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  1. Added: Assjorn @Silent Hartwick @nikb
  2. Coleision

    Maxine A. Valentine

    Added: Assjorn @Silent Bronson @NorseTheNomad Updated literally everything
  3. Coleision

    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    update maxine boyo
  4. Coleision

    Maxine A. Valentine

    updated loser @Silent
  5. Coleision

    I have returned!

    welcome back, amigo
  6. Coleision

    William Saint-Claire

    add maxxy max valentine bb
  7. Coleision

    Tzipora Bronson

    add maxine valentine, my guy
  8. Coleision

    Maxine A. Valentine

  9. Coleision

    Chiyuki Asahi

    Update Maxine boyo
  10. Coleision

    Weapon Certification Roster

    Maxine Valentine certed in LITERALLY everything but specialized in Marksmenship with the DMR, Long Rifle, and Morita X. I was in progress with the whole Marksmen training for Asahi, so I’d like to be the one to continue training him.
  11. Coleision

    unexpected leave (merry xmas)

    I know the feel of dead laptop see you later, dawg
  12. Coleision


    see you on the flip side, dawg good luck with school
  13. Coleision

    Quinn Caffrey -- Degenerate Psychic

    add hawthorne dawg
  14. Coleision

    Erae Errasti Bellic [KIA]

    Rip the legend long live the holy trinity