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    Patrick Stevenson

    i thought they interacted dw about it if im mistaken
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    Patrick Stevenson

    Add Elrad Davidson & "ULTIMATE VR ARCADE: For Children 12+"
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    -The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

    elrd doodleson
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    Alicia 'Snow' White

    elrod doodvodson
  5. Yes this was my bad! Many apologies & spankings from and for myself
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    Maple syrup

    needle syrup
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    Maple syrup

    ban for being non-Canadian
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    Maple syrup

    Also , @Xalphox , you forgot @Maple Leaf Moosefucker
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    Maple syrup

    I can indeed verify it is good scotch and if you don't believe me I will gladly test it for you
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    Elrad Davidson

    Here. I finally fucking made it. Suck me. Basic Information:Name: Elrad Ben Davidson Age: 32 D.O.B: January 5th, 2270 Gender: Male Affiliation: Coalition Role(s): Infantry Commander Kin: Elchai Ben Davidson (Father)(KIA MARCH 2298), Zveika Ben Davidson (Mother) (KIA MARCH 2298) Homeworld: N/A Alignment: Lawful Evil Hair color: Brown Eye color: Brown Build: Ectomorphic Rank: Private Attributes:Strength: 15/20Dexterity: 16/20Constitution: 18/20Intelligence: 19/20Wisdom: 17/20Charisma: 8/20Misc. Attributes:Combat Rating: 8/10Pain/Health: 2/10Wealth: All possessions donated after The Battle of Terra Service History: Enlisted January 5th, 2288 Performed One Term of Service; Garrison Duty on Threlaxia 9. Re-enlisted 2290; Duty resumed on Threlaxia 9. Promoted to Corporal-Sergeant, End of term 2292. Re-enlisted January 5th, 2297 with OCS Recommendation, Re-assigned to 112th Delta Platoon Command June 1st, 2297. Grievously wounded during The Battle of Terra Neue; Removal of four ribs (R Side). September 2297, E. Davidson breaks from state of coma, begins PT. November 2297, E. Davidson promoted to Captain, assigned to CO of 112th Alpha Company, Re-named "Davidson's Deathmakers". January 2298, E. Davidson promoted to Colonel and CO of 112th "Davidson's Deathmakers" after the battle of Terra. Feb. 2298, Commands 112th Battalion in the Shoreridge Campaign, eventually being present for the surrender of the Draconis Fleet. March-July 2298, Becomes Decorated with Several Victories during the Federal Civil War, including Iskander, Faraway, and finally Sanctuary. Promoted to Brigadier General, signee and accepter of surrender from Admiral Erin O'Brien, and Sanctuary forces, re-establishing the Unified Federation. Coordinated Tactical Battleplan for Operation Delta on the Progenitor Homeworld. July 2298 22:30, Voluntarily accepted de-comission and honourable discharge. July 2298, 22:45 Re-enlisted as a rifleman in the 112th Moritas, "Sorrentino's Spartans". Character Description: A slender man, recovering from withering away in a hospital bed, he has since returned some of his physique. His expression is mostly unreadable, preferring a slate faced approach to any situation or event. He stands at 6'2 with short brown curly hair, and a cleanly shaven face. His rugged Olive skin is pocked with body hair, and random gouges of battle, yet the man appears mostly unplagued by injury, even retaining a bit of youth and charm. He more often than not, is dressed as to enter a combat zone at any moment. His eyes keenly dart to exits and entries involuntarily any time he enters an area. His footsteps are quiet, but his gait is robotic and mechanical as well as his general movement. He carries a shining revolver, kept in pristine condition, with an inscribed letter "J" poking out of the holster. Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears Captain Aramis Hux - Experienced. Decisive. Loyal believer in the Federation. Shares vow to unite the Federation. Irreplaceable. Sergeant Franco Sorrentino: Vast experience, wasted potential under Robert Shaw. Ex-Pathfinder due to desperation of Colonel Ramsey. Given a fresh start in this company he will be reborn hard. Ashley Rose: Promising or lucky. Either way, has maintained a sense of naivety even through ascension to her rank. Beginning to understand the meaning of Total War. Tom Solomons: My protege, a man forged through fire and failure. Broken, then remolded to fit my ideals. Part of me feels sick for doing the breaking. Part of me feels proud for the success that followed. All of me knows he will need every bit of what I have taught him to survive this war. The real war. Travis Young - Earned his pathfinder status through loyalty. Still a shame that he did not see fit to remain under my command. Excellent soldier, and loyalty is everything to me. Captain Daisy Bailey: Hot headed. Typical Marauder. She has however, come to heel as of late. I suspect the Sergeant Majors influence. I consider her a trusted ally. Vinera Rose: Troublesome, but not a complete loss. She, as well as many others, will be brought to heel and understand what it means to be a death maker. Aphelion Dominica: I will not tolerate an insubordinate in my company. I don't understand exactly why some of my men have divided loyalties when it comes to you, but my men must learn that their loyalty to me must be unquestioned. One life will not outweigh the life of our Glorious Federation. Allison Walcroft: Her competency surprised me. At first, she seemed nothing more than another pretty girl signed up to be a combat nurse. For once I will admit I was wrong. Just like all my Sergeants, her faith and trust in me in unquestioned. Hopefully this trend has stuck. William St. Claire: This man is troubled. He can not decide between maturing into being a Sergeant, or finding his place asa Corporal. This war has no time for indecision. Zealious Odin: Is that not the Trooper who was stripped naked on the field, yet continued to fight? Memo to recruitment staff; I need 100 more just like him. Ask to be added. Maybe I will maybe I fucking won't. Fuck you. Dick.
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    Elrad Davidson

    I updoodled this. I'll add you if Davidson knows of you.
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    Change the server name!

    What's that? You want more My Little Starship Ponies?
  13. I'll handle this one. Okay so, I'll put this plainly; This is a very vague appeal. I would be a fool to blindly allow your character to return from what everyone else has considered a valid PK for a lengthy period of time. That said, my home state doesn't believe in a statue of limitations so fuck it. Can you at least remember who the admin was? Why the suit malfunctioned? Did you roll for anything that contributed or directly caused the PK? Were you in any sort of communication with the admin who was running the event?
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    The State of SSTRP

    Greetings all, It displeases me to inform you that we've hit a lull here. Both myself and @F r a n c o have had a rather rough increase in IRL activities which have kept us busy. I myself am currently on the road traveling for a new job I've just finished training for, and now I get to try my hand at being in charge of my crew and really fucking things up :D. As life on the road does, things get tricky as far as staying connected. Naturally, without the presence of leadership both ICly and OOCly, population will decline. Just as well, the halt of the storyline will result in the same. So I'm afraid I'm just going to have to tell you how we're going to fix things. The Civil War Finale The Campaign starts July 8th. This Campaign will be the assault on Sanctuary, Capture/Killing of Admiral Erin O'Brien, and finally the end of the Federal Civil War storyline. It will be personally handled by Franco, Orwell, and Myself. With some assistance from helper monkeys, as usual. More information on that will be released in it's own thread. Content Currently, our noble developer has been contracted out to begin work on a roadmap. I will not go into heavy detail as some of it is a surprise, just know that this roadmap will see the release of content every month if not every other month for the next year. Ultimately, we will completely revamp and revitalize SSTRP just as Xal did the past year with SStwoRP. I can also tell you that these new pieces of content will not just "show up", and will actually be ICly developed, tested, and cleared for field usage. These items include sweps, entities, vehicles, models, and even possibly a new game mode. I hope this eases some of you who may be distressed by the lull as of recent, and excites you for what is to come. Your Obedient Servant, Durango
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    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    Excuse me for not being particularly concerned, tbh SSTRP works this way. Players come, players go. Population declines as players become busy or just plain bored with the RP, this is all natural and inevitable for even the most veteran players. Everyone gets burnt out. Then, new players surge in a month or so, sparking interest back into those burnt out players and attracting more as a result. It's a rollercoaster baby ride it
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    A Collection of Images of Fat Mice

    Well done Fitz
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    Noah 'Deadgano' Gargano- KIA 14/07/2298

    Elrad Davidson
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    I am back!

    Jim Crow is a sorely missed institution
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    Travis Young

    Elrad Davidson
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    Specialist using MGs

    New weapons will make this issue irrelevant very soon ty for ur input
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    Gary "Gaz" Johnson [KIA]

    Col DVD Sony
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    Stuck in nowhere. Pictures

    Smoke it and find out
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    Stuck in nowhere. Pictures

    Where do you grow the weed