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  1. Durango

    Change the server name!

    What's that? You want more My Little Starship Ponies?
  2. I'll handle this one. Okay so, I'll put this plainly; This is a very vague appeal. I would be a fool to blindly allow your character to return from what everyone else has considered a valid PK for a lengthy period of time. That said, my home state doesn't believe in a statue of limitations so fuck it. Can you at least remember who the admin was? Why the suit malfunctioned? Did you roll for anything that contributed or directly caused the PK? Were you in any sort of communication with the admin who was running the event?
  3. Durango

    James 'Chev' Chevosky

    Elrad Davidson
  4. Durango

    The State of SSTRP

    Greetings all, It displeases me to inform you that we've hit a lull here. Both myself and @F r a n c o have had a rather rough increase in IRL activities which have kept us busy. I myself am currently on the road traveling for a new job I've just finished training for, and now I get to try my hand at being in charge of my crew and really fucking things up :D. As life on the road does, things get tricky as far as staying connected. Naturally, without the presence of leadership both ICly and OOCly, population will decline. Just as well, the halt of the storyline will result in the same. So I'm afraid I'm just going to have to tell you how we're going to fix things. The Civil War Finale The Campaign starts July 8th. This Campaign will be the assault on Sanctuary, Capture/Killing of Admiral Erin O'Brien, and finally the end of the Federal Civil War storyline. It will be personally handled by Franco, Orwell, and Myself. With some assistance from helper monkeys, as usual. More information on that will be released in it's own thread. Content Currently, our noble developer has been contracted out to begin work on a roadmap. I will not go into heavy detail as some of it is a surprise, just know that this roadmap will see the release of content every month if not every other month for the next year. Ultimately, we will completely revamp and revitalize SSTRP just as Xal did the past year with SStwoRP. I can also tell you that these new pieces of content will not just "show up", and will actually be ICly developed, tested, and cleared for field usage. These items include sweps, entities, vehicles, models, and even possibly a new game mode. I hope this eases some of you who may be distressed by the lull as of recent, and excites you for what is to come. Your Obedient Servant, Durango
  5. Durango

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    Excuse me for not being particularly concerned, tbh SSTRP works this way. Players come, players go. Population declines as players become busy or just plain bored with the RP, this is all natural and inevitable for even the most veteran players. Everyone gets burnt out. Then, new players surge in a month or so, sparking interest back into those burnt out players and attracting more as a result. It's a rollercoaster baby ride it
  6. Durango

    A Collection of Images of Fat Mice

    Well done Fitz
  7. Durango

    Noah 'Deadgano' Gargano- KIA 14/07/2298

    Elrad Davidson
  8. Durango

    I am back!

    Jim Crow is a sorely missed institution
  9. Durango

    Travis Young

    Elrad Davidson
  10. Durango

    Specialist using MGs

    New weapons will make this issue irrelevant very soon ty for ur input
  11. Durango

    Gary "Gaz" Johnson [KIA]

    Col DVD Sony
  12. Durango

    Stuck in nowhere. Pictures

    Smoke it and find out
  13. Durango

    Stuck in nowhere. Pictures

    Where do you grow the weed
  14. Durango


  15. Durango

    dad had a chicken

    mama had a cow