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  1. Gabes.

    Internal Security Survey.

    I thought Centrix had someone else take over for my place as XO, isn't @E.Fox doing everything now?
  2. Gabes.

    going inactive for a while

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. in case you cant read title. had great rp m0mnents, will probably back in winter orw awhtever. bye 4 a while, or like we say in iceland land. sjáumst síðar, sjömlar. best regards, gabes. from the icelands.
  4. Gabes.

    SST Quotes Thread

    [RADIO] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: Bathroom, showers are ready to be used again. [RADIO] Cpl. Aaron Holtz: Wonderful. I'll be there shortly. [PM] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: you're gonna love the new design. [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: taa daaa.. [LOOC] Cpl. Aaron Holtz: Please save this. ***The bathroom would be squeaky clean (MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader) Cpl. Aaron Holtz says, "...And for your final task." ** Cpl. Aaron Holtz took out the Mark One Shotgun Vareant manual. "Read up on this." [RADIO] 2Spc. Annabelle K. Thacker: Corporal Holtz may I be excused from dinner? please. MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader says, "Mmm." [RADIO] Cpl. Aaron Holtz: You don't have to ask me, you can come and go on your free will. [RADIO] 2Spc. Annabelle K. Thacker: Uh-right thank you Corporal. MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader says, "Do you like the new design" Cpl. Aaron Holtz says, "Not really." Cpl. Aaron Holtz says, "But it'll work." [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: i guess y ou can say [LOOC] Cpl. Aaron Holtz: DO NOT [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: i pimped up the bathroom. [LOOC] Cpl. Aaron Holtz: No. Cpl. Aaron Holtz says, "Just.. Go read. " [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: *duduuddududeudeud* [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: PIMP MY BATHROOM [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: THA FUCKIN BATHROOM [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: GET THE WORD OUT [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: IBE PIMPIN EVERY SINGLE ROOM [LOOC] Cpl. Aaron Holtz: You worry me. [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: BOOM SHAKALAKA MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader says, ":// DUDUDU" [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: I'LL PIMP THIS WHOLE SHIP [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: YOU CAN COUNT ON ME Cpl. Aaron Holtz says, "Shoo. Why are you following me." [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: TO REDESIGN EVERY INCH OF THIS SHIP [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: BOOYUYYAH [LOOC] Cpl. Aaron Holtz: NO "Federation is running out of money to actually get us proper bathrooms, so we use what we can."
  5. Gabes.

    I mean, if you think about it we are the new generation fore SSTRP

    god emperor xalphox.
  6. Gabes.

    Wallpapers and the like

    All screenshots in 1920x1080, enjoy.
  7. Gabes.

    Sila Ren

    egh baader
  8. Gabes.

    Jackie Knoxx

    Knoxx is exactly how i imagined her. <3
  9. Gabes.

    Wallpapers and the like

    I modded my Skyrim SE to shit and it looked beautiful, so I decided to take some pictures and I plan to do moar. Thought they'd make good wallpapes. 1920x1080 Pictures tho.
  10. Gabes.

    SST Quotes Thread

    Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "Where is this smell coming from?" Pvt. Sila Ren says, "Don't do that again...." Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "Master specialist." MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader says, "I don't know, Corporal." Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "May I sniff you for a tiny bit a moment?" MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader says, "No need, I think it's..." ** MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader sniffed AgterEekte. MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader says, "Coming from you, Corporal?" Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "..oh no." Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, ".mmy." Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "...my cucumbers." ** Pvt. Sila Ren walks over and sniffs him as well. MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader says, "Have you showered lately?" Pvt. Sila Ren says, "Definitely you." ** Cpl. Florens AgterEekte touched his crotch. Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "My cucumbers are smashed." Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "Fugg." Pvt. Maverick King says, "I was asleep! Whats up with the alarm1?" Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "Let's go." MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader says, "Oh, no... That's bad." Cpl. Florens AgterEekte yells: ''Observation deck.'' MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader says, "You should get that looked at, Corporal!" Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "No, literally." Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "My cucumber." ** Cpl. Florens AgterEekte reached down to his zipper, unzipping it. He removed a smashed cucumber. Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "...I'm sad now." MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader says, "Ah... sad times." Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "This was my best cucumber." MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader says, "You can always buy a new one..." Cpl. Florens AgterEekte says, "I have a supplier." [LOOC] MSpc. Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: what the fuck kind of guy get supplied cucumbers. [LOOC] Cpl. Florens AgterEekte: <
  11. Gabes.

    Jon Pauls Smashlist

    ikr, i thought the bohannon family followed the incest tradition in southern families.