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  1. Hi to all the people of SStrp, If you don't remember me from about 5 months ago, that's fine but if you didn't know I sorta just dropped off the face of the server(Wouldn't be the first time) and did not get back save for one instance in between where I left up till now. I feel that you all should have a reason why as my last character Ito was thrown in the brig for mal practice. Kinda of unfair to the person playing that character and if you read this I'm sorry. But back onto the topic, why I left, to put it bluntly I was burned out. People who know the character's I've played with know I try to make each one unique in there own way. From differing backgrounds, or generally how they act or where they come from. But at the time of me making Ito and Simo, I was starting to get bored of the same old, go shoot boog and come back. Shoot progenitor and come back, Shoot sepi and come back. All of this plus a general feeling of sadness (Gotta love puberty) made me leave. What kept me away was life and how that it was all crashing down on me, Collage is looming and the pressure of getting the grades necessary to get into a college, this took up about 60% of my time, 30% was me working at my job. 5% was band related geeky shit, and the other 5 was spent working on said classes homework. But now since my grades are where they should be and life seems to be calming down some. I can come back and make some new and unique characters for you all to enjoy. Feel free to comment or just delete this, I really don't care if either happen.
  2. 19:20:03 - **Pfc. Matt Thompson starts trying to spell letters by moving his finger against the tank 19:20:20 - TSgt. Charles Scott: It won't work, we can't read. Proof that medics are actually stupid.
  3. OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: Warriorofthe41st/Greendragon1420 STEAM ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085722959/ SERVER TIME: (ESTIMATE) 3 years+ ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: 3 years+ on sst.net| 4 years WW2 rp ( Serious German rp)| 5 months Halo Rp (Serious)|1 year Serious Clone wars Rp| Various other smaller non serious servers such as: SCP-RP, Warhammer 40krp Rouge Trader, Fallout rp, and some Warhammer 40k Deathwatch rp MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: 2 years German Medic (Had to deal with gunshot wounds, shrapnell wounds and forcefull limb amputation with most parts of the body with WW2 german medical equipment) Performed some basic surgery(Removing bullets and or shrapnell) AVAILABILITY: (ESTIMATE) 3 nights a week (This will fluctuate depending on school and work so it may be more or less.) CHARACTER COUNT: (MAX 3) Lcpl.James Markston Spc.Robbie "Rabbi" Malarky Lcpl. Simo Hyvoven IC SECTION NAME: (LAST, FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL) Reo T. Ito AGE:19 RACE: Asian SEX: Male HEIGHT: Five foot eight inches WEIGHT: 167lbs BLOOD TYPE: B- RANK: Private LEVEL OF EDUCATION: High school (Plus 2 avalible college level classes) CLS Certified| Combat Medic Bootcamp( Partial due to the destructio of past unit: 25th Morita's Battlion "Samuel's Samurai") CRIMINAL RECORD: None MEDICAL RECORD: Fractured Ulna (Right arm), Dislocated Shoulder( Left side) Torn Achilles Tendon (Both Ankles five months between each one) DATE OF ENLISTMENT: August 7 2297
  4. So, today we came up with possible meanings to Lcpl and this was the best that came out of that mess. 18:35:53 - Spc. Rahman Decim[OOC]: LCPL = Lazy cunt poorly leading
  5. Name: Simo Hyvoven Reason: A +10 roll bonus due to the fact that Simo regularly works out and lifts a very heavy amount (200lbs+ on average) Also due to his background as a hunter and needing to keep a mental toughness whilst in the wild (A +10 to reflexes)
  6. Reply to this if you want your name added to the list.
  7. [ ]Basic Information: A quiet finnish man with a thick beard that seems to have been put through the grinder more than a few times.Name: Simo Hyvönen Age: 18 D.O.B: 2280 Gender: Male Affiliation: United Citizens Federation Role(s): Mobile Infantry Rifleman Kin: Father & Mother (KIA) Younger Brother (Alive) Homeworld: Terra Alignment: Neutral Good Hair color: Black Eye color: Ice Blue Build: Lanky/Athletic Rank: Lance CorporalBackstory: Simo Hyvönen began live in Finland in 2280 to well respected hunters a few miles outside the city of Rovaniemi. His childhood aside from schooling from his mother and ocasonal school room setting consisted of Simo hunting with his father in the woods near there home. When Simo was 9 his little brother Valto became a part of the family and Simo became the caring big brother, they would both with their father go hunting Reindeer, foxes, and wolves among other tundra prey. At the age of 18 wanting to do something more with his life he enlisted with the Mobile infantry, after graduation he was shipped to the 112th. Attributes:Strength: 13/20Dexterity: 15/20Constitution: 12/20Intelligence: 12/20Wisdom: 17/20Charisma: 10/20Misc. Attributes: Eagle eyes (20/10 vision) Patient CunningCombat Rating: 6/10 (When not under extreme stress) 8.5/10 (When under extreme stress)Pain/Health: 7/10|9/10Wealth: Blue Collar (Pre-enlistment) Middle Class (Post enlistment)Other Information: Seems to always have a beanie on his head and has a small brown book and carton of cigarettes on his person Wears a Orthodox styled CrossCharacter Description: 6'3ft|200lbs|Blood type AB+|Black hair|Ice blue eyes| Has thick but short beard| His voice draws upon a heavy Finnish Accent| His Combat uniform is brand new and emaculate| His helmet has several white Tally Marks across the forehead| His offduty appearence consists of a plain black T-shirt and a black beanie on his head| Has several scars from various wounds across his body|Characteristics: Patient Cunning AchivementsNeutralRegrets I shouldn't have left you, I never knew, it would be the last time I saw you... Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren |Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears Jennifer Hayes: A crush of mine when I first got here she's made it clear that she has other interests, but we've grown to be great friends. I'd think we probably jump on a grenade for each other if it came down to it Elrad Davidson: The guy is fucking insane, I would never want to cross this dude something's off about him. Sean "Dumbcunt" Richardson: A disgusting pig and a complete idiot, I never realized they let gorrilas in the MI/ Jackie Knoxx: She says she's been here for years, but always complains about not being promoted I can guess the reason. She's an edgy bitch that always tries to bring down the new guys, probably why she never got promoted
  8. Breakfast is always fun Anyway, I sparred her too. 10:02:23 - Sgt. Travis Young: She uh.. Spat on me, and threatened to lick my face and grab.. Things. 10:02:39 - 2Spc. Lyndsey Carter: What else do you cook? I am shit at cooking 10:02:44 - Sgt. Travis Young: Or.. Thing. 10:02:52 - 3Spc. Jürgen Sepp: True, but I eat toast so, it's quicker for me to use a toaster. 10:03:00 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Oh- huh. 10:03:12 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Funnily enough, I spat on her and she licked and crushed my balls. 10:03:19 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Wait no- 10:03:20 - Sgt. Travis Young: The fuck? 10:03:21 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: No no-- 10:03:23 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: No- 10:03:26 - Sgt. Travis Young: Fix thatr statement. 10:03:27 - Sgt. Travis Young: FIX IT!@ 10:03:31 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: She didn't lick my balls- she licked my face. 10:03:39 - Sgt. Travis Young: Oh good. 10:03:42 - Sgt. Travis Young: I almost had a fit. 10:03:47 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Sorry- I didn't realise what I said. 10:03:58 - **Sgt. Sebastian Bently took a long sip of coffee before shaking his head. "God no." 10:04:05 - Sgt. Travis Young: Well, she never got that far with me.
  9. **Pvt. Morgan Keller pulls out a half eaten cheeseburger from her bra and bites it.
  10. Hey dude, I wish you the best of luck at Paris Island, your chars were pretty great to be honest although I haven't seen you much due to my own life having issues, it was awsome to play with you espically when Lawrence and Bohannon had to pull of the impossible a few times and kicked ass doing so, that and being brothers and arms in both the MI and the Engineers on our respective chars. Also, never forget where you came from bud and remember to have fun with what you do. P.S. Fav char of yours was Anna Thacker
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