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  1. Need something to watch?

    I awoke the next morning with my cock holster still leaching. I thought it was over but his stilton spear had other ideas. Inserting a gerbil into my soft-shelled tuna taco got me splurging minge mucus faster than a greased weasel shit. With his all-beef thermometer hammering deep into my municipal cockwash, the sensation of his tenderloin truncheon smashing my cervix made me quiver like Vanessa Feltz's diesel-powered vibrator. By now, my clearing in the woods was seeping like Augustus Gloop's mouth at the sight of Willy Wonka's chocolate river. When he removed his disco stick from my Oxo orifice, he was pleasantly surprised to see a stink pickle staring back as him. He knew I couldn't wait to chow down on the footlong fudge bullet off his cunt stretcher.
  2. Fitz, as someone who's ran easy simple missions with not so scary enemies (see some of my target designation missions) as well as incredibly difficult missions against highly trained and heavily equipped bloodthirsty killer commandos (see ANY than sol mission) I can tell you that you're looking for something that just doesn't really exist. There are no perfect missions and you just simply can't please everyone. Im all for improvement where improvement need be, but this isn't something you can force. Even the most seasoned admins will shit out a fart every now and again. Lastly, you don't want an @Archer mission unless you want 6 hour missions on complete improv mode (not that improv is wrong, Russians just can't do improv, last time they tried they killed like a fourth of their population)
  3. when a streamer kills your medic

    Haha faggot
  4. How it looks When an NCO pulls out their Baton

    Why hit trooper yourself when you can make the whole platoon do it for you Level up to officer scrubs
  5. Elrad Davidson

  6. Helghast are the good guys.

  7. ITT

    Fried the NIC
  8. ITT

  9. ITT

    I have a computer it's just damaged beyond repair much like xals asshole
  10. ITT

    He's a great power bottom too
  11. ITT

    In this thread we talk about how gay xalphox is
  12. IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    Oh-- and we travelled. Monument dedications and shit.
  13. IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    Kentucky. Used to be a bunch of Confed regiments (3rd,5th, 7th) in my area but they all formed into one. Haven't been to one in about two years tho.
  14. Our Lord God Rico

    Supreme leader is sending me spare laptop on Saturday, will take a few days to arrive, hopefully next week. I logged on to the server for approx 15 minutes before my NIC fried.