, Ulysses Grant, to investigate the THOT presence on board.
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    NCOs are enlisted soldiers

    It may be the way that you phrased the statement. It seemed a little confusing to me at first, though I understand your meaning in the end. Allow me to clarify if anyone is confused by this situation: Non-commissioned officers are enlisted. Their paygrade is between E(nlisted)-4 to E(nlisted)-9, and are given varying levels of command over those below their rank. They are not commissioned officers, such as a Second Lieutenant (O(fficer)-1) and above. For all intents and purposes on the server, they are the main commanding body over the platoon, given the small nature of the server. They are, however, not the ones that give the overall strategic and operational objectives, merely executioners of the tactical objectives. This is not to say that Non-commissioned officers are not without their own respects and courtesies given to them from other enlisted ranks. A higher rank is a higher rank, whether you salute them or not.