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  1. That one edgy dude

    Simo Hyvönen - That one edgy dude - BASE +10

    **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen lays back using his legs to wrap under the legs of his end of the bench putting his hands behind his head as he began doing crunches at a rather rapid pace. **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen would continue doing his crunches speaking every time he came up. **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen contineus to do them going up and down although they slow as Simo's face starts to show signs of strain every time he comes up after about 35 in quick succesion. **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen stops at fourty "Whos says I was doing them all at once." he leans up sitting like a normal person. **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen leans back down on the bench wrapping his legs like before and begins to do his crunches again rather quickly **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen continues his crunches speaking everytime he came up switching his hand from the back of his head to crossing them across his chest **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen approaches fourty showing strain by the time he hits thirty his face becoming slightly red. **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen pulls in his last set of fourty his face showing some strain as came up for the last time.
  2. That one edgy dude

    AFC BC-291 ULYSSES S. GRANT Crew Roster

    Chamberlin promoted to Ensign also I am in Warfare.
  3. That one edgy dude

    SST Quotes Thread

    So, today we came up with possible meanings to Lcpl and this was the best that came out of that mess. 18:35:53 - Spc. Rahman Decim[OOC]: LCPL = Lazy cunt poorly leading
  4. That one edgy dude

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Simo promoted to Corporal.
  5. That one edgy dude

    Simo Hyvönen - That one edgy dude - BASE +10

    **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen would lean down and add weights to each side of the bar bell adding in total to 275 pounds he then lays back under the bar bell putting his hands on it as he lifted it off the rack and began lifting **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen would bring the bar back down to his chest and up again fully extending his arms repeating the process 10 times **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen continues his reps bringing the bar down to his chest and bringing it up extending his arms he would have his diffiuculty as he did the next five reps **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen sets the bar back up on it's rest sliding out from under the bar bell as he stood up rolling his shoulders
  6. That one edgy dude

    Simo Hyvönen - That one edgy dude - BASE +10

    13:37:19 - **LCpl. Simo Hyvönen grabs up a pair of dumbells weighing 100lbs each and begins doing arm curls 13:38:52 - **LCpl. Simo Hyvönen would begin alternating each arm as he looked around his eyes landing on Frank "Hello." 13:40:54 - **LCpl. Simo Hyvönen does his first five consisting of a single rep he then lets his arms dangle for a minute before continuing to do another 5 reps of five. 13:44:36 - **LCpl. Simo Hyvönen continues his reps walking about as he did his alternating arm curls, afterwards he switches to doing both at the same time for another 3 reps 13:45:10 - **LCpl. Simo Hyvönen after he's done his muscles tensed and a small line of sweat down his brow he sets them back
  7. That one edgy dude

    Simo Hyvönen - That one edgy dude - BASE +10

    Any sort of length required or just proof that he's doing it?
  8. That one edgy dude

    James 'Chev' Chevosky

    Ya boi Simo
  9. That one edgy dude

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Name: Simo Hyvoven Reason: A +10 roll bonus due to the fact that Simo regularly works out and lifts a very heavy amount (200lbs+ on average) Also due to his background as a hunter and needing to keep a mental toughness whilst in the wild (A +10 to reflexes)
  10. That one edgy dude

    Valerie Faust

    Simo the finnish kid
  11. That one edgy dude

    Simo Hyvönen

    Reply to this if you want your name added to the list.
  12. That one edgy dude

    Simo Hyvönen

    [ ]Basic Information: A quiet finnish man with a thick beard that seems to have been put through the grinder more than a few times.Name: Simo Hyvönen Age: 18 D.O.B: 2280 Gender: Male Affiliation: United Citizens Federation Role(s): Mobile Infantry Rifleman Kin: Father & Mother (KIA) Younger Brother (Alive) Homeworld: Terra Alignment: Neutral Good Hair color: Black Eye color: Ice Blue Build: Lanky/Athletic Rank: Lance CorporalBackstory: Simo Hyvönen began live in Finland in 2280 to well respected hunters a few miles outside the city of Rovaniemi. His childhood aside from schooling from his mother and ocasonal school room setting consisted of Simo hunting with his father in the woods near there home. When Simo was 9 his little brother Valto became a part of the family and Simo became the caring big brother, they would both with their father go hunting Reindeer, foxes, and wolves among other tundra prey. At the age of 18 wanting to do something more with his life he enlisted with the Mobile infantry, after graduation he was shipped to the 112th. Attributes:Strength: 13/20Dexterity: 15/20Constitution: 12/20Intelligence: 12/20Wisdom: 17/20Charisma: 10/20Misc. Attributes: Eagle eyes (20/10 vision) Patient CunningCombat Rating: 6/10 (When not under extreme stress) 8.5/10 (When under extreme stress)Pain/Health: 7/10|9/10Wealth: Blue Collar (Pre-enlistment) Middle Class (Post enlistment)Other Information: Seems to always have a beanie on his head and has a small brown book and carton of cigarettes on his person Wears a Orthodox styled CrossCharacter Description: 6'3ft|200lbs|Blood type AB+|Black hair|Ice blue eyes| Has thick but short beard| His voice draws upon a heavy Finnish Accent| His Combat uniform is brand new and emaculate| His helmet has several white Tally Marks across the forehead| His offduty appearence consists of a plain black T-shirt and a black beanie on his head| Has several scars from various wounds across his body|Characteristics: Patient Cunning AchivementsNeutralRegrets I shouldn't have left you, I never knew, it would be the last time I saw you... Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren |Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears Jennifer Hayes: A crush of mine when I first got here she's made it clear that she has other interests, but we've grown to be great friends. I'd think we probably jump on a grenade for each other if it came down to it Elrad Davidson: The guy is fucking insane, I would never want to cross this dude something's off about him. Sean "Dumbcunt" Richardson: A disgusting pig and a complete idiot, I never realized they let gorrilas in the MI/ Jackie Knoxx: She says she's been here for years, but always complains about not being promoted I can guess the reason. She's an edgy bitch that always tries to bring down the new guys, probably why she never got promoted
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    Right, comming off of LOA
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    Hello, I will be taking an extended LOA for the most of May due to IRL stuff that I've been negelcting I can't exactly think of when I will be done so assume that I will be gone from the server untill June 1st
  15. That one edgy dude

    SST Quotes Thread

    Breakfast is always fun Anyway, I sparred her too. 10:02:23 - Sgt. Travis Young: She uh.. Spat on me, and threatened to lick my face and grab.. Things. 10:02:39 - 2Spc. Lyndsey Carter: What else do you cook? I am shit at cooking 10:02:44 - Sgt. Travis Young: Or.. Thing. 10:02:52 - 3Spc. Jürgen Sepp: True, but I eat toast so, it's quicker for me to use a toaster. 10:03:00 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Oh- huh. 10:03:12 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Funnily enough, I spat on her and she licked and crushed my balls. 10:03:19 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Wait no- 10:03:20 - Sgt. Travis Young: The fuck? 10:03:21 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: No no-- 10:03:23 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: No- 10:03:26 - Sgt. Travis Young: Fix thatr statement. 10:03:27 - Sgt. Travis Young: FIX IT!@ 10:03:31 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: She didn't lick my balls- she licked my face. 10:03:39 - Sgt. Travis Young: Oh good. 10:03:42 - Sgt. Travis Young: I almost had a fit. 10:03:47 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Sorry- I didn't realise what I said. 10:03:58 - **Sgt. Sebastian Bently took a long sip of coffee before shaking his head. "God no." 10:04:05 - Sgt. Travis Young: Well, she never got that far with me.