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    Troy Hughes

    add valentine my dude
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    Maxine A. Valentine

    added da freeson
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    Alicia White

    add vega plz
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    John Freeson

    cough cough Oyvind and Artyom are dead cough cough add Valentine cough cough
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    Players with psychics

    Pfc. Jocelyn Holiday I talked to you on steam about her. She's been around since the Murphy. She is also recovered not too long ago from a like 4 month long TK since losing her legs.
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    Black Armour is Fer Baddies

    i was doing god's work. i am righteous.
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    Haleem bint al-Attar

    add tallie vega u heretic
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    Anthony Edward Parker

    add valentine
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    Updootered. Added a bunch of shit
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    im bad at making fast threads

    this is better than any sex ed class in the world
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    Tallie L. Vega

    look at that response time. 3 goddamn minutes i should be an emergency responder with this kind of talent anyways i added read
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    Maxine A. Valentine

    my apologies dad im a disgrace to this community
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    Maxine A. Valentine

    Maxine ‘Mad Max’ Valentine i totally didn’t take any inspiration from life is strange, I don’t know what you’re talking about ; )
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    Maxine A. Valentine

    [Theme Song] [Face Claim] Basic Information:Name: Maxine Amber Valentine Age: 19 D.O.B: July 5th Gender: Female Affiliation: Coalition Role(s): None Kin: None Homeworld: Terra - Michigan, America Alignment: Chaotic Good Hair color: Red Eye color: Blue Build: Ectomorphic Rank: Private First Class Family: Charles Valentine - Father - Alive Stephanie Valentine - Mother - AliveBackstory: Maxine A. Valentine was born in a small town in Michigan, America. She either spent her time working at the local mechanic's shop, or hanging out at the abandoned warehouse. In school, she had her very small group of friends, and didn't to much involve herself in anyone else's shit. Her grades didn't look too well, and the only classes she seemed to be excelling at was her science and math courses. Her childhood and teenage years ended when the Invasion of Terra had begun. Her town was fortunate in that they were able to be evacuated soon after the fighting began, and the majority of her town had made it off world. Her family had been relocated to Relius IV, a planet safe in Coalition Territory. As for Max, she had joined the MI in order to send money back home to support the family.Wealth: PoorOther Information: Tattoo sleeve, located on her right arm Character Description: A 5ft. 9in. female, with red hair and blue eyes. She is more on the ectomorphic side. She has a sleeve tattoo on her right arm. Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Respected|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--- Gray Seraphim - Cool ass dude. I drank a shit ton on RnR with him and Parker. Good drinks. Good fucking times. - Alice Vickers - She talked to me. Didn't make me feel better about that shit in the nest. But I think I needed exactly what she gave me. Helped me understand this shit a little better than before. I think I can really look up to her. She was real as fuck with me, and that's just what I needed. She's become, like, a mentor to me. She's showing me how to not fuck up and everything. I don't usually say this about people, but, I really look up to her. - John Freeson - I guess he's another long-time member here, like Vickers. Guy seems to know his shit since he's lasted this long, so I've been trying to learn a few things from watching him on drops. Maybe if I surround myself with all the old people, I'll just begin to become one.--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--- Troy Hughes - The 2IC on my first drop. The dick knife-handed me after I said "Yeah" to the Sergeant. Like, chill the fuck out dude. The dude was less dickish for the rest of the drop, so I can't complain. Maybe that's just how they introduce the new girl. - ---[[Psi-Ops]]--- - ---[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- - - ---[[Federation Marauders]]--- Claud Cozwin - First guy I met on this ship. He's a Marauder, or whatever the big tin can's are called. He's cool and all, but man, I don't think this guy understands how women work. - Jonathan 'Zeus' Skye - Stole my fucking car. ---[[Federation Fleet]]--- - ---[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--- - ---[[Other]]-- - - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - ✞ Cierra O'Casey ✞ - I'm sorry. I could have done something, but I didn't. You didn't deserve that. - ✞ Anthony Parker ✞ - Cool guy. Had an absurd amount of alcohol at his hotel room, but he let me drink whatever. Respect. He's the only reason I got out of that nest alive. And I'm the only reason O'Casey didn't. And of course he's gone too. I need another drink. -
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    Third specialist Claud Cozwin [WIP]

    add maxine valentine my dude