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  1. 22:49:15 - **Dr. Annie Brewer walks over to the coffee machine, takes the fresh cup, and throws the contents on Larsen. 22:49:17 - Dr. Annie Brewer: Kill me. 22:49:25 - Dr. Annie Brewer: Tired of this place. 22:49:32 - Dr. Annie Brewer: Bently thanks for being a good pal. 22:49:40 - **Gen. Brian C. Larsen has coffee thrown over him. It scolds him but he pushes through it. 22:49:47 - Gen. Brian C. Larsen: Knife. 22:49:50 - **Gen. Brian C. Larsen stares at Bently 22:49:57 - Dr. Annie Brewer: Give it to the man. 22:50:01 - Dr. Annie Brewer: The nonce. 22:50:09 - **Maj. Sebastian Bently blinked a few times, looking over to the scene and then to Larsen. He looked to Brewer for a brief moment, then offered over the knife. 22:50:19 - **Gen. Brian C. Larsen takes the knife. He strolls straight up to Brewer and stabs her in the fucking throat. 22:50:19 - **Dr. Annie Brewer smiles at Bently. 22:50:22 - 2Spc. Christopher Miller[OOC]: i love the implications of this 22:50:25 - **Dr. Annie Brewer fucking dies. 22:50:53 - **Gen. Brian C. Larsen follows her on the way down, stabbing her repeatedly in the throat, the face - stab, stab, stab, stab. A pool of blood begins to form around her limp body. 22:51:24 - **Maj. Sebastian Bently takes another long sip of his drink, staring for a few moments before looking back. "Drink, sir?" He'd ask, hearing the stabbing sounds behind him. 22:52:14 - **Gen. Brian C. Larsen rotates his wrist around. He stares into her cold lifeless eyes - before playing the tip of the blade against the base of her throat. Slowly - in a manner that is both gorey and horrifying - he slides the blade through her throat, up through the base of her skull. 22:52:35 - : Lizgflynn's character, Annie Brewer has been PK'd bruh moment
  2. We embody the principles of the community.
  3. iL hAvE yOU knOW Im gAy so yOu cANT SAY THAT TO ME
  4. Thank you odin, very cool.
  5. have fun in england, losr
  6. Odin, Nik, and I have officially reached 50 replies on this momentous post. Nik truly is, a fuckin nonce/slag.
  7. Pardon me n-word, I'll have you know I'm a gay asian.
  8. Sorry ma'am, I meant no disrespect.
  9. That's what my cat always told me.
  10. Thank you Odin, very cool.
  11. you absolute fucking slag
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