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    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    As others have said: natural ebbs and flows of a GMOD server. The problem is just that things are in a state of stagnation at the moment because the hectic nature of summer schedules. Server population spikes once events start (usually), mostly because things are happening and there's NPCs to left click. As soon as the civil war starts getting back on track and the big, bombastic campaigns gets people invested again, things should kick up. Simply have to wait until everyone's time is actually manageable. Personally, the small playerbase is always fun, you get some of the cooler missions with 6-11 people as compared to the 20-30 people missions that way. Admins, make the most out of some cool small-scale stuff, shit's always fun.
  2. J. Jordan

    Details lads

    First, Standard Kit is nicely organized here: And if you're curious, here's the regulations: As for your question about IFAKs, it stands for: It's a first aid kit carried by every infantryman (or is supposed to be), and contains things such as gauze, adhesive bandages, nasopharyngeal airway, etc. General practice is to use the IFAK of a wounded infantryman, as they're likely not going to go around bandaging wounded if they themselves are wounded. A helpful link if you're interested in what a U.S Infantryman's IFAK contains: https://warriorpublications.wordpress.com/2015/06/10/ifak-individual-first-aid-kits/ Finally, enlistment is 100% open (as far as I can recall, standards hasn't changed from regular Pre-Civil War). This means as long as you can understand and affirm that you understand the Oath, you can go into Federal Service. This means, and I have seen on the server before, people be exceptionally obese and still serve in the Infantry role (Quadricci); they can even be mute (Duvall). The likelyhood someone exceptionally short or tall WANTS to go into the Mobile Infantry may be really damn small, but it's their right and their life, so they can enlist. As for injuries, I'm not up to standard with the status of giving Biotechs to low ranks, but as far as I can tell, the chances of medical discharge before you die is really low. Edit: Straight from the Medical Forums here, the IFAK: IFAK Hide contents BAG WEIGHT: 3lbs / 1.3kg Carried by every Trooper to date, the IFAK is a kit designed to hold a wounded Trooper over until they can be seen by medical personnel. HEMORRHAGE >> x1 extremity tourniquet x2 simple gauze dressing x2 Israeli dressing x1 hemostatic dressing x1 occlusive dressing x1 X-STAT AIRWAY/BREATHING >> x2 valved chest seal x1 needle chest decompression kit x1 NPA kit (- Contains several sizes of nasally-inserted rubber NPAs as well as a packet of water-based lubricant. Although uncomfortable, the NPA is the only airway adjunct that can be tolerated by conscious patients. Contraindicated by severe head/facial trauma or suspected skull fracture.) BANDAGES/MUSCULOSKELETAL >> x2 elastic bandage roll x2 cling gauze bandage roll DRUGS >> x1 activated charcoal bottle x2 tylenol x1 mobic x1 levaquin MISCELLANEOUS >> x1 trauma shears x1 surgical tape roll x1 box nitrile exam gloves x1 casualty cards x1 black surgical marker
  3. J. Jordan

    OSW/Pathfinder character check

    Name: Chris R. Dooley Rank: Major Transferred from MI to Pathfinder for Operation Trident (And those three on Pangea)
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    I promised I would.

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    sstrp in a nutshell

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    civil war hype

    i added stuff to grimm's map cuz i could updated with red line and the cartel, red and aqua respectively
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    civil war hype

  8. J. Jordan

    civil war hype

    me seeing communists
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    god has come back

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    Every Sep Leader

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    Issues with the Server

    I've always questioned why it was Master Sergeant instead of First Sergeant, but honestly I think it's too late to change them really. I believe it would be mostly flavor-text (and while accurate) would not change the function of the role.