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  1. Added: Miller @Deck Emmett @Silent
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    Maxine A. Valentine

    Added: Hartwick @nikb
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    Katrina Geier - Medical Mom

    add HAWTHORNE my guy
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    Maxine A. Valentine

  5. Coleision

    Shane Emmett

    add hawthorne dawg
  6. Coleision

    <//: Training Logging :\\>

    //: NCO in charge: LCpl. Maxine Valentine //: Time and Date of session: 2/12/2299 //: Type of Training Session: DMR Certs/Marksmanship Course //: Notable Acts: Nobody died.
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    Aranea Saint-Laurent

    hawthorne dawg
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    Lillian Flowers

    no hawthorne?????
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    Lowell Hartwick

    add iris blanka
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    Iris Blanka

    Added: Hartwick @nikb Updated: LITERALLY EVERYTHING
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    Applications of interest, Status: CLOSED

    I recommend keeping this for when apps reopen. I'm not denying it, it's simply that the roster is full at the moment.
  12. Coleision

    Applications of interest, Status: CLOSED

    DENIED No really old/main characters that people would know. A character that you never played, or maybe played ONCE is fine, but I suggest revising it with a new character. ACCEPTED Meet me ICLY, and I'll get you introduced and everything. ACCEPTED Speak to me ICly, and I'll intro your character. DENIED No existing characters.
  13. updated this BITCH
  14. Coleision

    Applications of interest, Status: CLOSED

    ACCEPTED I will be speaking to each of you ICly about your introduction into the division, and handle the start of your trainings.
  15. Added: L'Esperance @Fitz