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  1. Durango

    my return

    鉂わ笍 tyvm papa loog
  2. Durango

    my return

    Yeah, I don't know shit about FL and we have trouble using it to record vocals properly. I had more experience with mixcraft so I just recorded the vocals and shit off that lol.
  3. Durango

    my return

    don't tell me what to do
  4. Durango

    my return

    I feel that delivery is a big part of it id like to think I learn a little more about my voice every time I make a song
  5. Durango

    my return

    I used acoustica mixcraft to record the vocals, but my buddy produces most of the beats with FL and splice. The third was super experimental, so it's cool that it stuck out to you. 馃榿
  6. Durango

    my return

    isn't happening, but I'm still making music and experimenting with hip hop check out my tracks then criticize so I can learn and get better much advance thank My attempt at darker trap-type songs: My attempt at a lo-fi hip hop sound: My attempt at both writing and producing a track:
  7. @Litcoins u tryna battle?
  8. Rap rap r a p r. p rp still the same thing https://m.soundcloud.com/user-610031928/barsdick-dango-prod-hellanoise tell me what u think
  9. i dont want to be XA anymore i dont want to be in the community anymore take it as salt, take it as moving on, idc some of you were cool ( @Xalphox, @Orwell, @Medic, @Maple Leaf Moosefucker) most of you suck good luck on the virginities later
  10. Postponed until I can give a fuck about it
  11. OPERATION DEEPWELL Thursday 9/13/2018 9 PM GMT 4 Hour Quest line climax Event Planet Cerus' deepwater ocean dams have failed, the colony is in ruins, and it's people devestated... Why did the dam fail? Who is to blame? Will you answer the call?
  12. THOUSANDS DEAD, COLONY IN RUIN, WHO WILL HELP? The United Citizens Federation's Military Force; The Sixth Fleet Commanded by veteran Fleet Admiral Skye Beringe has mobilized in an effort to assist on the outer rim Colony known as Cerus in the crisis event that four of the planet's recently constructed dams, holding back six different major bodies of water making up almost 86% of the planet. These Dams, constructed during the disastrous Civil Wars to combat a possible food shortage after the war, allowed for industrial farmlands to be secured on the mineral rich soil and sediment that now continues being an oceanfloor oncemore, are now under scrutiny by top Federal Architects who are not ruling out Terrorist acts. Death tolls are estimated in the thousands, collateral damage worth millions of pound. Do you have what it takes to help? Contact your local recruitment center to enlist and do your part to save lives today!
  13. GEN. DANNY MARTIN 讛讬讬转 讞讘专 讬拽专 讜讘谉 讘专讬转 讗诪讬抓 讘诪诇讞诪转谞讜 讛诪转诪讚转 诇诪注谉 讛讗谞讜砖讜转, 讗谞讬 转诪讬讚 讗砖诪讜专 讗转 讛诇讛讘讛 讻诇 注讜讚 讗谞讬 讞讬 讻讚讬 诇注讝讜专 诇讬 讗诇讜讛讬诐, 讗谞讬 讗住驻专 讗转 讛住讬驻讜专 砖诇 讚谞讬 诪专讟讬谉 CPT. DAISY BAILEY 讛讝讻专转 诇讬 讗转 讗诪讗 砖诇讬. 讛讘讜专讘讜谉 诇讗 讬讘讜讝讘讝 讬讚讬讚讬 讛讬拽专. 讗转讛 诪讬诇讗转 讗转 讞讜讘转讱 讜谞住驻转 讙讬讘讜专. 讗诇专讚 讘谉 讚讜讚讝讜谉
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