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    Starship Troopers RP Trading Card Game(tm)!

    bohannon got a card and i didnt im glad i left
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    What I've been doing

    @Litcoins u tryna battle?
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    What I've been doing

    Rap rap r a p r. p rp still the same thing https://m.soundcloud.com/user-610031928/barsdick-dango-prod-hellanoise tell me what u think
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    i dont want to be XA anymore i dont want to be in the community anymore take it as salt, take it as moving on, idc some of you were cool ( @Xalphox, @Orwell, @Medic, @Maple Leaf Moosefucker) most of you suck good luck on the virginities later
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    Postponed until I can give a fuck about it
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    Why can't our CM be so?

    I fail to see the difference
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    OPERATION DEEPWELL Thursday 9/13/2018 9 PM GMT 4 Hour Quest line climax Event Planet Cerus' deepwater ocean dams have failed, the colony is in ruins, and it's people devestated... Why did the dam fail? Who is to blame? Will you answer the call?
  8. THOUSANDS DEAD, COLONY IN RUIN, WHO WILL HELP? The United Citizens Federation's Military Force; The Sixth Fleet Commanded by veteran Fleet Admiral Skye Beringe has mobilized in an effort to assist on the outer rim Colony known as Cerus in the crisis event that four of the planet's recently constructed dams, holding back six different major bodies of water making up almost 86% of the planet. These Dams, constructed during the disastrous Civil Wars to combat a possible food shortage after the war, allowed for industrial farmlands to be secured on the mineral rich soil and sediment that now continues being an oceanfloor oncemore, are now under scrutiny by top Federal Architects who are not ruling out Terrorist acts. Death tolls are estimated in the thousands, collateral damage worth millions of pound. Do you have what it takes to help? Contact your local recruitment center to enlist and do your part to save lives today!
  9. Durango

    Memorial Book for Gen Martin & Cpt Bailey

    GEN. DANNY MARTIN היית חבר יקר ובן ברית אמיץ במלחמתנו המתמדת למען האנושות, אני תמיד אשמור את הלהבה כל עוד אני חי כדי לעזור לי אלוהים, אני אספר את הסיפור של דני מרטין CPT. DAISY BAILEY הזכרת לי את אמא שלי. הבורבון לא יבוזבז ידידי היקר. אתה מילאת את חובתך ונספת גיבור. אלרד בן דודזון
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    Tiago Sousa

    Updoodled @Ymot Tommy Wort added
  11. 101. LINEN: Two (2) sheets, one (1) pillowcase, and one (1) bedspread/comforter will be issued to each person residing in the Barracks. During periods of cold weather, a blanket will be included in this basic issue. It is the responsibility of each person to clean his/her own linen, with the exception of the comforter. If the comforter requires laundering, the occupant shall so inform the Commanding Officer. In the event that linen is lost or stolen, the occupant shall immediately notify the Commanding Officer. Under most circumstances, lost/stolen linens will be replaced at the occupant’s expense. 102. ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: a. Stereos, TV sets, and radios are authorized for use in berthing rooms. Volume of such equipment, however, must be kept to a minimum. After 2200, they shall be operated through headphones, or be turned down low enough not to disturb other barracks residents. If deemed necessary, any superior rank can order any resident to secure electrical or electronic equipment. Repeat offenders will have equipment confiscated, and returned upon check out. b. Hot plates, woks, stoves, grills or any other type of cooking appliances are strictly prohibited for enlisted. Personal microwave ovens of 650 watts or less may be utilized within berthing rooms. They must be kept clean at all times, and will be subject to confiscation if they are not. c. One small refrigerator per room will be provided. d. Use of nuclear devices are prohibited e. Use of heat emitting items such as soldering equipment, acetylene torches, etc. is strictly prohibited. This is not intended to limit use of “low” heat personal items such as electric blankets, irons, and heating pads. These items are allowed, provided they are used sensibly and are in good repair. Any violations of this regulation will result in disciplinary action and immediate confiscation of illegal items. 103. OTHER PROHIBITIONS: a. All drugs other than currently valid prescription pharmaceuticals are strictly prohibited. Over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol and pseusophedrine are not intended to be restricted under this regulation. Contraband substances include, but are not limited to: marijuana, hashish, LSD, amphetamines, or any other illegal substances. Use or possession of such contraband will be processed under the rules of the UCFMJ. b. Pets other than fish are prohibited. Occupants desiring to maintain aquariums must first get approval from the Commanding Officer. c. Firearms, ammunitions, knives with blades over three inches, bow and arrows, and weapons of any kind are prohibited. Weapons of any kind must be checked in with the Ship captain. d. Incense, candles, sparklers, and burning substances of any kind are prohibited. NO SMOKING in any Government facility. Smoking areas are located outside of the Barracks. Smoking is NOT PERMITTED within any duty rooms at any time. Personnel found acting in noncompliance will be subject to disciplinary action. e. Use of portable locking devices, such as door jamming locks, or any type of lock that will prohibit free access to rooms is strictly prohibited. f. Articles of any kind may not be placed on outside window ledges. g. Nails and screws may not be driven into the walls anywhere in the barracks for any purpose. Decorations or other wall hangings may be supported on existing nails only. Any additional holes left behind must be repaired prior to departure. h. Display of pictures, posters, or other articles that may be offensive to individuals viewing from outside the building is strictly prohibited. Displays of lewd, tasteless, or illegal nature including, but not limited to pornography or illicit drugs is not permitted at any time, whether or not visible from outside the room. i. Pornography is strictly prohibited. e. Any Electronic Device which consumes more than 650w of power 104. SAFETY: a. Safety is everyone’s business. Constant awareness of safety, and continuous efforts to identify and eliminate hazards are particularly important. All barracks occupants are tasked with the responsibility of being continually alert for unsafe practices and for putting a stop to them, either personally, or through an immediate report to a superior. While safety regulations are comprehensive, they cannot cover every possible violation of good injury-prevention practices. Common sense and good judgment must be used by everyone. b. The handling of fire fighting equipment is prohibited, except for the purpose of extinguishing a fire. c. Storage of flammable liquids (gasoline, lighter fluid, etc.) in berthing rooms is strictly prohibited. Contact a superior to arrange proper storage of such items. d. The number of electrical outlets shall not be increased by the use of multi-outlet adapters. Surge protectors are authorized. e. Trash cans will be emptied daily. f. Use of any fire or heat emitting devices is prohibited except as provided by these regulations. 106. SECURITY: Each occupant is responsible for the security of his/her own belongings. All rooms must be properly locked when occupants are absent or asleep. To reduce loss from theft, personal lockers, when available, shall be locked at all times when a resident is not in the room. The Command assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items or money. If a resident believes that his/her room has been inappropriately entered, he/she shall immediately report the incident to the MAA, JOOD, or OOD. 107. PLANTS: Houseplants are authorized in berthing rooms as long as they are kept healthy and trimmed. They must not impinge on roommate’s rights or create hazards by producing mold or harboring insects, etc. 108. ETIQUETTE: Common courtesy dictates that personnel assigned to the same or adjoining rooms cooperate with each other in order to peacefully live together. Honor and respect of each other’s privileges, rights and privacy shall at all times be considered. 109. LUCKY BAG: Any Superior is authorized to confiscate loose gear and articles of clothing left adrift during weekly room inspections. Such items will be placed in the “Lucky Bag Locker” in the Master Sergeant’s office and will be open weekly. Individuals may claim their belongings at lucky bag sales held at least quarterly. Any gear or clothing not claimed by the owner at that time will either be sold or otherwise discarded. Notification of lucky bag sales will be disseminated to all local commands, including in-port ships, at least one week prior to date 110. RESPONSIBILITY: a. Occupants of rooms within the ship are responsible for maintaining the rooms they are assigned, and for picking up the common areas they use. The senior resident in each room shall be responsible for ensuring that the following routine is carried out. (1) Work days prior to 0715, beds shall be made up neatly, loose gear stowed in lockers, deck cleaned, trash cans emptied. Weekly MAA inspections will be held on a random basis. (2) Bi-Weekly or prior to Commanding Officer’s Material Inspection, all equipment and furnishings shall be dusted, window sills cleaned, head fixtures polished, and all carpeted floors vacuumed and floors in the head swabbed. b. The sighting of any vermin or insect pests in any room or common area shall be reported promptly to a superior. The responsibility is usually carried out through the use of contract cleaners. Barracks residents are tasked with the responsibility of notifying a superior if areas are not being adequately cleaned. Residents shall NOT interfere with outside cleaners. If problems exist, notify a superior. 111. GEAR ADRIFT: Gear adrift is defined, as any personal item not properly stowed within personal or communal spaces. Personal belongings which cannot be stowed away in personal or communal locker (large stereos, trunks, etc.) are allowed in Barracks rooms provided their stowage does not create an overly cluttered room. NCOs and Officers determine when personal belongings in a room are excessive and notifies the occupants to remove or restow their belongings. Any gear adrift will be confiscated and placed in the “Lucky Bag”. 112. HOUSEKEEPING: a. Duty personnel are responsible for the condition of their respective duty rooms. The NCO staff is responsible for ensuring crew duty rooms and lounges are kept tidy, and the Senior Officer is responsible for the same with officer duty rooms and the wardroom. b. Operations permitting, personnel shall make their racks (minimum of comforter and pillow) prior to departing in the morning, and shall place used linen in the appropriate bin. c. Problems with duty rooms should be addressed to the chain of command as soon as feasible, as inadequate sleeping facilities impact on safety of flight.
  12. Durango

    Tiago Sousa

    "Ai, where the fuck we goin' mang?" -Sousa during Basic, 2298 Basic Information Name: Tiago Juan Sousa Place of Birth: Anchorage, Terra Date of Birth: May 25th Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 5'11" Physical Description: Weight: 195 lbs Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Green Military Information Rank: Private Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: 05/25/2298 Years of Service: .5 Service Record: Enlisted at Recruiting Station UCF-SS 336 "Gerald Ford", 6 months training on Iskander, assigned to the 112th Infantry, Alpha Company, Alpha Platoon Personal Information Family: Backstory: Born in Anchorage during an off-season period to a working-class travelling family, Tiago admired and respected his parents. Being the child of spacers, in a large family, Tiago was raised a lot by his Grandmother in Anchorage while his parents were away. He attended schooling there with his siblings, being educated formally until grade 10, where he would work a contract out with a large trading company that would now be known as a piece of the Colonial Confederation, his family's then employer. However, his Grandmother insisted upon speaking Portugese, the language of her grandfather, in her household. Allowing Tiago to adopt many South American niches. He would accompany his Father, Mother and older siblings in the work field as a laborer disassembling and retrofitting old starships. Still being new, he was not allowed to tackle some of the bigger or more skilled tasks that his siblings, who had long been certified in certain skillsets could. Often receiving the "grunt" work, Tiago became increasingly frustrated by his family members. Despite proving his worth to the crew as a hard worker, his circumstances never changed. Things seemed to only worsen as news arrived of his Grandmother's passing. She had been on Terra when it fell, along with three of Tiago's younger siblings. His parents fell into a deep depression. His mother, completely inconsolable. They began to lose contracts. Work dried up. Soon, his Father and brothers anchored at a local station near Hesperus, using their remaining coin to purchase some property to double as a domicile and a hardware repair shop. Fed up with the circumstances set before himself, and of age, Tiago enlisted in Federal Service. Characteristics: Bull-headed, Brash, Quick to Anger, Compassionate, AMPED Strengths & Weaknesses: Tiago is often times known to jump the gun, he will often rush into situations with little to no knowledge of the situation. He has a weakness for the female form, and a vice for drinking, drugs, and partying. He is a hardworker, determined and physically capable. Other Information: brazil sucks Personal Relationships Rick Wilmot - Who? I think I might've served with him once or twice.. Nothing really comes to mind, mang. Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated
  13. Durango

    Lyndsey Carter, PK Appeal.

    Right. I'll take this one. These two sections stick out to me the most, as it seems to be the point where the deal is done. Given, you rolled an 82, which could've potentially saved your character in most situations. However, you were not requested to roll as your character was in an incapacitated state from rolling a 2 the past turn. Unless your character was going to release their limbs like a lizard, there isn't much you can do except helplessly await rescue while impaled by an Arachnid and held about 10-15 ft in the air. Then we have this... This is what one would call the "Nail-in-the-coffin". Your comrades were given an opportunity to react and rescue your character. Unfortunately, due to the confusion of battle, the sheer shock of seeing their comrade get the old bug hava naguila, or whatever it may have been, it all amounts to the fact that your comrades let you die. Is it a sad death? Yes. Is someone to blame? Yes. But unfortunately, I don't think it's the admins here. If anything, you can take comfort in knowing that your comrades now have to sleep with the fact that they got you killed. Your character death will provide RP for several troopers by the sound of it. Now to touch on this... While admins are encouraged to be clear and forthright to players, they are not required to be. Admins can utilize deception at their discretion on missions should they wish. The Admin is required to warn others of danger, but tbh, I don't see how anyone couldn't have gotten the hint personally. Regardless, admins are not required to hold players hands when it comes to danger during missions. Finally, the only thing that would actually prevent this PK from being final, is this: Targeting is absolutely 100% not tolerated on the admin team. It is punished with an immediate removal of admin, if not a permanent ban. However, @Medic, is a trusted veteran admin that I would not suspect of doing so. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt here on that one, due to my own history with him, and due to no evidence showing otherwise. I sympathize with losing a character, but I strongly suggest you think of it as closure. Theres nothing I hate more than a character who just falls off the face of the earth never to be seen again. At least you got an ending. Now, what story shall you tell now? Appeal Denied
  14. Durango

    Mortal Kombat X Gore Pack

    Would be cool, but unfortunately as with all other GMOD gore addons, it just clogs up the already laggy server
  15. Durango

    Prefiring In Events

    I didn't read most of this, but as a rule of thumb an admin should empty about half a mag s2m around an exposed Trooper before hitting them with a few rounds. You don't take a killshot unless they are absolutely not getting it. Example: Trooper A pushes upward into a small corridor Holy shit! A Shotgunner has engaged Trooper A in close quarters, buckshot flashing all around them Trooper A continues to push, he can take this guy Shotgunner peppers Trooper A in the foot Trooper A continues to push Shotgunner gives him another peppering in the arms Trooper A is full on leroy jenkins, pushing that cover Shotgunner finally nails Trooper A in the head, as any monkey with a gun would in such time That way, they earned the punishment of the red screen & rollarino. We are not a Deathmatch server, however that being said this is an action server centered around the death and destruction of war. Sometimes it isn't going to be fair, and sometimes its going to feel brutal. However, we as an admin team should not be striving to create an unpleasant experience for the player. Touching on ESP and admin usage Firstly, there is no way one would be able to regulate or enforce against using ESP without adding to the workload of either the XAs by requiring us to constantly monitor ESP (when it's being used and when it isn't), or to the mission making admin, who would be required to keep track themselves throughout the duration of their mission. In fact, this would put more of a burden on the mission maker than the extra helping hand on a mission would ease, thus discouraging admins from asking for help or from trying to run missions out of anxiety of dealing with all that shit. Secondly, admins sometimes are employing their ESP for more reasons than tracking players in combat. Sometimes they need to quickly find a new player that has joined, spot those who have died, or to keep track of other admins floating about. Taking it away from them would subtract more from their mission-making abilities. While I understand, and heavily frown upon utilizing ESP to simply punish the players by S2K'n them over and over is toxic to a roleplay server, all we can do is handle it on a case by case basis. :D