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    Anastasia Praedyth

    Face Claim: [Anastasia, pictured in her home on Litae, circa 2294. Sourced from her FedSpace Profile.] Theme: Personal Information Name: Anastasia Venj Praedyth Age: 21 DoB: May 1st, 2278 Sex: Female Origin: Litae, Moon of Solovei Eye Colour: Grey Hair Colour: Brown Height: 5’8” Build: Mesomorphic - Legs and Abdomen built unusually well. Family: Father - Amir Praedyth (Deceased) Mother - Cpt. Mara Praedyth - MIPOD (KIA) Sister (Younger) - Suraya Praedyth (Alive) ---------------------------------------------------------- [Anastasia, somewhere in the outskirts of Khia, Arclight] “Relax, Saya. The ACB’s already opened up to us, we’ve just gotta make it over to the meet-up, and we’re home free.” Military Information Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry - MIPOD Unit: 112th Mobile Infantry - Bently’s Bandits - DISAVOWED Previous Units: 15th Mobile Infantry, 1st MIPOD Detachment, Arclight Free Army, Arclight Corporate Board. Rank: Senior Specialist Length Of Service: 2 Years - NOTICE: AWOL on 2/05/2298 Service Record: 3Spc. > 2Spc. > Spc. > SSpc. > MSpc. > Spc. [Removed as Handler] > SSpc. [Instated into the 112th] Training: [REDACTED] Judicial Record: UCF v. Praedyth - [DATA CORRUPTED] Awards/Achievements General Specialization Ribbon Combat Action Ribbon Veteran Combat Medal Citizenship Ribbon Purple Heart - One Silver Star Federal Defense Ribbon [Anastasia, pictured in [DATA CORRUPTED]. Dated some time after her ‘desertion’ from the Federation. From her insignia on her armor, it appears she had made a brief stint in the AFA.] “What, never rode on a ten’s era train before? Come on. It’ll be fine.” ---------------------------------------------------------- [A wanted poster of Anastasia, printed out at the end of the Civil War.] Personal Relationships Interested | Respected | Trusted | Close Friend | Friend | Noticed | Neutral | Mixed | Hated † = Sanity | † = Deceased | † = Retired/Transferred\
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    Maxine A. Valentine

    Added: Linh @NorseTheNomad
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    WANTED - Elaine Asper

    where tf is hawthorne AND max
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    Maxine A. Valentine

    Added: Phan @Hecle Updated: Alot of shit
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    Linh Cinder-Federal Fugitive (Again)

    you best add the maxi-pad
  6. DENIED If I see you stop doing retarded-ass minge-/me's, I'll think about accepting you. I know you can RP well, but I don't have dumb-ass 'mingewalkers' in my division. Prove your worth, bucko.
  7. InSec - Security Designations Alpha Clearances Alpha 0 - E-1 and up. Alpha 1 - E-4 and up. Alpha 2 - E-5 and up. Alpha 3 - E-7 and up. Alpha 4 - OF-D and up. Alpha 5 - OF-1 and up. Gamma Clearances Gamma 1 - OF-2 and up. Gamma 2 - OF-3 and up. Gamma 3 - OF-4 and up. Gamma 4 - OF-5 and up. Gamma 5 - OF-6 and up. Omega Clearances Omega 1 - OF-7 and up. Omega 2 - OF-8 and up. Omega 3 - OF-9 and up. Omega 4 - Office of the Sky Marshal. Omega 5 - Sky Marshal’s eyes only. Sub-Clearances OLD BLUE - Office of Special Warfare SPECTRE - Ministry of Paranormal Warfare WARDEN - Internal Security ANIMUS - Intelligence Liaison - Federal Forward Research Laboratory (FFRL) ORACLE - Intelligence Liaison - Psychic Operations PROVECTUS - Intelligence Liaison - Office of Special Warfare
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    Applications of interest, Status: CLOSED

    DENIED Come back when apps are open
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    Psychic Rolls? And how they work. And a lot of other things.

    ALSO Just a heads up. Due to the fact that most of the scriptual abilities are not things that are easily able to be done, especially to new psychics, there will be a system in place very soon in regards to unlocking these abilities. Before these scriptual abilities came about, a third specialist cloaking the entire infantry was nonexistant. That simply never made sense for them to be able to. I don't believe that should change. Therefore, after trainings are done, you will unlock such things. Also, your classification will be taken into account here. Now, all abilities are able to be learned by anyone, no matter the class. Hence the whole cross-classification training. I recommend you all message me on steam, and I can have a good chat with you about this shizz. @Silent @Kris @Lit @Faded @Samikins @Bav
  10. Federal Forward Research Laboratory: Applications OPEN <Accessing File....> <CPT. HANNAH Q. ZHAO> <FFRL Archives. Accessing....> <SUCCESSFUL. Welcome, Captain Zhao!> --- APPLICATION NOTICE: All files are subject to viewing by Alpha-5/ANIMUS Personnel. - - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: Steam I.D.: Length of time on the Server: Length of time RPing: Time-Zone: How active are you?: ----- Write below which division you are interested in working in. Write below what you think you could bring to the division. --- - IC Section - Name: Age: D.O.B.: Sex: Physical Description: - If Applicable - Education History: Criminal Record: Employment History: Service Record: --- --- ---
  11. Hello all. To get straight to the point, I'll state this. You are not to do /roll PSI for psychic stuff. The ranking structure for psychic mana goes like this in relations to attribute points. 3Spc. - 35 2Spc. - 65 Spc. - 80 SSpc. - 120 MSpc. - 160 TSgt. - 200 Lt. - 255 That is what your ATTRIBUTE score is for PSI. On the flip side, as stated in multiple other posts, your psychic roll bonus is THIS. 3Spc. - 0 2Spc. - 10 Spc. - 20 SSpc. - 25 MSpc. - 30 TSgt. - 35 Lt. - 40 With the Psychic Roll Bonus, this can be confusing. Now, any time the psychic abilities are used, and you are asked to roll, you are to use this. Also. You get to add your psychic bonus's value to your perception stat, as well as dexterity. As for Lithium. This is something that seems to change from leader to leader of this faction. I'm stating this now. Follow this. This is the troof. I feel this a fairly perfect explanation of how Lithium operates. This is what we will operate off of. Give it a good old read. If you have ANY other questions, feel free to simply message me!
  12. the biggest of brains, Hawthorne
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    Mira V. Oberlin - AWOL

    Added: Phan @Hecle Jonsson @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz
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    Sophie Jonsson - Professional Smackdown Player

    add the squid