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  1. Name this Bunny!

    Echo Bear Mel Baby Kitty
  2. SST Quotes Thread

    Your doomba slaying skills are weak, I can teach you.

    Hello all! I'm Flynn, the new medical lead, so I figured HEY! lets have a fancy activity check. Below are a list of names, contact me through steam or post on this thread to be removed, you have until March 20th to respond! @Megabnark @Silent @Zeppy
  4. 3Spc. Wendy A. Goodwin


    Accepted, Talk to Someone in game to receive your medic!
  6. Ashley Rose 💁🏻

    add me

  8. Daniel Dumont

    another day another beer another day another drop another day another training
  9. Troy Hughes

  10. ✝ Sgt. Jack O'Neill.

    Add Genevieve Vermillion
  11. Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Alex Thompson Physical Age: 21 Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 5'11 Weight: 170 lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: Private Educational History: (Don't feel obligated to include a large background of knowledge, as an infantryman in the MI you likely wouldn't have much experience.) High School Diploma Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: Graduated High School Enlisted in Mobile Infantry Service Record: (Previous ranks, positions, or commendations or other notable marks.) Joined the Ulysses S. Grant as a recruit. Deployed on First Drop/ Promoted to Private OOC: Character's College Explanation: (N/A if not applicable, if you don't understand, read the OOC section below the original post.) Server Time: (Estimate) I joined over a year ago. Roleplay History: (Brief) Played on HaloRP for Two Years Joined SSTRP End of 2016
  12. Genevieve Vermillion

    @Odin @Fitz @Troy Hughes @Cipher Added my guys.
  13. Zealious Odin

    Add Vermillion
  14. Genevieve Vermillion

    Basic Information:Name: Genevieve Vermillion Age: 25 D.O.B: 8/7/2973 Gender: Female Affiliation: Coalition Role(s): Medical Kin: Mother- Unknown Father- Unknown Homeworld: Terra Alignment: Neutral Good Hair color: Brown Eye color: Blue Build: Ectomorphic Rank: Technical Sergeant Attributes:Strength: 9/20Dexterity: 13/20Constitution: 10/20Intelligence: 15/20Wisdom: 10/20Charisma: 10/20Combat Rating: 6/10Pain/Health: 8/10Wealth: Middle ClassCharacter Description: Female|Caucasian|Brown Hair|Blue Eyes|5'8|Weight: 126 lbs|Freckles Dot her Face|Hair Cut To Neck|French Accent|Red Lips|Rosy Cheeks|Standard Medic BDU|Standard Boots|Helmet With Medical Insignia|Medical Backpack Equipped|On a Drop Utilizes a Morita Mk 2|Watch around Wrist|Technical Sergeant Chevrons|Achivements- Joining the Military. Joining the Medical Detachment Becoming Technical Sergeant NeutralRegrets Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--- - ---[[Federation Engineering Division]]--- Ashley Rose- Another Tech Sergeant, really friendly, tried to like, hook me up with Odin. - Zealious Odin- Engineer, he asked me for drinks a few times. We've talked a couple times, seems nice enough. - Troy Hughes- Another engineer, friendly. He was there when I yelled at that guy.--[[Psi-Ops]]--- - ---[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--- - ---[[Federation Marauders]]--- - ---[[Federation Fleet]]--- - ---[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--- Anni Jarvinen- Sweet girl, quite naive. Gave her a sex ed talk, ya know. - ---[[Other]]-- - - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - - -
  15. Naomi Wise

    Add mark lund